Regional Park Yucaipa: A 1 Step Guide

Regional Park Yucaipa
Park bench at Musreau Lake

Sometimes, the best getaway from the busy city life is to plan a trip where you can relax in and around nature. Mother nature beholds some of the most wonderful sights and calming atmospheres.

If you are someone whose life revolves around the city’s noise and pollution, a visit to a lush green park with a calm and serene environment would be a great change. And, the best part is that your kids would love it too.

So why not go to a place where you can swim, fish, camp out, hike, and even take your dog? So, if you are looking to visit a park with a good environment, top-class facilities, and children’s recreation equipment, look no further than Regional Park Yucaipa.

Regional Park Yucaipa is the go-to place for dog lovers, bikers, fishing enthusiasts, and families.

Regional Park Yucaipa

Regional Park Yucaipa is situated in the east valley region of San Bernardino county near Redlands. It is in the beautiful foothills community of Yucaipa in California.

Regional Park Yucaipa offers visitors amazing views of both the famous Mount San Gorgonio and the San Bernardino mountains. Many visitors come to view the scenic beauty of both these mountains.

Regional Park Yucaipa is renowned for its sense of tranquility and natural beauty. Additionally, the park is close to both Oak Glen and Redlands.

The park has three lakes, and a large swimming complex with dual flume water slides, and is the perfect package for someone who loves the outdoors. They also have an RV park with nice and decent space.

When can you access Regional Park Yucaipa?

The standard opening hours for Regional Park Yucaipa are as follows:

The park opens at 7:30 in the morning and closes at 5:00 in the evening on all days. There may be changes in the timings during holidays.

Things to Explore

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If you are someone who likes hiking, then you can engage in the Zanja Peak hike and test your trekking and hiking skills. You can also explore the famous Wilson Creek Trail for a hike.

There is a sand volleyball court, hiking and equestrian trails, picnic areas, and more in the park. If you are interested in camping, do not miss Waterton National Park Camping.

As mentioned before, there are various Yucaipa outdoor activities like fishing and swimming available. Fishing is one of the highly rated activities at Regional Park Yucaipa.

Big fishes like trout are all easy to catch. You can also play disc golf and volleyball.

Image by Wavebreakmedia from UnlimPhotos

It is a beautiful and relaxing place and the Yucaipa nature is sure to amaze you. There are spacious sites and it is perfect for a camping unit. There are even group camping sites where large groups can camp together and have fun.

There are two water slides and a swimming area with a sandy beach inside the park, apart from the three lakes.

Horseshoes, disc golf, and fishing are some of the activities. Other activities like hiking and equestrian trails are nearby, as well as there is a playground to play in.

Fishing, swimming, and using the water slides cost extra than the original reservation fee. The park also has solid parking locations and parking is not a worry.

The sandy beach and water slides at Yucaipa’s swim complex make it the ideal spot to escape the heat and relax during the summer.

The park is open year-round (open during all seasons). This allows the park to provide a getaway from the busy city life for visitors no matter what time of the year it is.

Yucaipa is a popular destination for mountain bikers and marathon runners. Yucaipa regional park is famous for its water rides. It provides pedal boating or aqua cycling. Many of the visitors also prefer to go horseback riding.

There are 42 full-hookup campsites at Regional Park Yucaipa Campground. There are a lot of long pull-through RV sites.

The campsites are well-spaced apart and surrounded by lawn expanses and have camper camping facilities. Most locations have shade-giving trees.

During the winter holiday season, the park is quieter, and the area often has holiday decorations. The weather is usually beautiful, and some sites have areas for campfires.

Things to Explore beyond Regional Park Yucaipa

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Apart from Regional Park Yucaipa, one should try and check out the Oak Glen School Museum. The Oak Glen School Museum is one of the historic Yucaipa museums. This one offers a glimpse into how classrooms were in the 1920s. It is a building made of old stone and a sight to see.

The Yucaipa Performing Arts Centre is also a good visit as it holds various events related to music, literature, and even social events.

If you are looking for Yucaipa food spots for tasty and heart-warming food, Kopper Kettle Café, Abby’s Café, and Queen Bean Caffe are famous restaurants. There are also some inns that provide Bed and Breakfasts Yucaipa is famous for. 

