10 Fascinating Clubs in Surrey

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Clubbing and bars are a very integrated part of Canadian culture. People in Canada love to spend time in clubs on their weekends from their busy work schedules.

Surrey is the place which is the hub of clubs and bars. Clubs in Surrey are lovely and unique in the very term. 

The atmosphere in these clubs is charming. They also keep their customers retained by organizing events tied to time. Additionally, they have dance floors and a fantastic music system facility.

10 Fascinating Clubs in Surrey 

1. Popworld Guildford

Popworld Guildford, a club extremely famous for its night parties, has its own bar and dance floor within the club itself.

The service and events organized here are excellent and heart-touching. The reviews for this club are outstanding.

Popworld Party!

2. Bars Thirteen

Bar Thirteen, located in Guildford, BC, is very cozy and not popular in the northern hemisphere.

On Fridays, the bar may seem a bit boring, but on other days, the bar is full of people enjoying themselves. According to the customers, this bar also has a very friendly environment.

3. Komo

Komo Bars and Clubs are very famous among the young population. These nightclubs are famous in Maple Ridge, New Westminster, Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey, BC. The reviews for all their branches are excellent.

Their branch in Surrey is also supremely popular, with people from far away coming to visit and have fun.

The club also has various exciting kits for its customers and a separate reading area where you can bring your stuff and keep reading. 

Courtesy: Komo

4. Rogues Bar

Rogues Bar is a bar as well as a club. This bar is among the most popular and most visited nightclubs. Many people also choose this club for meetings as the place is comparatively quiet and has very soothing vibes.

Furthermore, this bar is the best beer garden in the whole town.

5. Levels Night Club

This is among the very famous dance clubs in Surrey, BC. It offers a unique and friendly destination in Surrey, BC. This dance club is also a popular nightclub in Vancouver.

Occasionally, events are organized at Levels Night Club by the owner. Vancouver and Surrey, BC, locals love staying at this nightclub. This club is open on all days.

6. Vinyl

The Vinyl Club is in Vancouver, BC. This is a very famous club in Canada. You have to book a ticket for yourself before visiting here.

You can enjoy music, dance, and food here. The club’s owners also organize dance and music events in the club.

This club opens at night, making your night extraordinary and memorable. The main attraction of this club is its alcoholic beverages.

7. Hook and Ladder Pub

This pub has its nightclub in Surrey, BC.

This pub and nightclub attract the Burnaby, Westminster, Vancouver, and Surrey BC populations because of its excellent services. The food offered here is fantastic.

Hook and Ladder Pub in Vancouver is also well known for its karaoke. Karaoke is famous nearby, including New Westminster, Burnaby, and Surrey, BC.

8. Worplesdon Place

Worplesdon Place is a beautiful place where you can enjoy your time with friends. This place has specific dress codes. Entry is strictly prohibited for people who wear formal or gang attire.

The bouncers will not allow people without entry tickets and dress code. The wine served here is heartwarming. You can also enjoy the music performances of different bands.

9. The Anchor

The Anchor is one of the famous nightclubs in Surrey. This club offers membership to its regular customers.

You can also join the membership of this club at very nominal rates.

10. The Grantley Arms

The Grantley Arms is a trendy nightclub in Surrey. The main attraction of this club is the stage shows. This club has a stimulating environment. It is full of music, dance, and disco lights.

According to the visitors’ reviews, the food served here is fantastic, and the drinks are very nice. The environment is very relaxed and friendly. It would be best if you visited this place once.

Final Note

Clubs in Surrey are among the best places where visitors can spend time away from their busy schedules.

All the nightclubs and dance clubs in Vancouver, Surrey, BC, Burnaby, and Westminster are unique and extraordinary.

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