Ontario’s Artistic Gems:8 Famous Art Galleries in the Heart of Canada

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An art gallery is one of those numerous places that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Visiting an art gallery will build a sensation of curiosity and enhance your imagination skills.

This place is not only enjoyed by passionate art lovers but also by every other visitor, as there is always a certain piece of art that will catch your eye, no matter how much you dislike paintings.

Visiting an art gallery has always proven to be a stress-relieving and enjoyable activity.

People who are keen to know and learn more about art often visit art galleries to fulfill this objective.

If you wish to learn more about the arts and artists, the ecphrasis is sometimes not enough. You need to hire a good guide who can explain the painting and give you insights about how and why the painting was made.

Sometimes, the management of the gallery conducts art workshops, demonstrations, and lectures. Try looking up the gallery schedule before visiting so that you can visit on the day when these programs are held.

Get the best out of this opportunity. If not for the art, then at least for the sake of your time and money.

If we talk about classical destinations in Ontario, Art Galleries will ace the list.

Art is something that you can find anywhere in Ontario, from the lavish art collection of an art gallery to graffiti on your local street.

Read the article further to discover the most prominent and eye-catching works of art in Ontario City. You will get a good idea about various Canadian collections, artists, styles, and movements.

But, firstly, we will have a deep chat about the most famous art gallery in Ontario.

Art Gallery Of Ontario (AGO) , Toronto, Ontario

This art museum, also known as AGO, is located on Dundas Street between McCaul Street and Beverley Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Due to its large physical space, the Art Gallery of Ontario is considered the largest art museum in North America and the second largest in Toronto; the Royal Ontario Museum is the first.

Along with the exhibitions area, AGO is home to an artist-in-residence studio and office, dining facilities, events space, gift shops, a library, an archive, and many more.

AGO was first established under the name of the Art Museum of Toronto in 1900 by the members of the Toronto Society of Arts, but it was incorporated only in 1903. In 1919, the name was changed to the Art Gallery of Toronto, which further evolved into the Art Gallery Of Ontario in 1966.

The gallery underwent a series of renovations and expansions. The museum has two major buildings, the Grange and the main building.

2.2. McMichael Canadian Art Collection

McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Kleinburg Ontario Canada

This art gallery offers a fully distinctive Canadian experience. The surrounding area and the inside of the gallery ooze off Canadian Art and history.

It is eminent for its vast collection of nearly six thousand artworks by Tom Thomson, Henry Moore, the Group of Seven, their contemporaries, and First Nations, Inuit, and other artists who have contributed to Canada’s artistic heritage.

On average, 100,000 inspiring people are welcomed by the gallery annually. The woodland theme of the gallery helps present it as a heritage site of Canadian landscape paintings.

The McMichael Canadian Art Collection has emerged as a major public art and culture gallery in Ontario solely dedicated to the collection of Canadian Art.

Occasionally, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection hosts exhibitions that attract tourists from abroad as well as home. These exhibitions are attended by a large crowd, which reflects the interest of the present-day generation in art and culture.

A Guided tour of the National Gallery of Canada

Located in the capital city of Ottawa, it is considered the National Museum of Canada. This museum of art is overflowed with the contemporary collection as well as the historical cluster of photographs, sculptures, and multimedia artworks.

The museum’s present-day building was designed by Moshie Safdie. The building which houses the National Gallery of Canada is alongside the Byward Market on Sussex Drive.

The total collection of the museum is over 93,625. The varied hoards of paintings, sculptures, and other artwork represent the numerous movements and eras of art history. The primary focus of the museum is on Canadian art. There are artworks of various artists from all across the globe.

If you are living outside of Ottawa or Canada itself and want to have a look at the collections of this museum, then you can keep tabs on the travelling exhibitions conducted by the National Gallery of Canada at home and abroad.

The National Gallery of Canada acts as the largest lender of artworks, giving off almost 800 pieces every year.

This museum also has collections from Asian, European, and American artists.

Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery - Art Walk in Toronto Downtown

This gallery is located at the core of Toronto, Ontario, at the Harbourfront Center. The Power Plant is home to a large number of paintings by living Canadian artists as well as international artists.

The gallery conducts a variety of exhibitions, free public events, and workshops to promote artwork; all these expenses are met by donors, sponsors, and other funding bodies.

And the best thing that attracts visitors to this gallery is the free entry, as they have mentioned on their site: “ALL YEAR, ALL FREE.”

New and recent works of Canadian Artists and their contemporary international artists are put up together in thematic exhibitions for cultural exchange. Solo exhibitions of major Canadian artists are also conducted.

The Orange Art Gallery is located in the City Centre of Ottawa, Ontario. It was inaugurated in 2010 and is owned by a family, making it a private family business. The works inhabited in this gallery represent the talent of 25 contemporary artists from Ottawa and the surrounding area.

The current building of the art gallery holds historical importance as some 100 years ago, and it used to be the bank of C.N. rail. After the renovation, the building still has a touch of local contemporary art, and the gallery’s lower level has art studios and catering facilities.

The gallery compound is also rented for weddings and other events. The countryside look of the house adds a natural and raw look to the outdoor events.

Art Gallery of Hamilton

The Art Gallery of Hamilton is one of the oldest public galleries in Canada. Located in Hamilton, Ontario.

The permanent collection of the gallery hoards over 10,000 works of art. This is divided into three collection areas, namely- the Indigenous and Canadian Collections, the Contemporary Art Collection and the International Art Collection.

The Canadian Art collection includes works from Canadian artists, including indigenous artists, minus the works of contemporary Canadian artists, whose works are kept in the contemporary work portion of the collection areas.

The contemporary collection area has the work of contemporary artists from all over the globe, regardless of their nationality. The international collection area has works of various artists. Most notable among the artworks is European art, in which a major emphasis is put on French, British, and Italian schools of art.

The permanent collection includes works by William Blair Bruce. Try visiting this museum on the evening of the first Friday of the month to get a free entry.

Niagara Falls Art Gallery was founded in 1979 and is an art education facility and art gallery. Several major artworks reside in this museum.

It has three exhibition galleries- the focus, the open storage, and the Kurelek Galleries. The aim of this gallery is very pure and simple: to educate and provide activities to expand the experience of students, residents, and visitors.

This art gallery is famous for its collection of Kurelek’s works and youth learning via art.

The Focus Gallery is used for various exhibitions and display purposes and other major and special occasions or events; the time of work display varies from day to day.

The W.K. gallery showcases the launching works of the artists, including the works of W. Kurelek.

Lastly, the Open Storage gallery serves as a viewing gallery from where you can look at the rotating pieces of work from the permanent collection.

Incorporated nearly 38 years ago, this gallery is one of the most honoured art galleries in Ontario. The magnificent gardens and grounds showcase some beautiful works by notable artists.

The park-like setting alongside Lake Kakawong is the key attraction for visitors. Perivale Gallery has sculptures, paintings, and many more by contemporary Canadian artists, sculpturists, and artisans.

5. Afterword

Visiting an art museum will be fun if you have your itinerary ready before setting off. To get an even better experience, you can purchase travel guides. If you live in Ontario or are able to visit there during summer with your family, you can enrol your children in Youth/Children Summer Art Camp.


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