What are the Best Art Galleries in Peterborough?

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Art is, above all, an exercise of the conscious mind to imbue ordinary images with extraordinary meanings. It is a form of expression. Any art contains much more thought than it appears to show on its surface.

Art can communicate in ways that words cannot, in ways that are not apparent to the conscious mind yet fulfill the purpose.

Art Gallery in Peterborough is a popular destination for artists to present their work and engage with the community about the various aspects of art.

Located on the Otonabee River, Peterborough houses several art galleries with vast collections of art pieces.

Most of these galleries focus mainly on regional contemporary art, i.e., artworks by people in that region. However, they also host significant works by people from across Canada and even from all around the world.

Also, explore art galleries in Calgary besides visiting the art gallery in Peterborough.

There is no single owner to most galleries; such galleries and exhibits are locally funded by interested and passionate people, who may be members or not be members of any organization related to the conservation of art.

Easy to navigate with directions provided, the following is a list of must-visit art galleries located in Peterborough:


Founded in 1977 by independent volunteers, the Art Gallery of Peterborough is a free-admission public art gallery. It is located in Del Crary Park, Peterborough, Canada.

Before the collection was relocated to its current location, this art gallery was at the Peterborough Centennial Museums & Archives, where the exhibitions were displayed at the library.

The Art Gallery of Peterborough is not just a place to showcase artworks for art admirers but also a gathering place that fosters art in the community.

The art gallery symbolizes the creativity and evolution of art through the ages. To promote art in the community, the gallery organizes various workshops, free exhibitions, and educational programs. Besides, it also has a gallery shop.

The Art Gallery of Peterborough also endorses and collects works by native artists from the region and across Canada.

Permanent Collection

The collection of this art gallery includes more than eighteen hundred artworks, which include contemporary artworks, prints, photographs, as well as historical sculptures and paintings.

The collection of this art gallery in Peterborough includes pieces of varied art forms, ranging from contemporary to modern, by artists native to the country and from across the nation. The gallery also presents several historical works.


Created in 1990 at a library in Lindsay, the Kawartha Art Gallery & Studio is a non-profit organization run by artists for artists.

A volunteer-run Organization

Run by volunteers, this gallery in Peterborough is used for exhibitions that are free and are held all through the year, while workshops and art classes are stored in the studio.

This art shop or gallery can also be rented for private or public exhibitions, which is effective for its business.

1.3. Artspace

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Artspace was founded in 1974 to provide a center for art and artists.

It was one of the first artist-run galleries that assisted new artists from the region and nationwide in presenting and exhibiting their work.


Contrary to other art galleries, Artspace was managed locally by people based on membership as a part of their culture.

This art gallery in Peterborough works as a connection between artists and the public. It allows artists to actively engage with the community and artists from other parts of the nation.

In July 1977, Artspace was given the status of a non-profit charity. Ever since it was founded, the Artspace has been a significant art gallery for new artists to explore and is one of the most prominent centers for the development of art in Canada.

2. The Bottom Line

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More often than not, art is inspired by its surroundings. Only when people consciously navigate the delicately worked-up piece can they admire it and understand the context.

With time, as technology developed, art too developed. From sculptures, paintings, and sketches, art has come to be defined in varied forms, such as photographs, visual graphics, and prints. Such forms of art are entirely due to modern technology.

Several galleries in the country, such as the Ottawa Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Art Gallery of Hamilton in Ontario, have been exhibiting artwork and are famous capitals of business and art.

It is worthwhile to visit the art gallery in Peterborough to witness the development of Canadian art in the city.


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