Best Chinese Food in Courtenay: Top 6 Picks

Chinese food in Courtenay
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Even though Courtenay is a small city, it has a lot of restaurants, cafes, and bars that will leave you speechless right away, and what’s better than some delicious Chinese food in Courtenay? Some of them are among the best and most exquisite Chinese restaurants in British Columbia.

About Courtenay

  • Courtenay is a city of about 26,000 people in the Canadian province of British Columbia and is located on the east coast of Vancouver Island with a mild climate.
  • Courtney is a charming, innovative, growing, and vibrant city with a lot of personality. This city is welcoming and friendly. This is a heaven for adventurers due to the abundance of beaches, waterfalls, lakes, and riverside hikes in the Courtenay region.
  • In addition to getting outside and exploring the natural world, there are numerous galleries, restaurants, and shops to check out.
  • There is access to outdoor recreation all year round, including The Mount Washington Alpine Resort Ski; the Comox Valley is known for its year-round sporting and recreational opportunities, including world-class golf.
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Best Chinese Food in Courtenay

There’s always something to savour in this small town. Immerse yourself to these restaurants to taste the flavours of Chinese food in Courtenay and to make your weekend getaways more enjoyable. Don’t delay any longer; let’s get started to explore top restaurants to enjoy Chinese food in Courtenay.

1. Golden Carriage Restaurant

Golden Carriage is among the best restaurants serving Chinese food in Courtenay’s downtown, the heart of the city. In their seven years of operation, they have listened to the needs of restaurants in the local community, making sure their food is not oily and low in sodium, and they have also adapted their menu to meet those restaurants’ needs. Their buffet has an excellent selection. It’s not a big restaurant, but it’s very affordable and has a lot of options on the menu along with helpful and courteous staffs.

Must Try Dishes

  • The list of this restaurant’s Chinese food in Courtenay to try for dinner includes war wontons, Singapore curry vermicelli, chicken chow mien, beef chop suey, mushroom rice, and sweet and sour pork.
Courtesy: Golden Carriage Restaurant

Other Advantages

  • Parking: Parking is plentiful, with plenty of street parking and a parking lot next to the restaurant.
  • Vegan and vegetarian food: Yes, the Golden Carriage Vegetarian Dish and other items on the menu can be easily modified to not contain meat. There is very little dairy or eggs present in this restaurant’s chinese food in Courtenay.


  • Courtenay, BC V9N 1J7, Canada 478 5th St


  • (250) 338-9333



2. East Kitchen Restaurant

The hottest new restaurant, East Kitchen, offers an all-you-can-eat buffet seven days a week. It serves a variety of Asian cuisine, including dim sum, western Chinese food, and frequently sushi, both on the buffet and on the menu. It specializes in Chinese and Asian cuisines. Come and see this amazing restaurant; it’s a super cool, faraway, beautiful restaurant that serves mouthwateringly delicious Chinese food in Courtenay. Kind, humble, friendly, and dedicated to their work are the traits of both the employees and the customer service personnel.

Things to Try

  • Spring rolls, lemon ginger fried beef, vegetable fried rice, and chicken chowmein.
Courtesy: East Kitchen

Other Services

  • Delivery, takeout, seating, table service, reservations, buffet, street parking, Free off-street parking, highchairs, wheelchair accessibility, accepts credit cards, Serves alcohol, wine, and beer, digital payments, free wifi, vegetarian friendly


  • Courtenay, BC V9N 2K1, Canada 1130 Cliffe Ave.


  • 250-871-8808



3. Quality Foods Chinese Restaurant

You can stop by the café of the Quality Foods grocery store while you’re shopping at the Driftwood Mall. You won’t believe how many choices are on their menu, which is the most overwhelming thing when it comes to Chinese food in Courtenay. Scones, buns, large hamburgers, fries, soup, sandwiches, sushi,  and the list goes on and on.

The portions are generous, the staff is well-trained, and the service is excellent with a spacious dining area and numerous tables. Certainly, the best place to visit for tranquility after some shopping.

Definitely recommend this place for best Chinese food in Courtenay. To create your favourite Chinese meal, you can select from a selection of traditional dishes and combine one, two, three, or four items to create a mini combo including dessert, coffee, etc. You can have a different meal each time because of all the options. This feature is not available in any of the other Chinese restaurants.

