7 Amazing Guidelines About How to Ship a Package in Canada

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The second largest country in the world, Canada is a central destination for most shippers, as its economy relies primarily on International Trade.

As compared with other countries, shipping in Canada is much easier because the country follows a simple, straightforward freight process.

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How to Ship a Package in Canada

Delivery services in Canada deliver packages on time, whether you are running an e-commerce business or sending parcels to your loved ones.

Here you will see the cheapest way to ship across Canada. Canadian shipping services help you to deliver packages when you need them to deliver, at low costs, which saves time. You can choose air freight, road freight services within Canada, and sea freight shipping services.

You can also check and compare the range of reliable freight services to deliver time-sensitive and small packages and parcels on due time.

Purolator International’s Elite Expedited services can be considered for time-sensitive packages. Also, the team has excellent experience in handling small packages, cargo shipping, parcel freight delivery, and many more within Canada.

In the article, we will discuss how to ship a package in Canada, freight services, shipping rates, delivery charges, and all other considerations that one has to take into account.

Several major carriers operating within Canada, provide benefits to the nation. Delivery Services like FedEx, Canada Post, Canpar, DHL, Dicom, UPS, Purolator, Loomis, and many others will guide you vividly on how to ship a package and can be used easily for shipping

Visit Canada Post to know more and get access to shipping services within Canada!

Paper Work and Packaging

The first and foremost thing that comes while shipping any parcel or package in Canada is following the correct paperwork and having a good knowledge of Canada’s customs rules and clearances. You need to know about the shipping service and the accurate details of your package.

Then comes the proper packaging. Everyone wants their packages to be delivered in perfect condition. Fragile products need to be informed beforehand to the courier service. In addition, you can pack fragile items in a container first, and then wrap it with cloth and then you can put it in box.

How to ship fragile items

If you do not provide a proper packaging, the possibility of your package getting damaged in transit, increases, and you have to pay the cost. So here are some steps that you can follow for packaging. Select a rigid and dry, good quality cardboard box. Do not leave an empty space in between the box and the item in it. Use an H tape for sealing. If it has old labels, remove them with a clear new shipping label.

USPS Flat rate boxes are the best way to pack a 5-pound parcel and ship easily from America to Canada.

Major Restrictions

Several restricted articles are not allowed to ship in Canada, such as flammable chemicals and commercial items, Counterfeit Goods, Currency, Explosives and Firearms. Packages weighing more than 150 pounds need a proper freight destination. Shipping large packages with higher risks may increase the cost of shipment.

NOTE: Violating and breaching any of the laid out protocols can confiscate your package.

Shipping Distance and Prices

The longer the distance of the shipping address, you will be paying the more shipping costs. That means shipping fees depend on distance. If you ship from America to Canada, the delivery usually takes a standard of 1 to 25 business days.

Depending upon factors such as weight and size of boxes, location address, number of boxes, the price of the shipment is calculated. Delivery services charge as per delivery times. For example, FedEx International Economic costs approximately $64.56 for 6-10 days of delivery time.

Shipping address and remoteness of pick-up location may affect your shipping cost. Also it usually takes a bit longer to arrive on time. Small towns, places that you cannot easily access, locations that can be reached only on certain times of the year, and remote places, are all such addresses that increase the freight prices.

You can even drop off your parcel to the nearest post office address provided.

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Things to Know about Canadian Tax and Duties

On every single shipment to Canada, one has to pay 5% tax on goods costs over 20 Cad. The 20 Cad threshold duty will be applied at various rates, in the categories of health and beauty, fashion, home décor, home appliances and luggage.

You can get the complete guide on tax and duties on, Duties & Taxes Calculator to Canada.

Comparing Courier services

You can choose and compare different courier services as per your needs and destinations. The costs of the delivery service you select, charges as per the speed in which they deliver the package.

Two different companies may charge two different rates for the same destination, according to their expertise and the Canadian logistics delivery networks they have within Canada.

Shipping Tips for Canadian shipping

If you are running a business, you should provide the facility of comparing various courier services and shipping rates for your online customers to choose from.

One should take out the accurate prints custom forms to avoid any errors that may hinder the process of deliveries.

Do take notes of all the items that may lead to additional fees.

Try to do shipments with multiple couriers.

To avoid any unexpected losses, purchase insurance cover for your shipments so that they can be delivered safely.

How To Ship To Canada

Tracking service

Once your package is shipped and is in transit for your customers, you can keep track of your shipments as almost every courier service provides free tracking of your parcel.

You can also avail of global tracking with Easyship, which is a faster and more secure means of tracking your shipment.


So, as of now, after understanding, how to ship a package in Canada, if you want to ship items and products to Canada, the simplest steps discussed in the article would definitely guide you and help you to clarify some doubts.

By following the correct method, you will find easy, less time-consuming shipping during delivery times and cost-saving shipping rates for business and personal purposes.

Follow them and have safe shipping.

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