Creative Fun in the Sun: 10 Best Summer Craft Ideas to Spark Kids’ Imagination

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A break from the hectic routine of school during a long summer break is the perfect time for kids to relax, explore, and find their interests. This ability of children to analyze themselves leads to the development of new innovative and creative skills.

These creative craft abilities enhance the originality of ideas from kids and create beautiful, lifetime-lasting memories, as anything unique created by your child is always special and worth treasuring!

1. Summer Craft Ideas for Kids- Best Out of Waste!

The hunt for inventions is increasing daily; not only does this inspire your child to create something mind-blowing, but these best out-of-waste ideas can also be grown into a perfect summer solution to your child’s queries of what to do now.

1.1. Bottle Cap Bugs

Children can design beautiful bugs by using bottle caps and adding colorful googly eyes; they can also add cloth feathers to make their crafty bugs look more attractive.

1.2. Candle Stand

Who would have thought that using old bangles and an old CD, one little piece of art, one little project, could create this wonder?

Coconut Shell Candles Tangerines Relaxation Scene
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Kids can stack the bangles over the CD base to create a beautiful summer craft project in the form of a candle DIY stand. They can also use coconut shells to make a candle stand.

1.3. Reusing Shells and Beads

Artificial jewelry these days has been a lovely alternative to experiment and explore versatile ornaments.

This summer, engage your children in creating their styles and jewelry using the home’s waste beads, stained glass, and shells.

1.4. Newspaper Baskets

Strip off the layers of an old newspaper available at home and try to make a crafty, eco-friendly newspaper basket.

1.5. Bottle Cap Coasters

This DIY craft requires a bit of elderly assistance as well, so make sure you are doing it with an elder.

Please take all the waste bottle caps, place them under tracing paper plates, and heat them with the iron for a while.

Leave it to rest, and after a while, you will observe brilliant coasters made by you.

Best Diy Plastic bottle cap coaster

1.6. Button Craft

You will need a few waste buttons; take out any empty tin or a can and showcase that with your crafty buttons.

1.7. DIY Garland

You can use natural flowers from your garden or even explore various leaves and generate your personalized crafty garland.

DIY Paper Garland | Pongal Crafts | DIY Home Decoration | Festival Decor | Paper Craft ideas

1.8. Straw Fan

A straw fan? You heard that right; you can create a crafty, trendy, and unbelievable straw fan. All you need to do is take a bunch of straws under the tracing paper.

Place an iron above that and let it rest; you will have your DIY summer fan afterward.

1.9. Laptop Resting Stand

The only thing required for this is a pizza box, and aha!

Kids love pizza, so here’s what you can create with that pizza to help your parents with a DIY laptop stand.

For this, all you need to do is fold The ends of your pizza box in a triangular shape and then stick the base with the cardboard present above using glue!

Creating a laptop stand is easy, but doing crafty things independently is even more fun.

Make A Laptop Stand || DIY Laptop Table

1.10. Stress Busters

While adults have their stress busters, you can also create one.

You only need a waste balloon, a striped stocking, and toothpaste.

Insert the toothpaste inside a balloon and tie the end to cover this balloon with your waste stocking. Enjoy squeezing this crafty stress buster!

2. Paper Crafts

Exploring paper crafts is a fascinating experience, and your child can create wonders with it, be it origami crafts for kids, creating inventions with tissues, paper flowers, or paper airplanes; our entire childhood has been blessed with these fantastic craft categories, and thus we must introduce the same creativity to our children.

2.1. DIY Paper Puppets

Cute looking, self-colored, and a good toy for kids using the craft of paper folding, kids can create all sorts of puppets they desire.

2.2. Paper Bookmarks

How do I know which page was the one that my teacher asked me to mark?

Well, we all know the answer is a bookmark, so why don’t we bring a twist of creativity to something we use daily and craft it our way?

6 Easy DIY Bookmarks | Bookmarks with Paper | Paper Craft

2.3. Paper Lanterns

Creating beautiful evening show pieces for your house can be an exciting craft activity.

Imagine that lantern sparkling with the light that it shares, but more than that, enjoy when you find it speaking about your artwork and talent.

2.4. 3-D Paper Wall Hangings

Fancy designs are a love for children, and so are wall hangings; hence, you must not stop yourself one little project from finding a perfect resort to do something crafty, one little project in your summer vacation.

2.5. Paper Envelopes

Crafted Envelopes Blue Wooden Background
Source: Depositphotos

A trendy way of communicating small texts and messages, kids can exhibit their craft using these paper envelopes.

2.6. Pop-up Cards

Who doesn’t love on-the-spot quizzes? Imagine a few interactive cards judging your knowledge created by yourself.

