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Hear up, science geeks of Vancouver! It is time to immerse yourself in the science exhibition. Do not miss your chance to mesmerize yourself and your children with the magic of science.

Book your ticket for the Science World Exhibition conducted on multiple dates commencing 21st May 2023 from morning 10:00 a.m. to evening 5:00 pm at the Science World in Vancouver.

1. Science World Exhibition

The Science World exhibition is coming to Vancouver.

It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy a day with amazing science exhibits that can blow your mind.

Let us inspire and be inspired by these amazing exhibits at the exhibition, so continue to read to learn more about the event.

1.1. Event

This is a family fun event. It contains numerous interesting exhibits.

The concepts of science and mathematics can be learned here with the fun concept. The event is scheduled at the Science World commencing 22nd May 2023 from 10:00 am to 5 pm.

Science World Exhibition
Science World Exhibition. Source: Feverup

The event is open on all days from Monday to Sunday.

So you need not wait for a weekend, and it is never missing an opportunity to understand science and mathematics concepts.

1.2. Venue

The venue for the event is the Science World in Vancouver. The address for the same is 1455 Quebec St, British Columbia.

The Science World was constructed in Vancouver for the 1986 World’s Fair. The venue is a mesmerizing structure and has a beauty of its own. The structure at Science World is like a giant mirror ball.

The science world is filled with science-related activities and exhibits. It also offers numerous activities related to science.

The location is ADA-compliant. There are ramps to aid wheelchairs, and it is a wheelchair-friendly venue.

Science World Vancouver, Canada COMPLETE TOUR - 4K Virtual Walking Tour - Geek Tour

1.3. Tickets

The tickets can be bought online through the Feverup application on the mobile phone or the website.

The application Feverup is available on Apple and Google app stores, and the tickets for children under 3 are free.

For others, the tickets are classified into four categories and provide access to the Science World and every gallery within the Science World.

For children between 3-12, the tickets are priced at $22.50, for youth from 13-18 $ 27.00, for adults from 19-64 $33.50, and for seniors above 65 $ 27.00.

You will be required to carry an age ID if you are claiming children, youth, and senior tickets.

The purchased tickets cannot be canceled, transferred, or refunded. Do exercise caution for dates and numbers before booking your tickets.

1.4. COVID Restrictions

As per the latest regulations, you are required to be vaccinated to attend any event within BC.

Carry your vaccination certificate to validate the same during entry.

1.5. Age Restrictions

The event is open to all age groups.

However, children below 15 must be guided by an adult, who will also be required to purchase a ticket.

2. Science World Exhibition in Vancouver

  • What – Science World Exhibition – Vancouver.
  • When –  Monday to Sunday; various dates available.
  • Where – Science World, 1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver.
  • Time – The museum starts from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Ticketbook your tickets with just a click.

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