Greenwater Provincial Park: 6 Essential Facts

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Greenwater Lake Provincial Park, or Greenwater Provincial Park, lies in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The province is very rich in natural scenery and wildlife. Half of Saskatchewan is composed of grasslands, rocks, forests, rivers, and lakes.

The primary means of earning for the people living here in Saskatchewan is through natural resources, mainly agriculture, and mining.

Just like the name, Greenwater Provincial Park is one of the most beautiful areas for spending holidays. The park is spacious, with tremendous campgrounds and the longest trail system for hiking purposes.

The Greenwater Provincial Park has everything you might be dreaming of. For example, spacious campgrounds, the longest trail, a picnic area, lakes, rivers, a restaurant, and a store that gives out things on rent. It’s like you name it, and they have it.

Greenwater Provincial Park offers plenty of summer as well as winter activities alongside picnicking and chilling at the riverbank. There is nothing so much to think about if you are willing to camp here because the Greenwater Provincial Park has amenities for all the seasons.

The article will tell you in detail how to go about camping here. And all the fine details that you need to know to make the most of your fun time so keep reading till the last.

Discover the Enchanting Wonders of Greenwater Provincial Park

1. Plan to Stay

Situated between two lakes in the Porcupine Hills lies Greenwater Provincial Park. The booking can be made offline also, but if you are eyeing a specific camping area since the park has five campgrounds, then go for the online option.

The park is huge, with spaces for parking and private campsites with comfortable beds and appetizing breakfast options. The whole area feels so fresh because of the shadiness of the good number of aspen and poplar trees. Standing tall over grassy green fields.

The park has basic amenities like flush toilets and bigger toilets with showers. And a store that gives out things on rent you might need for water and sports activities. Like boats, rafts, life jackets, a rod, nets, clothes, gym wear, playing equipment, and so many other things.

Besides these fuels are also available to keep your vehicle running. Firewood can be used for fire pits, barbeque, cooking, room heating, bonfires, and other purposes. So basically they have a reasonable accommodation service to offer to a camper.

2. Additional Services

The park has a separate picnic area with wide dining tables wide benches on both sides. And enough fire pits for the barbeque on the ground for families and groups to form a gathering or throw a camp party.

The food can be ordered also from the restaurant which is a very part of the park. The Greenwater Provincial Park has more giant bins all over for waste disposal. Because of such good service, the park remains one of the most recommended and highly rated for camping in Saskatchewan.

If you are worrying about your kid then know that the park has a huge playground. With an arcade and other fun games to let your little one play and have fun around.

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You don’t have to stuff your car with all the baby’s equipment take a bucket and ball for them to make sand castles while playing.  If required, you can even choose to buy them from the park’s store as well.

The Greenwater Provincial Park has a middle-sized beach with soft sand scattered all around, perfect for taking a walk during the evening or making a sand castle with your kid.

There are benches all over to rest and enjoy the tranquil view if you do not want so much activity on the ground.

For adrenaline seekers and sports lovers, there is a golf course, tennis court, badminton court, and an area for playing volleyball as well.  The Greenwater Provincial Park is a perfect mix of tranquility and activity it is suitable for all kinds of humans so hit the place right away without giving it a second thought.

If you do not like much cooking while camping, then you are at the right place because inside the Greenwater Provincial Park, there is a restaurant and cafe attached.

Here, mouth-watering meals are easily accessible and, if you want, can be deliverable to your camp.

Greenwater Lake Marina is an area to fall for because of the glass-like crystal clear water and a slight pull over it, making it more dreamy and picturesque, just a perfect spot for good snapshots.

3. Activities to do in Greenwater Provincial Park

If you have reached this point in the article, then you must have a good idea about the kind of activities the Greenwater Provincial Park offers. But this is not the end.

To let the list grow, this is to tell you that the park has some commendable hiking spots because it is home to a 125km longer trail.

The Greenwater Provincial Park is an important bird area in Canada because it’s a resting and living area for many bird species. Thus a perfect place for birdwatching.

There Greenwater Provincial Park has two interpretive trails. Among the two, the Highbush interpretive trail has an entrance made of iron, pushing all the ever-growing trees and branches aside to provide you with a straightforward way to start your hiking.

The whole trail is full of high grasses hiding behind broken woods and laying rocks.

There are billboards all over to tell you about longer ways and shorter ways. And warn you about bears before you decide to enter the area.

The other most interesting part of hiking this trail is the boards with appropriate titles like the the following:

  • A wealth of stream bank
  • A packet of prairie
  • Vetches
  • Vines and wild pea vines
  • Sprucing up
  • Forest frogs

Informing you about important older trees, bird species, and frogs you might come across while hiking.