For shopping, you can plan a visit to the Yucaipa Shopping Valley Centre and the “Market Place at 5th”. There is also a Vons market nearby.

1. The San Bernardino Mountains

It is a mountain range in the southern part of the US state of California. There are 110 named peaks in the range, with San Gorgonio Mountain, at an elevation of 11,490 feet or 3,502 meters, being the highest and most prominent peak in the range.

The majority of the range can be found within the San Gorgonio Wilderness and the San Bernardino National Forest.

In addition, it is in the southernmost part of the state and is surrounded by a significant portion of public land.

Numerous major cities and towns, including Redlands, Palm Springs, Yucca Valley, and Calimesa, as well as the remaining cities in the Los Angeles Basin, are all within close proximity to it.

2. Joshua Tree National Park

It is only an hour-long drive from Regional Park Yucaipa. It is on the border of the Mojave and Colorado deserts, just east of Palm Springs and the communities that are nearby.

The park covers 1,234 square miles (3,196 square kilometers), of which roughly three-quarters are wild areas. In 1936, it was made a national monument.

In 1984, UNESCO made it a biosphere reserve and in 1994, it became a national park. The Joshua tree (Yucca brevifolia), a species of yucca, is one of the many desert plants in the park.

Regional Park Yucaipa Reservation Fee and Passes

The park has various fees for the various sites and activities that are available. Fees are also applicable for vehicles.

There are also annual passes available that have a 12-month validity which allows you to visit the park whenever you wish to.

From Monday to Friday (excluding holidays and other special events), the fee for vehicles is 8 dollars. On the weekends and during public holidays the fee for vehicles is 10 dollars. If you are on foot, then the rate is 3 dollars per person.

Regional Park Yucaipa is also a dog park and welcomes dog lovers all year round. You can walk your dogs and take them with you for various activities.

The rate is just a dollar per dog, but it is requested that the dog is always on a 6-inch lease.

Annual Entrance Passes

There are annual passes that you can take that allow you to visit Regional Park Yucaipa throughout the year. These are very common and are often bought by fishing enthusiasts and dog lovers.

Multi Park Pass: This pass costs 125 dollars. It expires 12 months after purchase, excluding holidays and special events. (Excludes certain areas like Lake Gregory, Moabi, and Calico parks.)

Individual Park Pass: This pass costs 60 dollars. This also expires 12 months after purchase but excludes special events and holidays.

Annual Vehicle Entrance Pass for Senior Citizens (or Qualified Individuals with Disabilities): This costs 100 dollars and is a special pass. This pass expires 12 months after purchase but excludes special events and holidays.

Annual Pass for pedestrians: This pass costs $25. It also includes a pass for one dog. The pass expires 12 months after purchase, excluding special events and public holidays.

Swimming and Waterslide Fees

Regional Park Yucaipa also has facilities for swimming enthusiasts. They have a swimming pool, multiple water slides, and also fishing facilities.

There is a minimum height of 4 ft required to go on the rides though. Also, only service animals are allowed in the swimming area.

Before your visit, try contacting the person responsible for the park to know the swimming timings as they may differ on different days. However, the standard closing time is usually at 5 in the evening.

Fees for Swimming

At Regional Park Yucaipa, for the ones who are 4 years and older, there is a fee of 7 dollars per person for swimming.

For a single token ride on a water slide, the fee is 2 dollars. However, you can take a pass of 12 dollars for a full-day water slide access and swim admission.

Fishing Fees

Image by StudioPeace from UnlimPhotos

If you are someone who enjoys fishing, make sure not to miss out on this activity when you visit Yucaipa Regional Park. Almost all reviewers have unanimously suggested that the fishing activities at the park is exceptional. 

Fishing rates vary based on the day at Regional Park Yucaipa. From Monday to Thursday, the daily fishing fee for all persons, regardless of age, is 10 dollars per person.

From Friday to Sunday, the daily fishing fee is 12 dollars per person.

The visitors can bring fishing equipment. If they forget to do so, the equipment is usually available at the park itself. Make sure you use good bait, and you will definitely catch some fish.

Many visitors come to the park just for the amazing fishing experience.

