The Beauty of Narrow Hills Provincial Park: 5 Essential Tips for Your Adventure

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Narrow Hills Provincial Park is a naturally rich biodiversity park in Saskatchewan, Canada. It is located near the town of Canwood. It is about 80 km north of the Town of Canwood & covers almost 1,650 square km of area.

This Park has lakes, some unknown species of animals, rare & beautiful plants, fishes & many more. A nature lover might want to visit this place & explore the breathtaking beauty of the Saskatchewan wilderness & enjoy outdoor activities.

In Narrow Hills Provincial Park, visitors fall in love with its natural beauty & pristine environment.

1. Things to Know About Narrow Hills Provincial Park

For those who are seeking an adventurous experience, Narrow Hills Provincial Park can fulfill their requirements. The visitors can see many wonderful things & enjoy the vast range of biodiversity. Canoeing and kayaking are popular activities in this place, & visitors can explore the Park’s lakes & rivers on their way.

The visitors can hike in the Narrow Hills Provincial Park and its nearby hills. Visitors can also go mountain biking and horseback riding.

In the winter months, the Park is filled with visitors. During this time, Narrow Hills Provincial Park became a popular destination for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling, with many hiking trails converted to groomed ski trails.

Camping at Narrow Hills Provincial Park, SK

The rugged terrain is a distinguishing feature of Narrow Hills Provincial Park. The Park is situated in the heart of the boreal woodland & features a series of rolling hills, deep valleys, & crystal-clear lakes.

This beautiful landscape has coniferous spruce, pine, and fir trees. These trees furnish a home for various wildlife, including black bears, moose, coyotes, and wolves.

Visitors to Narrow Hills Provincial Park can also take advantage of the multiple hiking trails that wind through the hills and valleys, providing spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

Canada is famous for lakes, and if you’re going to Narrow Hills Provincial Park, you will see the abundance of water-based activities available to visitors. Visitors can see over 25 lakes in this Park, many offering outstanding fishing options.

If you are one of those anglers, you can try to catch walleye, northern pike, and lake trout, among other species. If you want to go swimming, this Park also offers swimming amenities. In this Park, you can go to several beaches offering safe and refreshing places to cool off on hot summer days. The parks also have some main campgrounds.

2. The Role of Animals in Maintaining the Ecosystem

Forests always hold numerous opportunities for those who love nature. Narrow Hills Provincial Park is a natural paradise. This largest boreal forest is home to a variety of wildlife species.

All the Park’s animals attract visitors, from the majestic moose and black bears to playful otters and soaring eagles. Biodiversity & ecosystems are maintained in these parks because of the large variety of animals & plants. They build this forest & maintain its natural beauty.

The moose is one of the iconic animals in Canada. These large, magnificent animals are naturally spotted in the Park’s forests & wetlands.

They eat various plants, including aquatic plants like water lilies and cattails. These animals are mostly seen during summer, wading in the Park’s lakes and streams. But in the winter, they stick to the forest, feeding on tree bark & other woody plants.

zachery perry Du8sGaNHVMc unsplash
Photo by Zachery Perry on Unsplash

Because of its large population of bears, Canada is also called a bear country. Black bears are commonly found in provinces in the hills. These black bears are omnivorous. Black bears eat various foods, including berries, nuts, insects, and small animals.

Black bears love to eat berries, such as Saskatoon and blueberries, as they are found in the Park’s abundant berry varieties. According to the Park’s protocol, visitors must be aware of bears. Visitors have to carry bear spray & make noise while hiking to avoid surprising bears.

Beavers are busy animals in this Park. They have impressive dam-building skills.

Because of that, they have created wetland habitats for other wildlife species. Beavers are herbivores; they commonly feed on bark, leaves, & aquatic plants. They are naturally spotted by the visitors in the Park’s lakes & streams, building dams in the Park’s wetlands.

