Enjoy Tchaikovsky with Ballet in Edmonton

Hey people of Edmonton, get ready to experience a multi-sensory musical event Candlelight Ballet: Featuring Tchaikovsky and More with live music performances by Bring Mitchell and Lauren Saunders and ballet dancers.

The event will be performed live on coming 24th September and 20th December at Edmonton’s Triffo Theatre in Allard Hall from 6 pm and 8.15 pm.

Dancers will be accompanied by the infamous Listeso String quartet.

1. Details about the Candlelight Ballet

Edmonton will get to witness a multi-talented performance of ballet and music with our own favorite Listeso group which has performed in more than 100 such events.

Classical compositions will take your soul away from you. The evening will commence with the song “Hungarian Dance No 5 in minor”, which will be followed by numerous such songs.

The main highlight song that the earlier reviewers suggest is Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy From The Nutcracker. Also, the soothing and graceful Le Cygne from Saint Saens Carnival of the Animals evoked a sense of joy among the attendees. 

Experience the Music of Tchaikovsky with Ballet in Edmonton!
Source: Fever

2. Details about the Venue

 For such mesmerizing event, Triffo Theatre in Edmonton is the perfect location. The venue is filled with industry-quality acoustics fixtures and technology.

It’s an elegant 416-seat proscenium arch theater that also has mezzanine and balcony-level seating.

It has been integral for people to perform arts and design studies.

This place was named in recognition of Ron and Dorothy Triffo, who were among the first ones to donate for its construction.

In Allard Hall, it is the largest performance space.

3. Where to Get Tickets?

Tickets are exclusively available only on the Fever website and app. 

The seating portion is divided into 3 zones for easy classification and management. 

Zone A faces the stage directly. For people who love to witness and capture each detail of the performance and have no problem being in the frontmost row can prefer this zone. 

Tickets for this zone can be bought for CA$ 55 per person and seating will be allotted on a first come first serve basis only in each zone.

While Zone B lies behind the first one. It gives an enjoyable view of the performance. 

The cost per person would be CA$45.00.

Zone C is the cheapest among the available seats. If you prefer a birds-eye view of the performance and don’t mind much about the performers.

One can consider buying tickets for this zone. It is priced at CA$ 35.00.

4. Important Things to Note about the Concert

  • The total duration for this event is 60 minutes. 
  • Entry gate will be opened 45 prior before the actual event so attendees are requested to arrive on time.
  • This venue is ADA-compliant.
  • Parking is available behind Allard Hall or you can also take the Underground parking facility available in Allard Hall Parkade but it may cost some fee.
  • Only service animals are allowed with a certificate, so you might want to look for someplace for your furry pets.
  • Consumption of any food is strictly prohibited, this applies to any kind of beverage as well.
  • If for some reason attendees fail to attend the event, they can request another ticket for another slot or for a complete refund here.
  • No documentation would be needed for a refund but a valid reason needs to be given.

5. A Spectacular Evening of Enchanting Melodies in  Edmonton

  • What: Candlelight Ballet: Featuring Tchaikovsky and More
  • Where: Triffo Theatre in Allard Hall of MacEwan University located at Edmonton’s 11110 104 Avenue North West.
  • When: 24th September and 20 December 2023.
  • Time: 6 pm and 8:15 pm
  • Tickets: Get the tickets here.
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