Plinko: The Game Show Favorite Taking Over iGaming Fans

Game of Plinko. Source: Freepik

Plinko, a popular crash game, is now gaining traction among online casino enthusiasts, offering the chance to win significant amounts in a single round. Based on the game from the show “The Price is Right,” Plinko has become a favourite among casino lovers, with both physical and online versions available for players to enjoy.

In both “The Price is Right” TV show and the modern versions, players release a small chip from the top of an inclined board, and it bounces off pegs while changing direction with each collision. The objective is to land the chip in slots at the bottom of the board, each corresponding to different prize values.

The TV show’s version typically involves physical chips and prizes, while the online casino version simulates the gameplay using virtual chips and bonus rewards.

Plinko combines luck and strategy, allowing players to enhance their chances of winning through decision-making and observation. Its unique gameplay and visual appeal make it a popular tool for attracting new players to casinos, often leading to special events and promotional campaigns to engage a wider audience and offer exclusive rewards.

How to play Plinko

Plinko offers an interactive and thrilling experience with its inclined board, pegs, and enticing prizes. You can adjust your bet size, risk level, and the number of paylines, and choose to play manually or automatically for a fast-paced and enjoyable gaming experience.

To play Plinko, the player starts by holding a chip at the top of the inclined board. By releasing the chip, gravity takes control, and the chip begins its journey down the board. As the chip descends, it interacts with a series of pegs, causing it to change direction with each collision. 

This bouncing and zigzagging create an element of unpredictability, making it challenging to anticipate where the chip will ultimately land.

At the bottom of the Plinko board, there are several prize slots, each corresponding to a different value. The slot where the chip comes to rest determines the player’s winnings. Some slots offer smaller consolation prizes, while others yield more substantial jackpots.

Plinko strategies

Targeting higher-value slots in Plinko involves selecting slots on the board that offer moderately high payouts but are not necessarily the jackpot. While hitting the jackpot is alluring, the odds of landing in the highest-paying slot are typically low. 

By focusing on slots with reasonable payouts, players might be able to increase their overall chances of winning. These slots may still offer substantial rewards, and consistently landing in them can lead to more frequent and consistent wins.

Players need to also see if they can measure accuracies. To observe previous chip trajectories, players should pay close attention to how chips from previous rounds have bounced off the pegs and moved through the board. Analyzing these patterns can provide valuable insights into the board’s dynamics and the possible paths the chip may take. Players can take note of any recurring patterns or common trajectories that may increase their chances of landing in desired slots. 

For instance, certain angles or peg positions might influence the chip’s movement in a particular direction, and players can use this knowledge to adjust their strategy for their own chip drops. By learning from the experiences of other players, one can make more informed decisions and potentially improve their performance in the game. 

However, it’s essential to remember that Plinko still involves an element of chance, and while observation can offer valuable information, it cannot guarantee specific outcomes in every round.

Can I play Plinko in Canada?

Online gambling is mostly illegal in Canada, except in provinces that regulate and license such activities. Ontario is one of the provinces that support online gambling and has launched iGaming, a regulated gaming market, allowing third-party providers to offer online gambling services through agreements with iGaming Ontario. This move is a significant step in opening up the Canadian gambling industry to outsiders. 

However, offshore gambling sites are legal for Canadians to use as they fall outside the jurisdiction of Canada’s laws. Prior to the internet, illegal gaming operations were more apparent, but with online gambling, the situation became less clear, especially for offshore operators.

This is based on the Canadian Criminal Code of Canada section 6(2), which states, “No person shall be convicted of an offense committed outside of Canada.”

Residents in provinces that permit online gambling, like Ontario, can enjoy Plinko and other online casino games through licensed platforms when they are available. Alternatively, Canadians can legally access international gambling sites to play Plinko, as they are not subject to Canadian laws.