The visitors are also able to see a variety of birds. You can easily spot bald eagles and ospreys near the Park’s lakes and streams. They commonly hunt fish in the lakes.

ray hennessy YF nygeNGR8 unsplash
Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

Common loons inhabit this Park as well. You can hear their distinctive calls echoing across the Park’s lakes. Some amazing birds sing at dawn. They leave their house in the morning to search for food and return before evening. They can easily find food in the forest & lake area, like fish and insects.

Other birds like the red-breasted nuthatch, grey jay & dark-eyed junco light up the Park with their beauty. Other bird species, such as the American robin, common raven, evening grosbeak & pileated woodpecker, are also found here.

Visitors also see wolves, coyotes & otters. You can find coyotes that prey on small animals, birds & insects. They are commonly found in places ranging from the forest to the grassland.

Wolves are visitor-friendly animals; they are commonly seen at night. Otters are commonly spotted on the waterways. Otters are carnivorous animals. They eat fish & other small animals, such as crayfish and frogs.

Due to the large group of animals & birds, the biodiversity of this grassland is maintained successfully.

Narrow Hills Provincial Park

3. Scenic Drive and Other Activities

The Narrow Hills Scenic Drive is a stunning & twisted road in Saskatchewan, Canada. This scenic drive offers you a wonderful view of the surrounding terrain.

Both the locals & tourists like this place. But before you enter the Park, you need detailed information about the road map. Without a road map or a proper guide, it will be difficult for you to drive.

The drive covers almost 24 kilometres & winds through the Narrow Hills Provincial Park. The Park’s numerous lakes & forests are among the top sights you encounter along the drive.

If you are going there, you can stop at several scenic for lookouts along the way & take photos. The drive is known for its twisting and narrow roads. This also makes it challenging for drivers to navigate the path.

The scenic drive in Narrow Hills is a beautiful option for travelers in this provincial Park. A scenic drive also gives you a comfortable & amazing view of nature, which makes you feel calm from within.

Some visitors enjoy the thrill of a ride on the winding roads. The scenic drive became famous worldwide because of this place’s stunning views, difficult roads & multiple recreational options. If you need any help, then you can also contact the park office.

Narrow Hills Provincial Park  (Scenic Route) | 4K

If a scenic drive is not your cup of tea, the Narrow Hills Provincial Park offers other activities for visitors to enjoy their vacation. If you are a rider, you can choose the biking trails to wind through the narrow hills and grasslands. You can also do some fishing, swimming & boating in the grassland provinces’ lakes.

For those interested in camping, the Park offers several campgrounds with amenities like fire pits, picnic spots &  picnic tables. Many choices are available in the Narrow Hills Provincial Park, from various campsites, including both tent & RV sites.

Narrow Hills Provincial Park would be a good option for camping. If you are going for the first time, you must seek the parking office’s help. Do not go to this place during monsoon times because the road is slippery and dangerous. In winter, you must face the challenge of driving through the fog.

The view of the most beautiful things on earth will never disappoint you. If you love the water, you can imagine this lakeside’s beauty. Always remember that booking a parking spot is necessary for visitors if you are going in your car.

4. Beautiful Lakes in Narrow Hills Provincial Park

Narrow Hills Provincial Park (Gem Lakes) | 4K

Canada is known for its lakes. The Narrow Hills Provincial Park has a cluster of “gem lakes.” They support diverse aquatic ecosystems. The seven lakes are:

4.1 Lac La Ronge:

This is the biggest lake in Saskatchewan. This lake contains fresh water, &  for this reason, several species of fish, including lake trout, northern pike, and walleye, make it a popular destination for fishing.

This is one of the lower fishing lakes. It covers almost 1413 sq. km & has a maximum depth of 75 meters.

4.2 Upper Jade Lake:

Upper Jade Lake is located near Mt. Williams. These lakes became popular because of their aqua-blue water. This aqua-blue water attracts so many visitors to this lake.

You will be able to capture pictures & enjoy the serene landscape here. It is considered an upper fishing lake.

