Delve into Nature’s Marvels with 5 Fantastic Facts About Flower Pot Island

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Flower Pot Island is in the city of Ontario at the tip of Bruce Peninsula. Ships can only reach the Flower Pot island off the coast of Tobermory and in the Georgian bay.

Some popular cruises and tour operating ships for Flowerpot Island are Evolution, Blue Heron Cruise, and Bruce Anchor Cruise.

Flower pot island is home to many shipwrecks, natural sea stacks, and rare plants. Flower Pot Island is the only island that is an integral part of Fathom Five National Marine Park.

It is said that several years of role-play of natural sources have led to the formation of this beauty called flower pot.

Why is the Island Named Flower Pot Island?

A natural, remarkable formation of rocks was recognized as “flower pots.” In that formation, the top is circular and broader, with a slightly reduced bottom in terms of circular width.

The natural formation happened due to the erosion of soft rocks, believably limestone, and rugged stones. Thus giving the pillars the shape of enormous flower pots.

They were three in number, but the third one dropped in 1903. Both pillars exist on the eastern shore of the flower pot island with a thin layer of green grass on top of it.

Essentials to Carry on the Flower Pot Island

There are some must-carry essentials to flower pot island to avoid discomfort and panic. Flower Pot Island is a small island with short hiking trails, tricky underwater scenes, an uneven coastline, one snack point, and a light station.

So, carrying drinking water, food to eat, camping essentials, a camera, a mobile phone, and a garbage bag is a must. The Tobermory Harbor is a treat for those who love scuba diving and rafting.

And the island is pretty much rich in terms of serenity and natural beauty.

4 Things to Know About Flower Pot Island

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This tour guide gives all the essential information regarding booking, boarding, stoppages to Flower Pot Island, and staying in Tobermory. Thus giving the visitors a clear-cut idea about their journey to the Flower Pot Island.

1) Booking

Flower Pot Island is a part of Fathom Five National Marine Park. There is a small fee required to seek entry to flower pot island. The island is accessible through cruises only.

The cruises keep moving throughout the day to give a trip to flower pot island. And thus booking can be made in advance as per your time preference. But it is mainly suggested to visit early because the number of visitors increases as the day progresses.

There is a choice between a glass-bottom boat and a speed boat. Those who want to look at shipwrecks underwater through the glass medium opt for a glass-bottom boat.

But these things are visible to one’s naked eye just by being on the deck. The glass bottom boat runs slowly and is a comfortable option for those who want to stay inside the ship.

If you want a detailed underwater and outside view of the lake, then there is no hurry to leave the place; go for a glass-bottom boat.

Speed boat saves you time by quickly taking you on the flower pot island. The ship is stopped at the shipwreck points and near the lighthouse for the visitors to look at things.

The tour guide kept telling history about these places and the Flower Pot island. If you want to explore the area in the shortest time possible, then a speed boat will be perfect.

2) Tobermory harbor

The harbor is something to look at. There is a small park area, a spacious parking lot area, and a dockyard of ships. Some of the most scenic views of the lake and active cruises can be seen here.

From the harbor, a distant view of the flower pot island extends into a lake. The whole area is surrounded by crystal clear turquoise blue water shining tremendously under the sunlight.

On the streets near the harbor, Verna’s shop has been selling outdoor wear and camping supplies since 1945. Peacock Foodland sells local produce like fresh meat, bread, vegetables, etc.

An ice cream parlor named The Sweet Shop. Shipwreck Lee is a well-known restaurant selling fish and chips. And a famous pastry shop known as BeaverTails.

All the camping and picnic essentials can be brought, especially the eatables.

3) Stoppages to flower pot island

The Bruce Peninsula is home to more than 22 shipwrecks due to notorious weather conditions and frequent storms. Even now, the area doesn’t remain open twenty-four hours a day for tourists.

But a medium has been established to prevent further accidents.

On the way to Flower Pot Islands, the boats are stopped at points like Sweepstakes and the City of Grand Rapids—the two famous shipwrecks near the harbor and fell on the way to Flower Pot Island.

The drowned ships lay as they are under turquoise blue water and are clear because the depth is not much.

There is a lighthouse with the same name at the Big Tub Harbor. The lighthouse is active and is constructed after so many shipwrecks.

For navigation and keeping track of sailing cruises in the Bruce Peninsula.

4) Staying in Tobermory

cottage in ontario
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Tobermory is a small town with a population of four thousand at max. Some good cottages are available at Jake Place on Big Tub Harbor adjacent to the lake. Thus allowing enjoying swimming and board rafting in the natural lake water.

The interior is fully furnished with timber wood. The cottages had everything you could expect in a well-built house, like a hall, dining area, kitchen, washrooms, bedrooms, and a lobby.

The other good thing is that the nearer restaurants, shopping malls, beaches, and Tobermory Harbor are accessible from the cottages. Thus, it gives the visitors a relaxing chance to plan a trip to Flower Pot Island.

Either for some hours or for a whole day. The cottages provide safety, serenity, and privacy. Thus claiming to be an excellent place to enjoy family vacations and quality time with loved ones around nature.

5) Places to Look for in Tobermory and Flower Pot Island

It takes less than two hours by boat to reach flowerpot island. A straight line pathway made of rocks connects to the island’s dock in the middle of the sea.

On reaching the flower pot island, there is a display of several maps and giant billboards. Warning you about several things like dangerous species, some do’s and don’t, and precautions to take.

Also, it informs you about the washroom area, snack point, light station, hikes, parks, caves, and camping places on the island. From there, you can proceed to see the highlight of the island.

The flower pot structure which stands tall in the ever-expanding Lake Huron. Taking one of the short hikes is mainly suggested, but do not swim on that spot because of the deeper water level.

flower pot island
By NEOM on Unsplash

A proper elevation is made to reach the top and explore the dark rocky cave on Flower Pot Island. Most people like boat rides, but if you want to explore the whole island while hiking, one full day would be a good idea.

Some caves are formed in a way that you can swim inside them. The upper part is a roof, and the lower is dipped in the ocean water.

Halfway Long Dump Park and Grotto in the Bruce Peninsula National Park provide trails. The trails will take you to a beautiful swimming spot composed of turquoise blue water, a rugged coastline, and giant boulders to sit upon.

From there, the view of the lake just looks fantastic. These spots provide the visitors with fantastic natural scenery of waves coming over and breaking on the shore. Tocomory is a small snack point to go and pick up some quickly baked goodies.

The other such beach is Indian Head Cove, where you can swim in moderately cold water.

Tobermory & Flowerpot Island - Everything you need to know to plan a day trip! | Ontario, Canada

One of the hikes will take you towards the historic light station. There is an observation deck full of resting red-colored chairs to sit and soak up the beautiful lake view.

Billboards will be telling you about the biodiversity on this island. The historic light station is made sound-free. Thus, it is prohibited to play music or any sound.


Tobermory is a tiny town with amenities like beaches, parks, cottages, restaurants, lakes, a harbor, and an island. Flower Pot Island is among the unique places in Canada due to the natural sea stacks, beachy caves, a couple of flowerpot structures, and multiple shipwreck preserves.

The place is suitable for those who want to spend some good time around nature doing activities like scuba diving, swimming, board rafting, hiking, camping, and exploring in general. The flower pot structure is going to be the highlight of the place.

The harsh weather conditions have led to the formation of this beauty. Flower Pot Island is pretty famous, and it is a part of Fathom Five National Marine Park in Canada.

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