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The city of Edmonton has every natural view one could find in Canada. This is all because of the efforts put in by the citizens and the Edmonton recycling depot system. So, the City of Edmonton does a lot to operate depots and recycling centers.

Edmonton recycling depot
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Edmonton’s waste management system seeks visitors and citizens to be responsible. It is a duty to advance recycling in the city. Thus, not even a small amount of waste goes unnoticed on the street in Alberta’s capital city. But, if you are new to the place, we have the perfect guide for you to learn about waste management in Edmonton. 

You can find many recycling depots and recycling centers in every corner of Edmonton. In addition, you get the benefit of house-to-house trash pick-up and the permit to use depots yourself. Thus, these major aspects are what keep Edmonton’s environment safe and sound.

In this post, we will discuss the recycling system in Edmonton. it will include in-depth work on recycling centers in the city. So, if you are visiting Edmonton, this is a crucial post for you. 

1. About The Edmonton Waste Management Center

Edmonton recycling depot
Photo of Edmonton Waste Management Center from Edomonton.ca

The Edmonton Waste Management Center is in northeast Edmonton. This association runs all the depots and recycling centers. You can avail of the best of services from EWMC to help with recycling plastic trash. Therefore, it is the reason for the clean environment in Edmonton.

In addition, all recyclable items are collected in the EWMC processes in the Material Recovery Facility. The MRF is one of the best recycling operations running in North America. The recycling facility recycles over 40,000 tonnes of recyclable waste every year. 
Edmonton recycling depot
Photo of Edmonton Waste Management Center from Edmonton.ca
The City of Edmonton looks after the EWMC. Hence, residents get to learn the best recycling practices with little to no expense. The association pushes Edmonton towards the 90% diversion of commercial waste from landfills. So, there are many services you get like waste transfer, sorting trash, waste pickups, and a lot more. 
Various other services include E-waste recycling, grey paper collection and door pickups. These services make recycling much easier. Hence, the recycling system is pretty effective all over the city.

2. The City-Run Recycling Depots

Edmonton recycling depot
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You can find many recycling depots and reuse centers in every corner of the capital city. You can unload waste materials like plastic bottles, jars, papers, cups, etc. So, you can drop your trash at the nearest eco station in your location.

You might think why not electronics? The City of Edmonton only allows electronics and bulky appliances in eco stations. Hence, you cannot drop these items at depot locations. Moreover, you might get fined for dropping bulky waste in any recycling depot grounds. 

3. Free or Inexpensive Disposal Of Waste For Residents

Edmonton recycling depot
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The City of Edmonton encourages residents and even tourists to recycle non-decomposable waste. So, it does not cost a lot of money to drop big recyclable materials. Thus, you get to drop odd containers, cans, and plastic with no money.
You can unload small trash like plastics and beverage containers in the depot near you. But, for big appliances, find an eco station in your location. Because you can only use eco stations for such unloads.
As per the Edmonton administration, you can drop electronic appliances in eco stations. You must keep your decomposable and non-decomposable waste apart in separate dustbins. Hence, the process of recycling is pretty straightforward and immediate. 

4. Varied locations and Timing In Recycling Depots

Edmonton recycling depot
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Various reuse centers and recycling centers have different opening and closing times. Hence, you have to check the working hours before going to the center. So, now people can put out recyclable garbage at their convenience.

But, try to visit the depot center on weekdays at a nearby location. So, it will be easier to collect the garbage.

Besides, you can also drop them off at a suitable reuse center. So, make sure you check the timings of the depots near you. 

5. Sorting and Cleaning Services

Edmonton recycling depot
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Edmonton administration offers services that help residents to sort waste at convenient times. Hence, every resident gets to separate their waste from recyclable materials. So, use one separate bin for cans, papers, beverage bottles and more. Likewise, decomposable waste like fruit and vegetable peels goes into a separate bin.  
Nonetheless, people should use two separate bins for waste storage. Then, these separate bins are also further divided into metric and imperial units. Well, all these procedures do occur in the reuse center or eco stations.  
Despite all the services, residents must follow recycling themselves. All the depot centers, eco stations, or reuse centers will pick up your trash. Nonetheless, recycling is an equal opportunity for both tourists and natives of Edmonton.

6. Educational Programs For Proper Waste Disposal 

Edmonton recycling depot
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You might face trouble while following all the recycling activities. But, the City of Edmonton administration has easy tips to help with that.

You can join various workshops to learn effective ways of recycling non-decomposable materials. These educational programs help residents to understand the correct process for effective recycling.