4.3 Opal Lakes:

Opal Lakes are situated around the hills & beside Opal Mountain. This lake is a large inland body in Canada. Because of the mountains, these lakes are also rich in biodiversity.

4.4 Echo Lake:

The eco lake is located near Echo Lakes Provincial Park. It also has a resort for visitors so you can easily stay there. People come to this lake for fishing.

It contains rich biodiversity. For this biodiversity, the fish & other animals in the lakes easily grow up & easily maintain the ecosystem.

4.5 Tobin Lake:

Located on the eastern side of the Park, this lake was formed by the cabin dam on the Saskatchewan River. It covers around 80 sq. km area & has a depth of 30 meters.

Tobin Lake is known because it provides tourists & visitors with fishing trail opportunities, particularly for walleye.

4.6 Marean Lake:

A little gem lake is in the Park’s northern part. It has 7 meters of depth & is home to several species of fish, including northern pike, yellow perch, and whitefish.

4.7 Creighton Lake:

This is another small lake in the southern part of the Park. It has a maximum depth of 8 meters & is known for its peaceful, hidden location. This lake provides excellent fishing opportunities for northern pike, yellow perch, and walleye.

Overall, the lakes offer visitors a lot of things. Apart from these seven lakes, there are also some lakes like Lost Echo Lake and Zeden Lake.

They can go fishing, boating, and wildlife viewing and have a chance to appreciate the biodiversity of the Park’s aquatic ecosystems. The natural beauty of this Park becomes more beautiful because of the gem lakes.

Narrow hills provincial lakes
By. wahid Hacene From. pexels / copyright 2018

5. Accommodations and Nearby Attractions

There are several places around the Narrow Hills Provincial Park where tourists can stay.

5.1 Waskesiu Lake:

Waskesiu Lake is one of the famous resorts located east of the Narrow Hills Provincial Park & takes about 50 minutes.

They provide exclusive motels, cabins, & campgrounds, including hotels. You can camp overnight without any tension, but you do need permission from the park office.

5.2 Prince Albert National Park:

Located south of the Narrow Hills Provincial Park, Prince Albert National Park takes almost an hour to reach. They provide places where tourists can camp. Backcountry camping options are also available in this place.

Waskesiu, Prince Albert National Park: The Top 5 Things to Do and See in Prince Albert National Park

5.3 Nipawin Provincial Park:

Nipawin Provincial Park is a well-known town. This town is located north of Narrow Hills Provincial Park  & takes around an hour to reach. You can find various options in this town, including hotels, motels,& campgrounds.

5.4 Caribou Creek Lodge:

Near the Narrow Hills Provincial Park is a famous lodge called Caribou Creek Lodge. They provide very good services.

It is a well-rated establishment. Visitors can easily book their cabins and stay here. They also have a parking lot. They also provide a dining room for long weekend tourists.

5.5 Candle Lake:

Candle Lake takes an hour to reach from the Park. It is located on the east side of the Narrow Hills Provincial Park. They offer several campgrounds and cabin rental options.

5.6 Christopher Lake:

Christopher Lake is located near the south of the Narrow Hills Provincial Park. From the park site, it takes a half-hour by car. They provide a rental cabin for visitors in a good range.

The surrounding hills campsites are filled with tourists and specialty hikers in winter. It’s always a good idea to book your accommodations in advance, especially during peak travel times, as during this time, many viewers come for camping & boating on the lakes.


The Park provides a perfect wilderness wonderland. Wooded ridges, gravel roads, Stickley Lake, & tiger trout give you a vibe of natural beauty. Apart from all these parks, visitors can choose a picnic area or vantage points & book a parking lot for group enjoyment. But remember, you cannot use cell service because of poor reception.

With minimal effort, you can easily choose campsites & cabins for your stay. So, why are you waiting? Tell your friends & family and go on an adventurous journey to Narrow Hills Provincial Park.

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