Paper pop-up cards can be used to set reminders and important headings or to play a game that tests you on one-word knowledge.


2.7. Paper Treasure Hunt Game

For this craft for kids, they can take different colors and shapes of paper and try collecting them by hiding them in other places; this craft activity can turn into a real game for kids.

2.8. Paper Planets

To teach younger kids about the planets around us, one can explore the vast and colorful world of paper planet hangings and teach kids about the same.

How to Make Paper Mache Planets - 3D Solar System Crafts for Kids

2.9. Paper Cover

An opportunity to transform boring notebook covers into colorful, appealing ones here is a chance for you to display your craft abilities.

2.10. Paper Portraits

Be it a photo of your favorite cartoon, your favorite player, your mom or dad your sibling, or even yourself. There’s nothing attractive that you can’t sketch on paper and amaze the world.

3. Loombands

One of the most famous for summer crafts and crafting ideas, loom bands can give your kid immense exposure to craft and innovation in creating bracelets, rings, earrings, and other shapes using all the waste rubber bands at home.

This easy-to-learn skill can be acquired from YouTube and can help your child enjoy the best of the fun summer crafts made for kids this time.

3.1. Fishtails

Modern-day twist to daily used bracelets: this style of the bracelet makes it denser, a bit tough to build, and gives it a better look than a natural, average loom band.

3.2. Personalized Keychain

If your kids are a big fan of keychains, then summer vacation is the perfect time to start building their own with unique designs and styles.

DIY Crafts: How To Make A Keychain

3.3. Friendship Band

Friends Crafting Jewelry At Home
Source: Depositphotos

Good-looking, eco-friendly, and a cheaper gift. Friendship bands can be your go-to thing if you decide to give something to your friend that he/she can remember for a long time.

3.4. Bag Tags

Give your headings/titles to your stuff! This fantastic craft sounds to be one of the best alternatives that can turn out useful when the identification of your luggage is required at a crowded place.

4. Painting

Children love painting, and different colors give them wings to fly in terms of unique ideas and craft abilities.

4.1. Glass Painting

One of the most underrated forms of painting glass painting is the easy-to-explore colors over the waste glass materials at your home; this colorful paint over the art project can always be converted into a great wall hanging or a showpiece.

Make sure that you are around your kids when they are painting on glass, as it can be dangerous.

4.2. Thumb Painting

person hands with green paint

Thumb painting is a fun-to-do summer craft activity, and you can create beautiful designs and configurations using your thumb.

4.3. Pot Painting

Waste flower pots/Clay pots at your home can have a turnover using your creative, artistic, and crafty painting skills.

Creative Pot Painting | DIY Garden Decors | Acrylic Painting Designs | Home Decoration Ideas

4.4. Madhubani Painting

A unique painting style like Madhubani, picturing the locals of Bihar, India, can enhance your child’s focus on details as Madhubani involves coloring very minute little designs of painting, which your child can explore as a summer craft during summer.

4.5. Leaf Painting

Dried leaves are a waste of materials, and you can transform them into materials for a beautiful painting piece by using your arts and crafts skills this summer.

Leaf Impression Painting Tutorial / DIY Leaf Printing - Shamina

5. Clay Craft

Clay is a four-letter word that can create magic for kids in art and creative crafts.

Children can create various shapes using clay, and a craft can be taught about multiple transports, vegetables, alphabets, numbers, and whatnot, making it an educational and fun summer crafts and arty crafty kids activity.

One can always shape monuments, clay bookmarks, clay photo holders, and whatnot! Here are a few recommendations for the same:

3D Clay Art | Clay Art Tutorial | Air dry clay crafts | DIY clay animals easy

5.1. Clay Sculptures

 Clay offers a beautiful medium to explore various art forms; one can develop an interest in model making by trying to make a clay sculpture.

5.2. Clay Masks

This idea can help children create their DIY masks and allow them to use this accessory.

5.3. Clay Utensils

Customizing utensils into their configurations and teaching them more about the utensils used in cooking.

5.4. Designer Clay Pieces

You can create a colorful and beautiful showpiece using clay as a craft material.

5.5. Clay Designs

Clay can be an excellent craft material to teach children more about animals and birds, allowing them to imagine animals in front of them.

5.6. Clay Bowls

Collection of all your daily life accessories, this can be a perfect DIY craft.

6. Cut and Paste Collage Making

So here’s a very different approach to the standard cutting and pasting kids can do in their free summer crafts time: First, they can choose any topic. Next, they can collect pictures related to that topic or draw images and color them.

Further, they can choose a configuration of their own choice and start pasting these pictures using glue into chart paper or colored construction paper.

Now, this collage can be given a new 3-D effect by pasting it on a sponge with cardboard.

