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Have you considered moving to Edmonton, Alberta?  This write-up can give you a long compiled list of compelling reasons to grab your possessions, board a plane, and relocate to this fascinating city. So what are the best neighbourhoods in Edmonton and why should you move here?

It is known as “Canada’s Festival City” because it organizes festivals all year round, like the Edmonton International Fringe Festival, which is a major tourist attraction to the city.

It is abode to the world’s second-biggest mall, West Edmonton Mall which was the world’s biggest mall from the year 1981 until 2004, and Canada’s biggest living history museum, Fort Edmonton Park.

Edmonton has outpaced Vancouver and Toronto as among Canada’s fastest-developing cities. It has a varied range of things to see and do, as well as some of the nation’s sunniest weather. Yes, Edmonton, alongside Calgary, has the most sunshine in Canada – motivation enough, in the perspective to travel or relocate here.


Edmonton offers a plethora of exploring opportunities in the areas of arts, history, gastronomy, and entertainment. Relocating to the festival city, on the other hand, is not the same as moving to a tiny town.

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Finding the finest neighbourhood with inexpensive rentals involves making a plan. Edmonton, Alberta’s capital, is Canada’s fifth-largest metropolis, and a significant educational and cultural hub. No wonder the demand for the best neighbourhoods is surging.

Edmontonians always stuck out among the Canadian bunch, but that is fine with them. Look at their cutting-edge art scene for proof that Edmontonians are not scared to think beyond the box. They camp with bison, have an aurora bash, and surf in the meadows. Edmontonians have a distinct way of doing everyday things, and they want you to be a member of it and will welcome you with a big heart.

Since Canada is the world’s second-largest nation by geographical area, which means that if you are thinking of coming to Canada, you will have lots of alternatives for where to live. Whether you want to live in a big city in the neighbourhoods of Edmonton or on the outskirts, there is always a location to meet your preferences. If you want to explore other wonderful cities as well, have a look at the Cheapest Places to Live in Canada.

You would never be devoid of companions in Edmonton, as among the most common views expressed by tourists and new residents is that most inhabitants in the city are kind. Edmonton is not a relatively large city, which is always an advantage because it fosters a more neighbourly atmosphere and a sense of community. It is also a fantastic place to live if you are taking your family or thinking about starting one. So let us check the best areas to live in Edmonton.

7 Best Neighbourhoods in Edmonton

1. Ritchie Neighborhood

Ranking first on the list of the best neighbourhoods is Ritchie. It is a quiet neighbourhood in Edmonton, Alberta, located in Canada’s southeast region. Robert Ritchie, the founding proprietor of the Ritchie Mill and a former governor of Strathcona was the inspiration for the title. Ritchie residents have easy access to the entertainment of Old Strathcona and the thriving nightlife in Mill Creek Ravine.

Ritchie Community League, incorporated in 1922, represents the community and operates a community centre and outdoor arena. This is a very well-established neighbourhood in the process of revitalization.

Simultaneously, the region’s cafes and biking culture have indeed earned it a spot among Edmonton’s best neighbourhoods. Here you will find a hipster ambience with an untamed touch. Locals like how close they are to Edmonton’s downtown core and the Mill Creek Ravine, a popular bicycling destination.

As the community evolves and people flock to the best Edmonton neighbourhoods, people anticipate it to attract an increasing number of youngsters, professionals, and people starting a family, making it the ideal place to live if you are in your twenties. Long-time inhabitants, families with young children, and singles all call Ritchie home.

Native-owned businesses can be found all across the neighbourhood. Ritchie offers a diverse range of educational opportunities. Furthermore, the active community league, which hosts gigs, competitions, and a yearly chilli cook-off, fosters a real sense of belonging in the community.

The average cost of a home in Ritchie is $379000, with the maximum cost reaching $998,000. The overall crime rate is around 6,823 per 100,000 people, making it a relatively safe area to live.

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2. Whyte Avenue

You may be exploring one of the areas on the edges of the city when you settle in. Fortunately, there are many wonderful neighbourhoods in the city’s core, as well as other advantages to living in Whyte Avenue, one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Edmonton. Whyte Avenue is a major thoroughfare in Edmonton, Alberta.

As the community of Strathcona grew, it became the primary roadway, which currently runs throughout Old Strathcona. For a cheaper price, a property in the centre of Edmonton would provide more rooms. Many of the residences, however, date from the 1980s and may necessitate some work. This, on the other hand, allows you to personalize the space and truly make it your own.