It costs little to no money to use recycling depots and reuse centers. There are many eco stations and reuse centers for that very purpose. So, throw your cartons, cardboard, and cans in these places. The administration looks after these places.

7. Active Recycling Depots In Edmonton

edmonton recycling depot
Photo by @Teresa Boardman on flickr.com

To make things easier, we will list out the most active recycling depots in Edmonton. Unfortunately, you can’t drop all sorts of recycling items in a depot center. Each recycling depot is for one kind of item. So, here are a few examples.

7.1. Clareview Recreation Center Recycling Depot 4290 139 NW Edmonton AB

The Clareview Recreation Center Recycling Depot is a big one on the list. Near the Clareview Recreation Center, is a big recycling land. They accept Items like cardboard, cans, and beverage packaging. Hence, it does not limit to the category of paper and bottles. Also, you will find cooperative staff to assist with your trash if it is your first visit. 

7.2. Strathcona Bottle Depot 10347 73 Ave NW, Edmonton AB

At Strathcona Bottle Depot, you can drop off all sorts of bottles and cans. They accept items from all sorts of different bottles used in houses. The best part of it all is you can get money to unload your recyclable trash. So, it is a winning deal for you.

7.3. Quick Stop Bottle Depot 11225 156 Street NW, Edmonton AB

Quick Stop Bottle Depot is another active spot that accepts all sorts of containers. If your containers already have a deposit paid on them, you will get refunds according to that. The depot center lets residents donate through recycling programs for over two decades.

7.4. Collingwood Bottle Depot 6408 177 Street NW, Edmonton AB

The Collingwood Bottle Depot has a bunch of services to offer. You get Bottle Drives, waste pickups, and safe recycling. You also get doorstep services if your location is far away from a nearby recycling depot. So, it is a good deal from your end.

8. Active Eco Stations In Edmonton

Eco stations are quite different than a regular recycling depot. You can drop off household hazardous waste in these areas with little cost. So, we will list a few eco stations in the following paragraphs.

8.1. Ambleside Eco Station 14710 SW Edmonton AB

Ambleside Eco Station is one of the four eco stations in Edmonton. You can recycle most bulky appliances, batteries, and paint. You can even donate through many charity funds. Hence, it is a good deal of work.

8.2. Coronation Eco Station 11440 143 NW Edmonton AB

At Coronation Eco Station, you can drop off all the bulky goods in your house. In this eco station, you can recycle bulky appliances like A/Cs and refrigerators. Hence, choose a good weekday and put off your dump in one of Edmonton’s eco stations. 

8.3. Kennedale Eco Station 5355 127 NW Edmonton AB

The Kennedale Eco Station also is an active recycling area with few charges. They accept items like Styrofoam boxes, torn mattresses and other bulky goods. But, do not plan to visit on weekends as the eco station remains busy. Weekends can be pretty crowded at all hours.

8.4. Strathcona Eco Station 5150 99 NW Edmonton AB

The Strathcona Depot and the Strathcona Eco Station are in the County. They accept waste like bulk materials, papers, and containers with little cost. So, it would be best to do your research before dumping your bulky waste in the recycling grounds. Also, you can look up the fees for each good on their online portal.

10. Edmonton’s Recycling Practices 

Recycling programs are the most effective way to practice the recycling process. They teach you how to recycle cans, containers and bulk waste with the right procedures. So, you can empty your recyclable trash without spending much. 
For effective recycling, the administration encourages to use of the Blue Bin program. So, you can take part in such programs for the effective separation of trash materials. So, you will see these initiatives in every household once you go to Edmonton

10. FAQs

10.1. Is the Edmonton recycling depot effective?

You can find depot centers in every corner of the capital city. Each depot center is near one town or the other. You can drop off lightweight recyclable trash at a nearby depot with ease. So, it is very effective in the city.

10.2. What is household hazardous waste?

Household hazardous wastes refer to daily toxic, inflammable, reactive, and non-decomposable waste. These include paint, oil spills, solvents, and batteries. So, keep them separate to avoid damage to the environment.

10.3. Are plastic containers and beverage containers acceptable items in a recycling depot?

Yes, recycling depots accept items like containers and beverage packaging. But, deposit these items in a blue bin or bag. Yet, you can go on to drop them off at a depot near your area.

11. Conclusion

In conclusion, this was basic information about the recycling system in Edmonton. This very system is the reason for Edmonton’s top-class environment and greenery. So, if you need details of fees and travel guides to these eco stations and depot centers, visit our website. 

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