Enjoy “The Barber” Escape Game in Montreal’s Ezkapaz Manor!

Montreal, it is time to get your thinking cap on and solve the mystery for The Barber: Escape Game in the Ezkapaz Manor 3955 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec being organized on multiple dates and time slots which you can select when booking your ticket.

It is a whole family event and tickets are free for children below the age of six; so book your tickets today on the Feverup and create a memory that you can never forget in your lifetime.

Escape rooms have always fascinated riddle solvers and mystery lovers for ages. The race against time to solve a clue and escape the room is adrenaline-pumping.

The actors and performers along with the set up have made the escape room more thrilling and fascinating.

Ezkapaz is indeed an amazing place to showcase your talent. The event can also bring your family together as each of you will work together to solve these clues. Find out more about the experience.

1. Experience

The Barber, an immersive experience is organized by Ezkapaz who is known for their classical escape games.

This time it is unwinding the mystery barber saloon that appears in the Ezkapaz Manor.

Enjoy "The Barber" Escape Game in Montreal's Ezkapaz Manor!
Escape room Montreal. Source – Feverup

The experience is open to all. The teams can be of 3 or 6 membered.

Children below 16 need to be accompanied by an adult and no admission charges apply to children below 6. It is a family event that is outstanding.

The actors in the experience stunned the early participants. The props and artists bring about realism into the event.

2. Date and Time

The event is organized every day and experience the amazing event which is of one-hour duration.

There are multiple timings. You can choose the time of your choice.

3. Venue

The venue for the event is Ezkapaz Manor which is located at the center of Montreal City and is not ADA-compliant and therefore not suitable for people with mobility issues.

It is located at Manoir Ezkapaz, 3955 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec.

4. Pets

Pets are not permitted inside the venue. Service animals are permitted however confirm the same with organisers.

5. Tickets

5.1. Where to Buy?

Ticketing platform Feverup is selling tickets for the Ezkapaz Escape Room and you can buy from the website or the application.

Download the app from Play Store and book your tickets now, and avoid downloading apps from other sources as they can be scams.

5.2. Price

The tickets are available at CA $105.00 whereas tickets for children below 6 are free and children below 16 need to be accompanied by an adult.


5.3. Terms and Conditions

The tickets in Feverup are non-refundable, cannot be canceled and no add-ons are available for conversion into refundable tickets.

Read the terms carefully before investing.

6. Ezkapaz Secret Barber Shop Escape Game in Montreal

  • What – The Barber: Escape Game in the Ezkapaz Manor.
  • Where – Ezkapaz Manor in Manoir Ezkapaz, 3955 Saint Laurent Boulevard, Montreal, Quebec.
  • When – Every day.
  • Time – Various times selectable at booking.
  • Tickets – Available on Feverup.


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