This is one of the best neighbourhoods with everything that you may need within a short walk. Many inhabitants like the convenience of being able to walk to their destinations. Whyte Avenue and the outlying areas offer a diverse range of retailers, pubs, farmers’ markets, eateries, and other attractions. A historic section of the neighbourhood is located here, and the sidewalks are bustling with activity.

There are numerous reasons to put a trip down Whyte Ave on your must-do list, whether you are exploring Edmonton for the vacation or calling it home. Edmonton is home to a plethora of superb dining options, so no worries about the culinary scene. Whyte Avenue in the Old Strathcona neighbourhood is an excellent spot to start exploring.

3. Downtown Edmonton

Downtown Edmonton is for you if you want the rush of a fast-paced metropolitan culture. Young professionals, new couples, old people, and retirees will love this convenient location. Do you enjoy living in a calm and quiet place?

There will be a wide range of alternatives available, from stylishly converted warehouse studios to luxury houses with amazing views of the city. Edmonton’s primary commercial centre is known as Downtown Edmonton.

Nestled in the city’s key geographic centre. Downtown Edmonton, which is intersected Jasper Avenue is especially prominent among young professionals who would like to be constantly active. Bars, cafes, boutiques, high-end stores, parks, good public transportation, and even superior pedestrian-oriented streets make this a great place to live.

If your finances allow, you could even look into one of the area’s elite townhomes. Downtown is not as crowded as other Canadian city cores, and public transportation is efficient and reliable. Year-round events at the infamous Churchill Square, the ever-mesmerizing Royal Alberta Museum, the awe-struck Art Gallery of Alberta, and the buzzing Commonwealth Stadium are just a few of the attractions.

To add a few more plus points to moving to Downtown Edmonton, it is one of the best neighbourhoods in terms of friendliness and safety because there have been no severe crime incidents in the city’s downtown region. Although, it is important to use common sense and avoid walking in unsafe areas late at night.

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4. River Valley Walterdale

While Edmonton is recognized for its year-round festivities, artistic community, and cultural scene, the river and its accessibility to nature have always been the main attractions. Walterdale, located in Edmonton’s Northern part of Saskatchewan River valley is a historical residential and industrial suburb. It is situated on the river’s southern arena bank, within the ever-beautiful River Valley Walterdale neighborhood in an area presently inhabited by Kinsmen Park.

The most prominent housing choice in River Valley Walterdale is big apartment complexes, which account for many of the structures, while the rest consists primarily of tiny apartment complexes and single-family home properties. The majority of the homes in this area are one and two-bedroom. Edmonton is a city where the urban and natural worlds coexist.

When you are in the valley area, it doesn’t seem like you are in a metropolis of nearly a million people due to the presence of the lush tree-lined canopies, and the melody of running water drowning out the city’s bustle. There are remnants of the historic area and signs of the city’s burgeoning tech development along every path.

Biking, Segwaying, and scooting are just a few of the sports available in the river valley. Most people are surprised to learn that fantastic golfing amenities can be found in the valley’s open plains. Amateurs and professionals will enjoy the half-dozen or so golf arenas with tree-lined fields and tricky setups.

In Edmonton’s river valley, you will not be lonely or hungry. In the last few years, numerous valley parklands and golf courses have spawned new eateries dedicated to sourcing local food culture. These restaurants are attractions in and of themselves because the food is so exceptional.

Take a seat on the deck at Culina on the Lake, grab a bison burger, and relax with a native craft beer. This is the most desirable neighborhood that has affordable housing, a calm aura, and greenery all around.

You can find a perfect home for you or your family here at prices as high as $980,000 or apartments as low as $279,000.

5. Mill Creek Ravine Neighbourhoods

The North Saskatchewan River is sourced by the spectacular Mill Creek. From Connors Avenue to Argyll Street, it runs from north to south. It is a popular spot for dog walkers, joggers, and mountain bikers alike.

Hazeldean, located near Mill Creek Park, is among Edmonton’s most desirable communities. There are plenty of locations to cycle, hike, or simply wander in close proximity to the North Saskatchewan River Valley parklands.

The most appealing feature, though, is the charming neighborhood itself. Hazeldean is calming and lovely with calm streets bordered by lovely trees. People wanting to relocate here with their families will also be pleased to learn that the neighborhood offers one of the city’s best school systems. This is a long-established neighborhood that is currently undergoing a revitalization process as well.

