Distillery Christmas Market: 4 Things to Know

Distillery Christmas Market is an annual event in Toronto, Canada which starts on 17th November and ends on 31st December. The beautiful distillery district is transformed into a festive wonderland with sparkling lights and cute Christmas decorations. Visitors can browse through and explore many vendor shops selling unique gifts, craftworks, and treats.

Everything to Know about Distillery Winter Village

Below mentioned is a list of things that one must know before visiting the Distillery Christmas Market. I hope it will helpful if you are planning to visit this Christmas market during the winters.

1. Charges

Distillery Christmas Market entry is free on weekends; for Fridays, the charges start at 6:00 p.m. evening, for Saturdays, the charge starts at noon and for Sundays, the entry charges start at noon. Entry tickets to winter village are free on other weekdays. Winter village shops open at 10:00 a.m. on weekends and the entry fee is free before noon. There are the best Christmas markets all around.

2. Why is it called Distillery Christmas Market

The word “Distillery” means a place where spirits are manufactured. This Distillery Winter Village is a modern and intimate event focused on shopping and dining with over 75 retailers and restaurants. The name “Distillery” is simply a reference to the area’s history and the name helps to highlight the district’s unique character and the festival’s identity as a cultural destination that celebrates Toronto’s history, creativity, and diversity.

3. Things to do at Distillery Winter Village During your Holidays

Admire the giant Christmas tree, and warm food, mainly hot chocolate on a cold winter night, and enjoy it with friends on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

3.1. Take photos in Distillery Winter Village at the Photo Booth

Winter village is full of various photo booths which include Iconic Big Heart,11 feet-tall LED stars, and 7 feet-tall snowman. Pictures taken can surely spice up your Instagram.

3.2. Meet Santa at Distillery Christmas Market

Christmas can’t be complete without Santa. You can find him and his elves around the winter village during your visit.

Courtesy: Distillery Winter Village

3.3. Live Entertainment

The best feature of the distillery district is live entertainment from local artists and special guests. You can enjoy great live music with your family, friends, and kids.

3.4. Shopping

This Winter village Outdoor shopping is best for a Christmas evening. The distillery historic district includes 65+ shops and cafes. On your visit to this winter wonderland, you can shop from these local vendors. If you desire to buy gifts for your loved ones then the distillery district winter village is the right place.

3.5. Visit Bars

The Distillery Winter Village has 7 bars for you for holiday cheer. Some of the best bars to try out are  Cluny Tunnel of Lights, Naughty/Nice Bar,  Thirsty Elf Bar, Archeo Bar, Madrina Bar, and The Angel’s Share.

3.6. Experience Food

The district houses some of the best local food serving items like hot sauces, lobster, pretzels, fine teas, French crepes, pierogies, empanadas, churros and so much more. These are available almost around the holiday season.

Courtesy: Distillery Winter Village

4. Christmas Market Tree Lighting Ceremony

The opening of the Distillery Winter Village is accompanied by a tree-lighting ceremony. In Trinity Square, a 50-foot white Spruce tree is lightened when all 7000 LED bulbs are powered.

In 2022 Christmas tree was sponsored and designed by the Brand Dior and the tree was decorated with 400 custom midnight blue ornaments and 70,000 twinkling lights. They also included 1000 stars which are custom-made by the brand Dior.


Overall, The Distillery Christmas Market is a festive and charming destination that’s ideal for a perfect holiday. With its focus on supporting local businesses and small vendors, the market also offers, a great opportunity to find one-of-a-kind gifts for your loved ones and support the community. Whether you are looking for an amusing outing with friends or family, the Distillery Christmas Market is worth a visit during your holidays.

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