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Also known as the Festival City of Canada, Edmonton hosts over 30 festivals throughout the year. It is the capital of Alberta province, Canada, and also home to one of the largest shopping malls and entertainment complexes in the world, i.e., the West Edmonton Mall. The main aquarium in Edmonton, Sea Life Cavrens, is located at this mall itself. Here is a review for your visit to Sea Life Caverns,

1. Aquarium in Edmonton— Sea Life Caverns

1.1 Information on the Aquarium in Edmonton

Located in phase 3 of West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Sea Life Caverns is a popular aquarium in Edmonton that offers visitors an immersive experience of the mesmerizing world of marine life.

It resides below the ground level, creating a darkened cave-like atmosphere. Do note that Sea Life Caverns does not provide wheelchair accessibility.

This aquarium in Edmonton features a series of underground tunnels and walkways winding through the 1.5 million-liter Ocean Tank. This tank replicates the vibrant and diverse marine ecosystems found in the open oceans.

The aquarium provides a unique and up-close experience of the diverse collection of marine animals and plants from different regions and parts of the world. Additionally, the Edmonton Aquarium also commits to offering knowledgeable, informative programs and events to its guests. 

1.2 Video of Sea Life Caverns

Sea Life Caverns Aquarium West Edmonton Mall Tour & Review

1.3 Tickets to Sea Life Caverns

Admission to Sea Life Caverns on weekdays costs $11 for ages 3 and above. While ages 2 and under enjoy free entry. On weekends, i.e., on Saturdays & Sundays, the tickets cost $16, which includes the Sea Lion show.

However, make a note that tickets for weekends are only available at the ticket booth in person. So, arrive 20 minutes before ensuring your entry to the show as it is capacity-based. Check out this website for more information on tickets.

1.4 Marine Life at Sea Life Caverns

The Sea Life Caverns at West Edmonton Mall feature a captivating array of marine life. Visitors will encounter a diverse collection of marine life species and aquarium plants. In their interactive touch pools, you’ll find green anemones, and you can also pet the white-spotted bamboo sharks.

The main highlight of this aquarium in Edmonton is the Ocean Tank, which houses some larger marine animals like the black-tipped reef sharks, gentle reptiles like sea turtles, northern blue tongue skink, and graceful rays like southern stingrays and cow nose rays. The Sea Turtles Exhibit is one of the main highlights of the aquarium.

The jellyfish float gracefully in the tanks and enchant the guests with their hypnotic moves. Seahorses, with their mesmerizing appearances and captivating behaviors, are also among the marine wonders at this aquarium in Edmonton. The playful Californian Sea Lion also charms its visitors with its Sea Lion Rock performance.

The flightless birds- penguins are quite well-known for their playful behavior and interactions. The penguins housed here are the African Penguins known as the black-footed penguins. They are one of the 17th species found in the southern hemisphere.

The aquarium houses a diverse range of fish species, right from colorful tropical fish to exotic ones. Amphibians, such as frogs, toads, salamanders, etc., often make appearances. Educational exhibits on the life cycle of amphibians, starting from larvae to terrestrial animals, are also organized.

2. Conclusion

Whether you are a marine enthusiast or just seeking a family visit to zoos and aquariums, Sea Life Caverns will promise you an unforgettable marine experience. An experience that will deepen your love and appreciation for marine life!

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