With 519 inhabitants, Mill Creek Ravine North is Edmonton’s 69th most pedestrian-friendly area. The Mill Creek paths are a lovely hidden gem in the heart of the city. You can descend into the woods and lose yourself in the wilderness to recharge and rejuvenate before returning to the always buzzing city.

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6. North Saskatchewan River Valley

The North Saskatchewan River, which winds its way northeast across Edmonton is a spectacular and absolutely gorgeous river. It initiates 1,800 meters above sea level in the enormous Columbia Icefield, which covers 325 square kilometres. It travels through Alberta and Saskatchewan to Lake Winnipeg, where it mixes with the Nelson River before entering Hudson Bay.

Canoeing, rafting, jet skiing, jet watercraft, fishing, gold panning, and other activities are popular year-round on the riverbank and river basin.

The best neighborhoods in the district of North Saskatchewan include Capitol Hill, Cameron West, Hermitage, and the Valley Highlands.

The North Saskatchewan River also acts as a source of drinking water for Edmontonians and the adjacent regions. Alternatively, if you are looking for a rush, go off the beaten track and peddle off-road on your road bike. The developed area sector or core city of North Saskatchewan Valley aligns with the city’s local development plan’s established neighborhoods.

Many people think it is unclean because of its silty surface. The river is inherently sediment-rich, and increased flow during summer and spring storms promote settling and degradation of the riverbed, giving it a muddy look. This sediment flow is critical for the creation of an ecosystem for fish and other aquatic organisms that are suited to these dynamics.

The river retains its natural function as long as levels are usually within the normal fluctuation of the river system. When the water levels drop, which normally happens later in the summertime, the water turns clear and shallow, making it ideal for kayaking and other sorts of enjoyment.

You can find every type of home here – a large mansions, apartment-style condos, and even bungalows. The average price of listings here is C$ 281,100, a perfect budget for young families as there are many single-family dwellings here amongst green spaces.

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7. Aspen Gardens

Aspen Gardens was built on the grounds that were annexed to Edmonton in 1960. The single-family houses in the area were developed in the 1960s, while the complexes were erected in the 1970s. Aspen Gardens was created for people and families looking for a serene, high-quality residential area with “executive”-style mansions and larger-than-average lots.

The physical position and qualities of the community promote it. The old trees and plants, as well as the rolling hills and the calm topography of the area, provide a pleasant atmosphere. The suburb is bordered on the western side by Whitemud Creek Ravine, and a stream of the canyon distinguishes an apartment building on the northern end from a subdivision of single-family houses on the south.

The settlement has never been particularly commercially driven; part of its charm is that the reason it was formed did not leave a place for stores. Huge residences allow for large trees to border the sidewalks, and the neighbourhood was designed with walking and cycling pathways so that inhabitants may travel across town in peace and tranquillity.

It can be tough to buy into a community like this one as it is among the best neighbourhoods. It is also full of opulent mansions and larger lots with vistas of the Whitemud Creek Ravine. Many individuals are looking for homes in serene and relaxed neighbourhoods like Aspen Gardens, and when one comes on the market, it does not stay on the market for much longer.

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Closing Thoughts

If you want to relocate to Edmonton, Alberta, keep in mind you choose the best neighbourhood for you. Everyone has different reasons for preferring one community over another. This could be due to a range of factors such as facilities, education, crime levels, property costs, or even the types of homes available in the neighbourhood.

This article by Scoop Canada has listed the best neighbourhoods in Edmonton based on various factors like crime rates, education facilities, shopping options, and others. So choose your home in one of these neighbourhoods in Edmonton rightly.

To find your perfect home, wherever it may be – in a posh and affluent neighbourhood, Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhoods, southeast Edmonton or in the central location is centrally located near to all the amenities you may need, you can seek assistance from the Canadian real estate association or identify real estate professionals in the area. Therefore, have a look at the 26 Best Real Estate Agents in Edmonton and start your search now.

Several neighborhoods in Edmonton, Alberta are quite popular and consistently appear at the top of the list when it comes to popular neighborhoods.

When you add in a flourishing arts scene that includes year-round festivals, museums, theatres, and musical performances, the northernmost city in North America with a population of over a million inhabitants has something for everyone. Happy house hunting.

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