Witness Dinosaurs are Coming Alive in Ottawa this June!

The Wooly Mammoth and dinosaurs are coming alive in Ottawa. It’s time for the fun time travel from Jurassic Park to Ice Age.

Book your tickets for you and your family for a fun-filled experience of The Lost Kingdoms at Wesley Clover Parks in Nepean, Ottawa from 23rd June 2023 and followed by multiple dates at multiple time slots between 10am to 6pm.

1. The Lost Kingdom

1.1. Event

The Lost Kingdom is an educational and entertaining tour for kids and families.

You can enjoy 40 working live models of pre-historic animals from the Jurassic era to the ice age.

The events are a unique combination of the era of Dinosaurs and Mammoths. The organizers have installed 30 dinosaurs and 20 Animals from the ice age era.

Also, these installations are animatronics combining movements of eyes, limbs, and sound.

The Lost Kingdom
The Lost Kingdom. Source: Feverup

1.2. Tickets

Tickets are available online on the Feverup app and website. The tickets are classified into four types. All the tickets include entry.

General admissions apply to all above 3 years old, family bundle tickets apply to a minimum of 4 people but a maximum of 2 adults is only permitted.

There are special offers for senior citizens, students, and military personnel. But, you will require to produce a valid id to claim the same.

If you intend to have a party at the location, there is also a Group Bundle for more than 10 people.

The tickets are priced at between $ 20 – $24 based on the type of ticket. Also, the tickets are not available at the location. The tickets are non-refundable too.

1.3. Highlights 

The event is unique due to its nature. It takes your kids to two different eras.

This would be a learning experience for your kids to know about dinosaurs and another extinct animals.

There are as many as 50 big real-sized animal electronics animals from both eras.

These animatronics can move their limbs, eyes, and jaws. They are also sounds installed in these animatronics.

You can help your kid to become a paleontologist for the day.

They can enjoy a VR experience at an excavation site. There are plenty of souvenirs to buy from the stores at the site too.

The Lost Kingdom
Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

The most dreaded dinosaur of the Jurassic Era is the T-Rex. This beast was made popular in many Jurassic Park movies.

You and your family can enjoy a ride on the model. You can walk along the woolly Mammoth.

Your kid will enjoy the plenty of informational panels next to the animatronics. These panels will include fun facts about the animals.

You will get mesmerized by the size of the animals in the park. The size of Diplodocus and Velociraptors will also intimidate you.

This is the largest event in Europe and now it is coming to Canada, so do not waste your time; book your tickets and enjoy the day with your kids and family.

1.4. Venue

The event is being installed at Wesley Clover Parks 401 Corkstown Rd, Nepean in Ottawa.

2. Experience the Lost Kingdom in Ottawa

  • What The Lost Kingdom Animatronic Park.
  • When – From 23rd June 2023 and followed by multiple dates.
  • Where – 401 Corkstown Road, Wesley Clover Parks in Nepean, Ottawa, Canada.
  • Time – Various time slots between 10 am to 6 pm.
  • TicketClick to book now.

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