9 Facts About the Steinbach Aquatic Centre That Will Make a Splash in Your Day

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Do you want some fun and exciting places to visit? Visit this Canadian city that is growing so quickly, Steinbach.

It is a stunning city with many attractions and iconic places, specifically the Steinbach Aquatic Centre. Let’s give you all an insight into this beautiful city and the aquatic center.

The City of Steinbach

Steinbach is a city in Manitoba, Canada, about 58 kilometers (36 miles) south of Winnipeg. With 17,806 residents, Steinbach is Manitoba’s third-largest city. Don’t let the fact that Steinbach is less well-known than other Canadian cities deceive you.

It is highly recommended to travel to Steinbach, a more recent, charming, and beautiful tourist destination. You can visit some unusual activities and places at this hidden location, which will surely surprise you.

Steinbach Aquatic Centre

The Steinbach Aquatic Centre is a fun-filled area that spans more than 24,000 square feet to escape extreme heat. This aquatic center has a 25-meter pool with six lanes, a junior Olympic pool with six lanes, a wave pool, a lazy river, and two slides, with the shallow side ending in its section away from kids. The Family Super pool is great for both adults and children.

There is availability of one-meter diving boards, sprays, a large children’s area for playing, a sauna, a hot tub, a lap pool, a renovated outdoor pool, a splash pad, a public viewing area, multi-purpose rooms, an outdoor space, and a splash park.

The kid’s pool enters like a beach, which is a great thing, and the small lazy river is just perfect for the boys who are too old for the splash pad aspect but not big enough for the slides.

The Steinbach Aquatic Centre is well-lit, has beautiful murals, and there is plenty to do for all the young kids. It has large lobby areas, accessible single and family changing rooms that are equally large and accommodating, bathrooms, showers, and coin lockers. In addition to selling drinks and snacks, vending machines also sell these items.

It is one of Manitoba’s best-kept indoor and outdoor pools. The indoor and outdoor pool, changing rooms, and other facilities are clean and in good condition.

Additionally, lifeguards and instructors are stationed throughout the pool area and are great at dealing with scared young kids.

Chlorine is present in the pools, so goggles are necessary for sensitive eyes. You can purchase tickets at family-friendly rates. The Steinbach Aquatic Centre offers annual memberships, swimming lessons, group rentals, lap swims, aquacise swimming courses, and birthday party rentals.

1. Location

The Steinbach Aquatic Centre can be found next to the Steinbach Fly-In Golf Course at 330 Park Road East000. They can find PTH #12 on their right side, 12 miles to the east on Park Road.

2. Activities

What should you do while you are at Steinbach Aquatic Centre? Well, there are many things you can do, like swim, work out, and spend time with friends and family.

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Courtesy: Steinbach

3. Information Regarding the Swim

You can pre-order individual swim admissions to the Steinbach Aquatic Centre online. Admissions can be altered or refunded up until the beginning of your swim time (less a convenience fee).

4. Renovation of the Steinbach Aquatic Centre

The City of Steinbach entrusted Verne Reimer Architecture with the task of designing and compiling a report regarding the proposed renovations to the Steinbach Aquatic Centre’s pool area. The SAC, which Jeff Penner originally designed, has proven to be a popular destination for many people in the region.

A new acoustic panel system was installed in the pool area’s ceiling, and LED indirect lighting was installed around the perimeter of the pool tanks and mounted on columns in the pool area’s center. The mechanical return air system had to be relocated to the pool area to reduce chloramines and improve indoor air quality.

An innovative and sophisticated above-deck conduit that connects these systems is at the heart of the design solution.

5. Accessibility

A wheelchair-accessible parking space, entrance, and restrooms.

6. Contact Information

  • Phone: 204.346.6207
  • Fax: 204.346.6539
  • E-mail: aquaticcentre@steinbach.ca

7. Hotels near Steinbach Aquatic Centre

Steinbach Aquatic Centre is quite famous there, so many options are available if you want to stay somewhere close to this place.

8. Best nearby Restaurants

Good food is equal to a good mood. A good trip is incomplete without eating your favorite meals. So here we have listed a few restaurants near the aquatic center of Steinbach where you can satisfy your food cravings.

9. Other Attractions

Here are some top and other attractions for you to visit if you plan to go to Steinbach.

1. The Mennonite Heritage Village

It is a museum in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada that tells the story of the Russian Mennonites who settled in Canada. Learn about the early Mennonite settlers’ lives and how they tried to live peacefully in this new world.

Two galleries and a reconstructed Mennonite village from the late 19th century comprise the Mennonite Heritage Village. None of the restaurants in the village serve traditional fare. All year long, the galleries are open. Seasonally, both the restaurant and the village are open.

VN Windmill
Courtesy: Mennonite Heritage Village

2. Manitoba Legislative Building

On July 15, 1920, the Manitoba Legislative Building was officially opened. An English architect, Frank W, created this in 1912. Simon and Henry Boddington III beat out 66 entries to win a British Empire competition.

The building, which is the best example of Beaux-Arts Classical architecture in the province and is made of limestone from Manitoba Tyndall, is decorated with many allegorical works of art that celebrate courage, justice, and wisdom.

The Golden Boy symbolizes Manitoba’s perpetual youth and progress atop the dome.

Courtesy: Province of Manitoba

This is the third Legislative Building in Manitoba, and it was constructed following a period of extraordinary growth and development.

End Note

While traveling to any new place, there is much to explore. These exposures help you learn and grow. This mini guide through Steinbach Aquatic Centre is a small percentage of this city’s offerings. I hope you find it useful and valuable and good luck on your next trip, which might be to this wonderful city.

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