Liberals Anticipate the Liberal National Convention

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The Liberal Party of Canada is eagerly awaiting the Liberal National Convention scheduled for 4th-5th May 2023. Liberal Party has tweeted,

” Just one more day to go😍

We can’t wait to connect with Liberals coast-to-coast-to-coast. See you tomorrow.”

Read on to discover what Liberal National Convention is and how netizens are reacting to the tweet.

Liberal National Convention 2023

The Liberals of Canada are meeting up for Liberal National Convention on the 4th and 5th of May 2023. The Liberals have been elected for the third time in a row in 2021 after a successful election.

Hillary Clinton shall be joining the Liberals in Ottawa and delivering her speech for the supporters.

The convention is aiming to build hope amongst all liberals to continue developing Canada and converting it into a paradise for everyone.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted 4 days ago announcing the Liberal National Convention. Justin Trudeau tweeted,

” I can’t wait to spend time with Liberals across the country at #Lib2023, our National Liberal Convention, next week. To see how you can join us, in person or online, head on over to Let’s keep building this movement – together.”

The Liberal Party has welcomed all its well-wishers and supporters to join the National Liberal Convention in Ottawa in person or online.

Various policies that aim at enriching the quality of life of the middle class of Canada will be discussed during the convention.

Justin Trudeau
Source: Twitter

In addition, there will be special keynote speakers and a selection of Board Directors of the party. A special creative campaign training is also being planned during the convention.

Who are the Liberals?

The Liberal Party of Canada works on the beliefs and understanding of liberalism. The Conservative Party is the rival of the Liberal Party of Canada.

The Liberals sit on the left side of the parliament opposite the Conservatives who sit on the right side.

The Liberals are considered to have a large vote bank as their policy supports numerous middle-class sections. The party is sometimes called the big tent.

The Liberal Party has significantly contributed to the development of the middle class in Canada and is the oldest federal party in Canada that has the distinction of being the longest-serving.

They had held power for over 7 decades and continue to hold power post the 2019 elections.

Twitterati Reactions

The Twitterati has responded rather negatively to the tweet from the Liberal Party.

The netizens have called out Hillary Clinton for the alleged corruption charges and expressed their angst over her presence at the convention.

One of the users took a dig at Carla and replied,

” Take Carla aside and congratulate her on doing nothing to help disabled Canadians suffer another year for at least even a glint of hope! Maybe Employment and Disability Inclusion is a conflict for her!!”

Tweet Response Employment Disability Inclusion
Source: Twitter

So are you planning to join the Liberal Party at their Liberal National Convention on the 04th-05th of May 2023 in Ottawa and support them?

Tell us about what you feel about liberals and whether have they been able to deliver their promises in the comment section.

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