How to Cook Turkey Bacon: 2 Best Methods to Cook Turkey

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Turkey bacon is one of the richest sources of protein. People who try to taste something delicious with a balanced calorie intake must try turkey bacon. Since crispy turkey bacon is not only good in taste and texture but also has other advantages as well. However, the question arises of how to cook turkey bacon.

Perfectly cooked turkey bacon is taste similar to pork bacon. However, crispy bacon or stove-top bacon are oil-free and gluten-free—another reason why turkey bacon is famous among fitness influencers.

Moreover, turkey bacon can be cooked at home with a simple recipe. In fact, there are many ways by which you can cook turkey bacon at home, which even includes an oven, air fryer and stove.

1. How to Cook Turkey Bacon?

Cooking turkey bacon needs some ingredients with your own flavouring components. Consequently, the elements which are required are as follows. 

  • Uncooked turkey bacon
  • Baking sheet
  • Parchment paper
  • Oven
  • Spices 
  • Flavouring agents 
How To Cook Turkey Bacon
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1.1.  How to Cook Turkey Bacon on a Stove?

Yes, you read it right – turkey bacon can be cooked on the stove just like pork bacon. In fact, cooking turkey in this medium will give a different taste. As a result, this recipe is liked by most people all around the world. 

  • Put your stove on medium heat. 
  • By the time your skillet is heating, you can cut the slices of turkey bacon. 
  • After that apply oil on the turkey and place it on the skillet uniformly. 
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  • While making bacon crispy ensure that no slices are overlapping each other. 
  • Now turn your flame to medium heat to prevent the over-cooking process once it is halfway done. 
  • Once your bacon slices colour turns rich brown they are ready to serve immediately. 
  • Place it on the plate containing paper towels to absorb excess grease or excess oil.
  • You can also add a few calories to it according to your need. 

1.2. How to Cook Turkey Bacon in an Oven?

Using the oven is the most efficient way of cooking the turkey bacon slices. In fact, bacon in the oven is very crispy and mouthwatering as compared to regular bacon.

Moreover, turkey bacon cooked in the oven has much more health advantages as compared to the other way of cooking it. The fun fact is, you can prepare other ingredients or dishes while your turkey bacon is in the oven. Also, you will be able to cook a large amount of bacon at a single time. 

How To Cook Turkey Bacon
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  • According to the baked turkey bacon recipe is to cut turkey bacon slices evenly. 
  • Arrange your turkey bacon slices into a thin row in such a way that no slices of turkey bacon get overlap.
  • Make sure the heating is constant. 
  • The bacon will look pinkish in colour when it is perfectly cooked. Make sure to lower the heat temperature by then.

Note: Baking turkey bacon is hustle free and also contains more nutrition calories. 

  • After placing the turkey bacon in the oven, it will take almost 15-20 mins for perfectly baked.
  • In the meanwhile, you can arrange bacon plating and other things. 
  • You can serve bake turkey bacon with breakfast eggs and with some pork.
  • If your baked turkey oven has some excess oil on it, eliminate it with a paper towel. 

1.3. The Leftover Bacon 

The leftover bacon can be stored in cold conditions to reuse.

  • Prepare the bacon strips.
  • Then place the strips into the airtight container.
  • Put these airtight containers on the wire rack for cooking. 

Now your turkey bacon is preserved for almost one month. However, before using this frozen turkey bacon make sure to reheat turkey bacon. (For a fact frozen turkey bacon have a longer cooking time as compared to fresh bacon.)

How To Cook Turkey Bacon
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2. Final Note

In summary, turkey bacon is an excellent recipe for bacon, which is delicious and instant. Furthermore, turkey bacon is gluten-free with some extra calories as compared to regular pork bacon. Additionally, this dish is the best for fitness freaks who loves to complete their calories but have to deal with a lot of cooking. Perfect turkey bacon requires less cooking time. In fact, you can make turkey bacon a part of your regular diet for excellent results.

The Best Bacon You

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q 1: Are Meyer turkey bacon and butterball turkey bacon the same? 

Ans: No, the Meyer turkey bacon and butterball turkey bacon are not the same, they are the two different styles of turkey bacon recipe for cooking turkey bacon.

Q2: Why it is important to use a preheated oven for cooking bacon in the oven?

Ans: It is important to preheat the oven for cooking bacon in the oven for baking your bacon quickly and making sure that bacon strips are perfectly cooked with only loose fewer calories.

Q3: What is the texture of cooked turkey bacon slices?

Ans: The texture or colour of the cooked turkey bacon slices depends on the technique you are using for cooking your turkey bacon. 

Q4: Why is the baking sheet, baking rack, parchment paper and oven rack required for the best turkey bacon recipe?

Ans: All these components are used while baking a slice of turkey bacon to make sure that your turkey bacon is perfectly baked with no overheating. 

Q5: At what temperature preheated oven set is required?

Ans: 400 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature for preheating your oven for baking turkey bacon. 

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