A little sound effect creator device can enhance this craft, as a sound can be generated whenever the sponge is pressed against the stained glass. Or, they can take cardboard and paste this collage on their wall.

7. Quilling

A resourceful projection of rolling paper into something decorative for houses, cards, or school assignments, quilling can enhance the look of simple basic stuff into a creative visual beauty.

Quilling Artworks To Do When BORED 😍

7.1. Quilling Decorative Boxes

Boxes are a wonderful place to keep your accessories at a given place; hence, this quilling craft can benefit gifting/resourcing.

7.2. Quilling Gift Tag

An extra craft on your gift tag can be an appealing visual factor for somebody to appreciate your crafting skills.

7.3. Quilling Name Plates

Who does not like decorating the nameplate’s title outside your home?

This is your opportunity to create something unimaginable during summer vacations.

7.4. Quilling Patterns

What if a collection of quilling pieces is attached to create a new configuration? Well, here is your chance to shine!

7.5. Quilling Photo Frames

With this craft, a twist to a daily revisit of memories, you can turn a boring wooden piece into a creative, self-designed innovation.

8. Sand Crafts


Sand is a fun play tool for kids. They, specifically toddlers, love sand as it offers them a medium to navigate through fun and exciting tools.

Sand is often very tough for toddlers to handle; hence, here are the best sand craft ideas that can transform your child’s boring summer vacation into a fun and memorable one:

8.1. Sand Art Bottles

Beautiful little storage pieces are decorated by vivid colored sand on the outside and are one of the most helpful summer craft ideas for kids.

8.2. Sand Castle

Who says that you need a beach to build your castle? You can do so even at home using sand, water, and assisting tools.

8.3. Artificial Sand

You can always use sand at the bottom of your artificial plants to make them look attractive or include it as a base for your aquarium.

8.4. Sand Paper Patterns

DIY Sandpaper Art | Sandpaper art Oil Pastel | Sandpaper Painting | Painting on Sandpaper

Extraordinary designs can be made using sand art on construction paper and creating outstanding patterns.

8.5. Sand Imprints

Capturing your handprints or capturing your family’s footprints and framing them can be a spectacular memory for the future.

Thus, use your tinkering mind to create a wonder by again using your craft skills at your favorite; no more summer crafts for kids this time.

9. Knitting/Embroidery

A skill that will stay with you for a lifetime, knitting and embroidery and crafty things can be very useful throughout your life.

Artistic wonders can be created using crafts as this on various types of mediums. Beginners can take this learning opportunity to gain information about life skills.

9.1. Handkerchief Design

Mind-blowing patterns, shapes, and borders in your handkerchief? It’s possible, kids, so why don’t you wander some new patterns and entwine extraordinary designs?

9.2. Table Cloth Design

Supper-time kids are what your mom says, and imagine your customized tablecloth placed beautifully above your dining table.

9.3. Bedsheets

Indeed, how astonishing is the fact that you can knit/embroider your bed sheet by just learning an essential craft in your summer vacations

Hand Embroidery for Beginners || 14 basic embroidery stitches by Let

9.4. Sweaters

Gift your kids, pets, or siblings a personalized crafted outfit with your hands!

9.5. Embroider Slates

Create beautiful patterns, designs, shapes, objects, and images on a slate to give yourself inspiration and time to utilize your skills this summer.

10. Hot Glue Gun


This brilliant device can help you create crafty wonders with it. Used in various house repairs and DIY projects, a hot glue gun is your go-to resort when choosing the best craft option in the summer season.

10.1. Customized Phone Cases

Mobile phones are necessary, but creating your personalized mobile phone case is a fun activity you will never forget and never regret doing. It is a fun project and a brilliant way to use your time to create something of your choice.

10.2. Cardboard Projects

To give wings to your model and projects, a hot glue gun is a perfect agent for your other craft supplies to create real-life 3-D craft projects.

10.3. Hair Accessories

Clips are something that a lot of girls use. Creating personalized clips using hot glue guns is a lovely way to spend your summer.

10.4. Secondary Key

Recreation of keys to have a secondary backup in case of an emergency is one of the great ways to use a hot glue gun that turns your crafty things into things you can use.

10.5. Doormats

Weave hot glue guns into patterns and stick them all together to form mats that you can put outside your home, within your home, outside your bathroom, or as per your usage.


Make Shaggy Mat/ SHAGGY RUG- with HOT GLUE GUN (Method 2)

Well, these are simple ideas but some mind-engaging ideas we could think of for you that can bring out the best in you during summer vacations; this summer, you can create something unrealistic, sensational, and stunning using your creative skills and imagination to make the best out of summer break.

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