Experience The Lost Kingdoms: Tour Jurassic to Icy Age

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Travel in time to the prehistoric Lost Kingdoms: Jurassic World and the Ice Age with your family being organized every day in Montreal, Canada at ReCreo Parc, 5340 Boulevard Marie-Victorin, Sainte-Catherine commencing every hour.

You can choose the date and time of your choice during the booking and the Feverup ticketing platform is providing tickets for the event.

It is indeed an educational tour that you should not miss.

The Lost Kingdoms has been organized at numerous locations throughout Canada.

It has been able to mesmerize young children with its almost alive animatronic of the Jurassic Era and creatures from the Ice Age.

1. Highlights

The Lost Kingdoms in recent years has been famous amongst the younger audience.

More than 30 animatronic exhibits are almost real-life-like and have kept the children entertained.

Tour Jurassic to Icy Age at The Lost Kingdoms in Montreal!
The Lost Kingdoms. Source – Fever

2. Virtual Reality

To add more to the otherwise spectacular exhibition, VR has been another highlight.

Travel with your brain and eyes into the world of Dinosaurs and Wooly Mammoths.

These animals may have become extinct today, but with VR you can watch these giants walking next to you.

3. Excavation Pits

There are numerous excavation pits where you can experience the excavation procedures.

Numerous information panels are accompanying these pits which will help you to understand the process.

4. Venue/ Date

The exhibition is being set up at the ReCreo Parc in Sainte-Catherine in Montreal and you can book your tickets on the date of your choice.

The event is a 60-minute walk around. Each entry can be booked on an hourly schedule and the event starts at 10:00 am and the last entry is permitted at 05:00 pm.

Ice Age Kingdom

5. Accessibility

The event is being conducted in an open park. There are ramps for the accessibility of a wheelchair or stroller.

However, the inherent issues of uneven ground still exist.

But, do not worry. The organizers have placed staff to assist you in case you need assistance.

6. Tickets

6.1. Ticket Price

The tickets are priced for everyone above the age of 2. You need to carry your ID to avail the entry along with tickets.

The pricing of the tickets is divided into four types:

  • Adult tickets apply to all above 13 years and are priced at $24.00.
  • You can book a family pass for a maximum of two people. The tickets are priced at $ 21.50 each.
  • In case you wish to get your friends group, you can book your tickets at $20.00 each for a minimum of 10 persons.
  • The organizer is also providing discounted tickets at $17.00 for youth between 3 -12, students, military personnel, and seniors.

6.2. How to Buy?

The tickets are available on Feverup, the popular ticketing platform. Book your tickets on either a mobile application or website as you prefer.

7. The Lost Kingdoms  – Ice Age and Jurassic Era in Montreal

  • What – Exhibition of Animatronics of Jurassic and Ice Age Era.
  • Where- ReCreo Parc, 5340 Boulevard Marie-Victorin, Sainte- Catherine, Montreal.
  • When – Every day.
  • Time – The tour starts every hour from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm.
  • Tickets – Book your tickets on Feverup today.

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