Picnic Reservation Fee

You can plan a picnic rest at Regional Park Yucaipa. A relaxing picnic with a view of the San Bernardino mountains is definitely worth your time.

You just have to pay a reservation fee beforehand. Sites for large groups with shelters and other amenities are worth 400 dollars. For a stage, it is 100 dollars per day.

Camp Fees

A visitor can stay no longer than 14 days in any 30-day period. This excludes special events and holidays.

If you opt for no hookups, the cost is 30 dollars per unit per night. If hookups are included, the cost is 40 dollars per unit per night.

The weekly rate is six times the standard daily rate, or it can also be taken as one free night for every seven nights you stay. The cost per person over six in a camping unit is 5 dollars per person per night.

The park offers a reduced fee to senior citizens. From Sunday to Thursday, excluding holidays and special events:

The cost is 25 dollars per unit per night without hookups and 35 dollars per unit per night with full hookups

If the group is 20 or more in number, the fee would be 5 dollars per person. There will also be an additional 50 dollars fee taken if there are any damages or if there is heavy cleaning to be done.

The group reservation fee is 20 dollars. This is a non-refundable amount.

If the dump station is used but you are not paying camp fees, then an additional fee of 15 dollars is implacable( for the dump station).

Cancellation Fees

If for some reason you have changed your mind and want to cancel your booking, there may be a fee that is charged.

If you decide to transfer a site on the same date for another site at the same park, there is no additional charge or additional reservation fee.

However, charges are added when you change the site for another site on a different date at the same park.

These are as follows:

  • If you book more than 31 days in advance of the original arrival date, you will be charged an additional reservation fee.

  • If you book between 30 and 11 days in advance of the original arrival date, you will be charged half of the use fee.

  • On holidays and special events, the first night of a reservation with a two-night minimum will be charged.

  • 10 to 1 day prior to the arrival date or during the reservation dates, a full fee will be charged.

  • On holidays and special events, the first two full nights of a reservation with a minimum of two nights will be charged.
Policy on Cancellations
  • If you cancel 31 days or more before your scheduled arrival date, you will be charged a $10 cancellation fee in addition to the original reservation fee.
  • If you cancel 30 to 11 days before your scheduled arrival date, you will be charged 50% of the first night fee and the original reservation fee.
  • On Holidays and special events, if you cancel 30 to 11 days before your arrival, you will be charged the first full night fee on reservations with a two-night minimum and the original reservation fee.
  • If you cancel less than 11 days before your arrival date or in the middle of your reservation, you will be charged the full first night fee amount.
  • If you cancel less than 11 days before your arrival, you will be charged the first two full nights on reservations with a two-night minimum and the original reservation fee.
  • A new reservation fee applies to changes to reservation dates made 31 or more days prior to your arrival date.

Regional Park Yucaipa Reviews

Regional Park Yucaipa has good reviews and ratings across different websites and platforms ( like Trip Advisor and Google Reviews).

It has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5, which is very impressive. The park is a favorite for families with its wide variety of activities and facilities.

Most reviewers have praised the RV camping facilities and pool facilities. There are also people who have talked about how the park is great for biking enthusiasts as well.

Regional Park Yucaipa has also seen a lot of love from dog lovers, and there are a lot of dog owners who have annual passes and are continuing to do so for years.

Some reviewers mentioned how they also traveled to the nearby Los Rios apple farm.

The few negative reviews that are present talk mainly about the cleanliness issues regarding the bathrooms and also the grills provided. The restrooms are a little old-fashioned, going with the theme of the park, and all do not love it.

However, the park sees a lot of regular visitors who have fallen in love with the beautiful outdoor scenery and the various different activities.

Before visiting, you can check out the reviews of the Yucaipa Regional Park on TripAdvisor.

The Last Words

Make sure you don’t miss out on the Yucaipa fun, and plan a visit to the Regional Park Yucaipa as soon as possible. It would be a complete all-in-one trip that covers swimming, fishing, and camping. 

The picnic shelters are a unique feature of the park and one which is welcomed by many visitors from afar.

The suggested duration of the visit is around 3 hours, but that is up to each person’s personal preference. The Regional Park Yucaipa is perfect for all ages and is priced moderately for the various amenities it has. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip now.