Must-try Dishes

  • Szechuan beef, chop suey, deep-fried prawns, sweet and sour pork. chicken balls, chicken wings and chowmein.
Image by JUNO KWON from Pixabay

Other Features

  • It includes being vegetarian-friendly, offering takeout, and accommodating wheelchairs.


  • Courtenay, British Columbia, V9N 2L8, Canada. Placed in: Quality Foods is located at Driftwood Mall.


  • (250-331-9328)


4. Noddlebox Restaurant

Freshly prepared for west coast palates, this restaurant serves Southeast Asian street food, specifically Chinese food in Courtenay’s streets. In 2001, Noodlebox began as a small food cart in the Chinatown of Victoria, British Columbia. People were willing to wait for hours in the rain to get their fill of their distinctive Southeast Asian street food because it became so popular in the vast world of restaurants. Twenty-two years later, with more than twenty locations, they still uphold their mission of Real Food, Made Fresh, With Fire.

The bold dishes begin with premium ingredients and proteins raised in an ethical manner. In addition, you can also try their low carb, vegan and gluten free menu options. On their official site, you can also find a nutritional information sheet for each of their menu items.

Things to Try

  • The teriyaki box, the drunken noodle box, the crispy Shanghai chicken box, and the kung pao box are among the best Chinese food in Courtenay.
Courtesy: Noodlebox

Other Services

  • Can be customized: This restaurant can accommodate a variety of dietary requirements and tailor your meal to your preferences, making it a convenient restaurant for chinese food in Courtenay.
  • Vegan: It is not difficult to change their menu to vegan, but you will need to request it when placing your order.
  • Gluten free: You can also drop down menu to find more dishes with gluten-free options available.
  • In addition to these, they also offer takeout, seating, street parking, free off-street parking, highchairs, wheelchair accessibility, alcoholic beverages (wine and beer), digital payment options, and credit card acceptance.


  • Courtenay, BC V9N 3R6, Canada; 795 Ryan Road, Unit 2B


  • 250-871-0087


5. Pho Maple Noodle

One of the excellent restaurants providing you with the best Vietnamese and Chinese food in Courtenay. It is run by a small family. The menu has a lot of different chinese dishes to choose from. Pho Maple Noodles actually has an open kitchen, in contrast to other Asian eateries. The service is a little dingy and typical of Asia, but the broth is delicious and filling.

The spicy curry chicken soup and the wanton soup are big enough to share, but they’re so good you rather not want to; whether you can order takeout or eat in the restaurant itself. The owners  make their own amazing chili sauce at home and the hospitality and service is satisfactory.

Things to Try

  • Salad rolls, spring rolls, wontons, Chinese curry chicken with vermicelli in a spicy broth.
Image by rootport from Pixabay


  • Takeout, seating, wheelchair accessibility, and table service are additional services.


  • 468 29th St. #11, Courtenay, BC V9N 7S7, Canada


  • 250-338-8868

Official Site

6. The Bamboo Inn Restaurant

This restaurant has a nice view of the Comox Valley and the mountains from its bamboo-themed interior with a big dining area and lots of empty spaces between each table. The standard Chinese fare that is on the buffet is all well-prepared and delicious.

If you’re really hungry, the buffet is a good option; if not, you can choose from a rather extensive menu of combo meals or standard individual dishes. All foods lack MSG. The restaurant holds a permit; the prices are reasonable, and the selection is decent. The Chinese food is of high quality, and the service is friendly and prompt.

Must-have Dishes

  • Ginger beef, beef & tomato fried rice, chow mien, pepper fried squid, Chinese chop suey, spring rolls, sweet and sour pork, and shanghai thick noodles are some of the dishes to take out and try.
Courtesy: Bamboo Inn

Other Amenities

  • Table service, seating, wheelchair accessibility, delivery, alcoholic beverages, reservations, and complimentary Wi-Fi


  • 2040 Comox Avenue, Comox, BC, Canada V9M3M6


  • (250) 339-3500

Official Site

End Note

We would just like to conclude by saying that, whether you are a local or a tourist in British Columbia, you should absolutely try these six Chinese food restaurants for an experience like no other in Courtenay.

We have to admit that the variety of food options in this small town has never let us down, and we are confident that you will enjoy these restaurants serving best Chinese food in Courtenay listed above as much as we have. You can find the location pins of these restaurants providing you with amazing Chinese food in Courtenay view map.

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