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Calgary’s Top 6 Famous Galleries for an Inspiring Journey into Creativity

Art is an intrinsic part of every age and time. Since the Stone Age, humans have left their aesthetic mark on Earth through art.

Art and sculpture not only enhance our aesthetic sense but also help us get a glimpse of the artist’s mindset and give us an idea of a particular country and its culture.

The art gallery in Calgary presents its visitors with Canadian art and culture. This article will provide readers with a list of Calgary’s six best art galleries for art lovers and tourists.

1. Webster Galleries & Avenida Framing

This art gallery offers visitors an extensive Canadian collection, including bronze sculptures and acrylic paintings with original oil.

Webster Galleries and Avenida Framing are well known for featuring upcoming but creative Canadian artists, and they also offer an innovative team to deal with the framing requirements.

They encourage artists in two central departments, which include bronze and drawing. They also increase the chances of new aspirant artists by selecting a painting of the day.

For nearly 40 years, this art gallery has maintained its commitment to creating a space for the audience who enjoys fine art and inspires them to learn about their interests.

2. Contemporary Calgary

Located in the city’s former Centennial Planetarium, this contemporary art gallery welcomes local and Canadian artists and invites international artists from across the world to be a part of it.

The development of this non-profit organization leads back to the year 2013, when three notable art groups in Calgary, namely, the Museum of Contemporary Art Calgary, the Institute of Modern and Contemporary Art, and the Art Gallery of Calgary, united together to promote and imbibe aesthetic knowledge in public.

The primary motive of Contemporary Calgary is to share its passion for significant visual and contemporary art with its visitors. Contemporary Calgary welcomes volunteers and offers job opportunities to interested candidates.

It has an atrium, bow view hall, dome, and workshop space to book your event for exhibition, photography, and shooting.

3. Esker Foundation

Best of Calgary 2017 - Best Art Gallery - Esker Foundation

This contemporary art gallery is privately funded and is famous for connecting the public with contemporary art through publications, programs, and educational exhibitions. This gallery upheld local, international, and regional culture and provided continuous support for new ideas, works, and research.

This art gallery was established in 2012 by Susan and Jim to engage the audience with art. Admission to the Esker Foundation is free, and this foundation also accepts volunteers. So, an art lover can easily connect to them by emailing their official website.

The visitors who have booked two weeks in advance can enjoy free group tours of the art gallery. The welcoming ambiance of Esker Foundation also offers a lot of parking space, but it does not rent its gallery for external programs, events, or exhibitions.

This foundation is known for having unique and innovative contemporary art exhibitions and programs, which can be quickly registered for free.

An art lover who has a variety of interests must pay a visit to this art gallery building.

4. Newzones Gallery

newzones art gallery
Image Source: Newzones Gallery

This famous North American art gallery represents some of the most prominent Canadian and international artists. Established on 4 June 1992, this art gallery in Calgary emphasizes challenging the traditional use of formal aesthetics through photography, painting, and sculpture.

Over 30 years, Newzones Gallery has inspired and educated its audience by showcasing more than 300 exhibitions.

The artists of Newzones Gallery are presented in the collections of premier museums like the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the National Art Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, and many more.

This art gallery also contributes to a wide range of notable institutes and charitable organizations and is a Canadian Art Dealers Association member.

5. Stephen Lowe Art Gallery

This art gallery offers various services to aspirant artists, including custom framing, worldwide shipping, art delivery and installations, independent appraisals, artwork on approval, and many more. It also helps in the financing, which includes leasing, layaway, and patron plan.

With a team of 70 distinguished Canadian artists, Stephen Lowe Art Gallery presents original fine art, including mixed media, encaustic, watercolor, oil, and acrylic paintings, and exhibits glass, ceramic, stone, and metal art.

6. Gibson Fine Art

Gibson Fine Art offers spectacular opportunities to talented and emerging artists. This art gallery in Calgary is well-known among interior designers, business clients, and architects.

Their services include art consultation, art dealings, and paintings. The main motive of Gibson Fine Art is to connect talented artists to art lovers planning to purchase aesthetic visual art.

The emerging artists can also host their events in the 2400 sq. ft. vast air-conditioned gallery with a sophisticated wooden floor and 18-foot high ceiling offered by this organization.

The Bottom Line

The simple meaning of contemporary art is the present art, including sculpture, painting, photography, video art, and installation performance.

Contemporary art has now dispersed into several fields other than paintings, broadly divided into seven disciplines, including sculpture, architecture, music, poetry, literature, and dance. Exploring all the galleries mentioned above will surely give a profound idea of contemporary art to its visitors.

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