Summerhill Market in Bathurst: 6 Facts to Know

summerhill market in bathurst
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Want to start a lifestyle of mindful consumption of products that will be fresh, organic produce and want to support artisans? Then, we suggest you visit Summerhill Market in Bathurst, where you will get everything you require and want in one place.

1. Introduction

This marketplace is Toronto’s high-end grocery store, and because of the business growth, they opened a 6,000 sq. ft. store on Bathurst, and the branch marks its third location.

Summerhill Market in Bathurst is impressive and will be your one-stop shop. Plan a visit with your family where you can spend some time as you get to explore this welcoming marketplace and have fun while thinking about what to buy.

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This unique market is located at the hub of the city of Bathurst and is a lively and bustling spot that appeals to locals and visitors.

This market chain is a family-owned and managed business that is open 365 days a year and has executed to sustain profit margins more than many of its opponents. As they are exploring the newest food trends.

2. Interior

The interior of Summerhill Market in Bathurst is a unique concept that incorporates custom-made light statements and hand-crafted, conceptual tapestries that go on the wall and natural light comes through to the store because of 20-foot-long skylights.

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Faded white oak shelving and whitewashed ceilings give the place an effective mid-century design with a modern touch.

This style of interior design makes the store’s atmosphere open and allows the product’s packaging to have its own identity.

3. Facilities

This new Summerhill Market in Bathurst includes a bakery, meat room, basement-style kitchen, packaging area, and storage freezer because of its growing popularity.

It comprises one main entryway, adjoining customer parking, and a storage facility.

Courtesy: Summerhill Market

The basement features ceilings that are tall enough to make the space functional and is utilized by an elevator as well as stairways that lead to the retail space, which makes customers’ visits hassle-free.

It has become popular for its dedication to providing high-grade and deluxe groceries to the people.

4. The Culinary Team and a Variety of Shopping Options

Summerhill Market in Bathurst is a unique place that also has a culinary team that comprises more than 150 people, who ensure to give customers a great experience.

A wide range of cuisines can be found, such as Indian, Thai, and Chinese, with gluten-free and vegan options.

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You do not need to worry, as it offers an array of grocery shopping alternatives. It has become a one-stop shop for many for fresh and organic produce, hand-crafted items, and baked goods.

This market chain in Bathurst also has a plethora of local and seasonal fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh meats, and an assortment of prepared foods, such as baked goods, salads, and sandwiches.

5. International Brands

If you want to buy products from US or European brands, Summerhill Market in Bathurst is the perfect place. It includes Beyond Meat, Just Egg, Oatly, RXBar, and many more, much to your surprise. 

Courtesy: Summerhill Market

Every day, more than 2500 prepared food items are made from scratch by maintaining cleanliness and using excellent ingredients.

6. Food Items

Summerhill Market in Bathurst is one of the foremost to have a salad and hot bar.

While enjoying a healthy snack, you can also plan what to buy for dinner or lunch as this store has a variety of food items like famed chicken pot pies, jerk short ribs, pork dumplings, mac n’ cheese, BBQ chicken, and much more.

Try one of the most popular pre-made, high-grade prime rib dinners made in their basement kitchen. It will be enough for two people, and then there will be leftovers, they also make crunchy cheese straws that have a spicy kick.

If you want to taste the pricey truffle chips, then you should visit this store. They use real truffle oil, which makes the chips extra crunchy and comes with a rich flavor. And of course, you will find the chips that you are used to.

Summerhill Market in Bathurst also has a pastry section that has a wide range of pies like apple and strawberry.

They make it from scratch by using fresh and high-grade ingredients like pure butter and fresh and organic fruits to enrich your culinary experience.

Courtesy: Summerhill Market

If you are looking for local bakeries, try Epi Breads; their baked goods are delicious. For plant-based yogurts, Lavva and Kite Hill are the two best brands out there. And for daily yogurts, you need to buy Chobani.

You will also find Oatly oat milk and oat milk from the two brands Minor Figures and Califia at this Summerhill Market in Bathurst. Well, of course, you will find other alternatives too.

This marketplace also stocks Oatly’s frozen desserts, which come with plenty of low-calorie and plant-based ice cream options. You will find salad options like green lentil salad, Greek orzo pasta salad, French potato salad, sundried tomato and feta salad, and a mixture of vegetable and fruit salads.


So, go ahead and plan to visit Summerhill Market in Bathurst with your family or friends. Whether you want to incorporate the freshest ingredients and organic produce into your lifestyle or are a visitor looking for an exciting place to explore, this upscale store is a must-visit.

You can also enjoy your companion while browsing the aisles and enjoying delectable treats. And if you are lucky, you will find so many new and special things.

We curated a few points which you need to know about this marketplace and I hope you find these points helpful. Do let me know in the comment section what you loved about this marketplace.

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