Those boards have figures made of the specific plants, birds, and frogs they were informed about, so it becomes very easy to grab. So it would be a real treat for any nature lover and for botany and zoology students to hike on these trails.

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4. Suitability

Greenwater Provincial Park is suitable for all humans and groups because it has something for everyone at any point in the season. Whether you choose the park for your summer holidays or winter holidays. Or you decide to visit here with family or with a group of friends.

To elaborate a little the park has separate winter activities where you can get to do cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and ice skating. And in the summertime, you have plenty of options to choose from.

You can utilize the Greenwater Lake marina for paddle boating, quiet sitting, and clicking Pinterest images. The beach area can be used for swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.

The water view looks unique, soothing, and calming when you sit on the resting benches and enjoy the view.

As I said it has something for everyone. So, if you love staying here and want to extend your holiday trip, there are modernized and non-modernized cabins, which are park properties that can be rented for visiting. The park has nearly 28 cabins to give out on rent.

The park is easily accessible because of the well-constructed highways on all sides. And there is an option for rental bikes, so you can plan biking alongside hiking. Saskatchewan is anyway rich in natural beauty.

5. Natural Beauty

The beautiful park has an expansive amount of natural beauty. The park is green everywhere, with green grasslands, tall trees, and big bushes on the trails.

You might come across wild red berries, blue, purple, and yellow wildflowers, smaller ponds, and rugged rocky land.

Greenwater Provincial Park has a forest that is home to a variety of wildlife like bears, frogs, and fishes. It is one of the important bird areas of Canada.

When the water decides to remain tranquil, lonely, and glass-like there comes a time in the year when humans add some liveliness into it.

The marina remains colorful, with plenty of paddle boats of various colours mixed with white set aside, waiting for you to come and add some joyful movement in the air.

There is part of the park that has home-like rustic cabins situated side by side in the lap of nature. The outside view from the windows is just breathtaking. Once in a while, you must come here to experience a slow-paced life while the world and cities continue their hustle.

6. Nearby Attractions

You have already climbed Porcupine Hill since the Greenwater Provincial Park is in it, but there are other unique places to visit.

The nearest one is the Porcupine Plain, where you can hit the downtown for your grocery shopping, see the fishing cove, and meet the locals. The locals can give real-time information and suggestions for traveling.

There are toboggan hills for climbing, and you have a beautiful view of the forests and birds. On the west side lies Marean Lake Valley Resort, which is not part of the park but features the golf course hallmark.

The place has campsites, cafes, and a convenience store. And the best time to visit here is the spring season because the weather and the bloom will complement your trip.

There are nine Sask Aquatic Adventure water parks set up in Saskatchewan. One is in Greenwater Provincial Park and you can also look for them in Blackstrap Lake, Buffalo Pound, Candle Lake Provincial Park, and Duck Mountain.

Campsites in Greenwater Provincial Park

The Greenwater Provincial Park is divided into five campgrounds whose names highlight the location. And element of notice to be found and can be expected in that particular campground. For example, the lakeshore campground is located in the Greenwater Lake. Hilltop campground because of the height. Cranberry Campground, Poplar Ridge Campground, and Aspen Grove Ground are named after the plant highlight.

Hilltop is the most spacious and has the highest number of campsites nearly 87 and Aspen Grove is the smallest one with 12 campsites only. Greenwater Provincial Park has a total of 300 campsites.


Greenwater Lake Provincial Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Saskatchewan. Offering amenities more than you can expect anyway it is the best holiday destination. And it has been given 4.5 stars in online ratings by visitors.

greenwater provincial park
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Greenwater Provincial Park has a total of 300 campsites. Unevenly distributed into five campgrounds and they have a total of 28 log cabins to give out on rent besides yurts and tents. And restaurants serving outstanding food.

It has a store and laundry facility, flush toilets, and a separate washroom area for showering. Ice cream stands close to the beach. It has an ATM and an arcade with old classics like Frogger, Pacman, deer or moose hunting games, and a golf course.

Trees surrounding the beautiful provincial park are mostly Aspen and Poplar. The area is not limited to only greenery but has a forest. The expected animal is mostly black beer; foxes, moose, and elks are also seen.

Greenwater Lake Provincial Park, SK

Well, the area is known for having two hundred-plus bird species. Some commonly seen birds are trumpeter swan, bald eagle, blue heron, scarlet tanager, and osprey. All these can be spotted while hiking.

The important notice is that the day-to-day staying charges will be extra without the park pass. So before camping here, check all the details given on their websites and learn the ways to attain the park pass.

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