Riding Mountain National Park: 10 Best Things to Do

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Manitoba Canada is known for many places, that you must visit along with this. As a nature lover, you will like the mountain view, hill, lake, wildlife, rocky mountain national park, and shores going to be the best experience being at mountain national park.

Hiking is an activity we all must do in Riding Mountain National Park.  In addition, in Riding Mountain National Park, you can do camping. You can have your campsite to camp in this beautiful place.

Canada’s central province, Manitoba is primarily known for being home to the polar bear capital of the world.

Some of the other tempting attractions may include many lakes, museums, and unique festivals being held every year.

Once a year, they celebrate by conducting these kinds of unique festivals, that invite many tourists.

Manitoba western Canada is a very good place to live. A great place for people visiting Riding Mountain National Park should know about Manitoba.

1) Riding Mountain National Park -10 Best Things to Do

We have looked at many things about Canada and the places around it. Now, Riding Mountain National Park where we have come is famous for many things from wildlife, and forest to lakes.

Moving on, we will look at the places of attraction in riding mountain national park and what takes place in our hearts :

1.1) Lake Audy Bison Enclosure

The provincial animal of Manitoba is the Bison Herd. Silhouette of bison is everywhere you go around. This may seem like common chipmunks.

The chance of seeing bison is very rare in the forest. But there are greater chances to view bison is greater in Riding Mountain National Park. 20 bison were brought and settled around Lake Audy.

So whenever you wish to see a bison, the riding mountain national park is the best place to visit them. Some of them died and bison were reintroduced.

Riding Mountain National Park
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Now about forty bison are present in the Lake Audy Bison Enclosure. It will only provide you with half an hour’s travel when you start from the Wasagaming campground.

There are north and south enclosures, where bison roam freely between the two.

Seeing them in groups is not easy, so when you are lucky you can view them in herds. This life of wildlife, forest, and everything gives a unique way of seeing and knowing about animals

1.2) Clear Lake Golf Course

It is located at Riding Mountain National Park, at the east end of clear lake. Clear Lake Course is an environment-friendly course.

  • Clear Lake Course was built in two stages in 1928.
  • It was fully opened to play in 1934.
  • It is 6309 yards in total providing a unique experience.

1.3) Hike the Burls and Bittersweet Trails

On the east end of Riding Mountain National Park are several great hike trails, and on the drive back to Winnipeg check one out – Burls and Bittersweet.

You can go to the hardwood forest in riding mountain national park, which is 2.2 km ahead. Hiking surely will be a good activity with the wildlife.

Be careful while you take a walk and find the trails of a bear ahead.

1.4) Go Canoeing

The next activity to make your vacation memorable is going canoeing. You can go to the marina or Wasagaming to get a canoe or kayak for your tour.

You can also do camping or camp with your friends for an awesome time.

1.5) Take a Boat Cruise Around Clear Lake

Taking a boat cruising will be another excellent part of your vacation. If you think of swimming, kayaking, or any kind of activity, then summer is the best for visiting this lake.

The clear water is so pure in the lake. So, for summer this place should surely be on your checklist.

Clear Lake Dining is the best place for romantic people.

1.6) Clear Lake Boat Cove

During the day, the Boat Cove is packed with boaters out exploring the water.

So, visiting the cove after sunset provides a view at its best, where northern light is very bright. This shore faces due north where You can see the aurora borealis, from the north side.

Riding Mountain National Park
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1.7) Moon lake

In this lake, you have the chance of seeing wildlife, including bears, bison, eagle, and, moose.

  • The trail here is very lengthy.
  • No pets allowed here

1.8) Cross-Country Skiing

Plan your trip to do skiing when visiting Riding Mountain National Park. Cross-country skiing is open country over rolling.

There are two types of cross-country skiing: older classical and kick ward backward techniques

1.9) Whirlpool Lake

Going to these places gives a pleasant feel. Whirlpools occur when two opposing currents meet, causing water to rotate.

When heavy winds travel in different directions, whirlpools can occur. Currently, it is closed but will open soon.

1.10) Lake Katherine

Lake Katherine Winter Trail is a beautiful place in riding mountain national park. This western part of Canada provides great scenic beauty.

Lake Katherine Trail is 1.3 miles long, beginning at Trail 254 and ending at Lake Katherine.

2) Safety Measures Include-

  • Use caution when lighting and maintaining campfires
  • Obey the speed limit for your safety . Follow a certain amount of speed to avoid dangerous situations.
  • When camping, near your vehicles always store food on the go. Since every time you won’t get access to local shops.

3) Some Crazy Festivals you Must be a Part Of

Manitoba is known for many fun festivals for families to enjoy. Some of them are:

3.1) Winnipeg Folk Festival:

You can experience outdoor music and do camping under the stars in Bird hill national park.

3.2) Jazz Concert in Winnipeg:

You can visit their local venue and is easy to reach.

3.3) North Manitoba Festival:

Held in the past, conducting activities like fur trade and trapping. James Bond was born in Winnipeg.

Riding Mountain National Park
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4). Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

Q1. Where Is the Riding Mountain National Park Situated?

Ans. It is located in Canada.

Q2. What is Wasagaming?

Ans. Wasagaming is also known as Clear Lake.

Q3. Where Can I See a Moose Riding a Mountain?

Ans. You can see moose in Bead Lake of Riding Mountain National Park.

Q4. Why Is It Called Riding a Mountain?

Ans. As travelling to rugged highlands searching for furs & games was easy, the original name of Fort Dauphin Hill was changed to Riding Mountain.

Q5. Is Riding Mountain a National Historic Site?

Ans. Yes, it is a National Historic Site

Q6. How Was Riding Mountain Formed?

Ans. It is formed from the erosion or wearing away of earlier rocks.

Q7. Is Camping Allowed?

Ans. Yes, you can camp and also ski.


Planning a trip with family or friends and going to good places to create memories is needed. So, one such place good for a trip is Riding Mountain National Park in Canada.

This riding mountain in western Canada is a great tourist place to go. It has many activities to do from hiking, visiting the park, camping, and many more.

Summer or winter months, any weather won’t affect the beauty of the place.

This western part of Canada has more tourists to visit. This also allows you to do camping making your campsites, along with the place you can enjoy seeing animals, taking their pics and enjoy.

So, forget all your worries and come to this town in Canada to get your mind refreshed, which is also the safest place in Canada for payments.

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