Chilliwack Provincial Park
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What to Do at Chilliwack Provincial Park: 6 Fun Activities

Chilliwack provincial park is located around 64 kilometers southeast of Chilliwack, almost 40 kilometers from the Vedder road crossing. If you take the exit 104 kilometers from the 1st highway and then try to follow the signs in Cultus Lake you’ll reach the Cultus Lake Road.

Remember not to turn at Cultus Lake Road turn instead follow the Vedder Road which crosses one bridge and after that turn to the right side onto Chilliwack lake road. Once you reach this road, walk for almost 40 kilometers, and here is your destination Chilliwack provincial park.

Chilliwack lake provincial park also has many facilities including flush toilets, a camping area, nature appreciation, experienced hikers for teaching hiking, bicycle helmets for the safety of riders, picnic tables, a beach area, enjoy swimming rafts, Vedder crossing, overnight parking, picnic areas, very experienced hikers, park gate and pit toilets.

1. Chilliwack Provincial Park

Chilliwack lake provincial park is situated almost around 150km east of Vancouver on the top of the Chilliwack river valley bottom lake. Chilliwack lake provincial park has many interesting places including the flora lake trail, green drop lake, Lindeman lake, radium lakes, lake trail, forested slopes, alpine ridges, and fabulous subalpine.

Chilliwack lake provincial park is mostly chosen point for mortar boat launches, Lindeman lake trail, green drop lake trail, fishing, swimming, canoeing kayaking, backcountry sites visiting, and many more things. 

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Almost 40 kilometers of Canadian trail provide an awesome opportunity for the riders and RV campers for hiking, nature appreciation of British Columbia, and wildlife viewing of birds.

Flora and radium lakes, flora lakes, green drop lakes, and national parks have almost around 146 camping sites. Chilliwack Provincial Park also has its own playgrounds for RV campers. People can also spend have quality time in these playgrounds and can enjoy the severe afternoon winds.

2. Activities In Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park

Chilliwack Provincial Park has many interesting activities planned for its visitors to make their day special and full of adventure. Hiking trails, trans-Canada trails, main trails, elevation gain, and off-road vehicle competition are some of the activities which are placed in the southeast of Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park.

2.1. Canoeing

Canoeing is one of the very interesting and adventurous activities which is provided in this Chilliwack Provincial Park. Many people love to do adventurous activities and this provincial park provides an awesome facility for that. 

2.2. Cycling

Another interesting activity present in Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park is cycling. All over British Columbia bicycle helmets are crucial. So ensure to wear your helmet while going for a ride on one of the trails in this park. 

The next important point to cycling in Chilliwack lake provincial park is that electric assist motors are not permitted on any trail.

2.3. Fishing

Fishes including kokanee and dolly Vardan are present in the lakes in Chilliwack Provincial Park, and the good news is that you can do the fishing here. Fishing in Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park is allowed.

The only limitation for fishing here is you must have a valid license for fishing, if you have a valid license then you can do the fishing in Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park.

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2.4. Hiking

Talking about the hiking trails, Chilliwack Provincial Park has three trails – the green drop lake trail, the flora lake trail, and the Lindeman lake trail. Flora lake trail, green drop lake trail, and the Linderman lake trail, all have common trailheads at creek parking.

British Columbia Provincial Park all the east of Vancouver located at the green drop at the south end is not only famous in the country but all over the world. If talking about the length of these three trails then flora lake is having 14 kilometres of return, green drop lake is having almost 10.4 kilometers of trail and at last Linderman, the lake is having around 3.4 kilometers of trail length.

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This trail length has many elevation gains, cell phone service, and picnic table facilities included.

2.5. Horse Riding

One of the very interesting and exciting activities available here in this Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park is horse riding. Normally horse riding is not allowed in many of the provincial parks, but here in Chilliwack Provincial Park, you can experience it.

2.6. Swimming

Campgrounds located swimming pools are open for swimming. In Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park no swimming rafts are available. The beach of Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park is having sandy nature.

One important thing about the swimming area in Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park is that in the evening time, heavy winds blow and there are no lifeguards on duty in this Chilliwack Provincial Park.

3. Amenities Available in Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park

Early spring of Chilliwack lake park provincial park in Chilliwack BC Canada
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Chilliwack Lake Road heads to the Chilliwack Provincial Park, and here in this Chilliwack Lake, many facilities are available for the people who visit this place. Chilliwack Lake is one of the most visited provincial parks by the people. The facilities here include:

3.1. Boat Launch

Next to the campground, the area for the boat launch is present. This area is quite small and is only suitable for a length of approximately 20 feet. Larger than this size is a little bit hard to launch from this boat launch. Talking about the water level in Chilliwack Provincial Park the water level keeps on changing seasonally.

3.2. Campfires

In the backcountry camping areas, campfires are not allowed. But in the designed rings of fire, campfires are allowed but only in the area of the front country. However, fires may sometimes not be allowed because of the very high rate of forest fires.

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3.3. Water For Drinking

In the backcountry places, no drinking water taps are available, but in the front country drinking, water taps are available at every campground and at every parking area.

3.4. Hunting

Moving ahead in the area of facilities provided by the Chilliwack Provincial Park to its visitors, this park also provides hunting activity to the visitors. Most hunting is banned all over the country only certain places are there where hunting is legal and Chilliwack Provincial Park is one among them.

3.5. Picnic Areas

Almost all the provincial parks have picnic areas. The large and beautiful areas in Chilliwack Provincial Park are used for the picnic. The picnic areas here in this Chilliwack Provincial Park also have a table facility. Although these areas are not formally considered picnic areas –  but visitors are allowed to use them as picnic spots.

3.6. Playgrounds

The playground is present on the paleface loop camping site. Visitors can play here at this site, any game of their own choice. This playground is also known as an adventure playground because of its nature. This playground is full of adventurous sports facilities. For people who love adventures, this playground has a lot to offer

3.7. Wilderness Camping

In the backcountry side areas, there are mainly four major campsites located. Linderman Lake, Greendrop Lake, Radium Lake and Flora Lake. In the three sites at Linderman Lake, Radium Lake, and Green Drop Lake one pit toilet and one bare cache are installed. 

One thing to keep in mind if you want to do camping in the backcountry side – there are no garbage facilities, so it is advised not to throw the garbage here and there. Keep your garbage with you, so that this place remains green and clean without any pollution.

Final Note

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries, it’s like part of heaven, and what makes this place more beautiful is its provincial park, its flora, and fauna including rivers, lakes, and hiking trails.

Chiiliwack lake Canada
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One of the very famous and amazing parks is the Chilliwack Provincial Park situated at the end of Vancouver. Chilliwack Provincial Park provides various amenities to the people who visit this place for enjoying and having a great experience. Hope you will have a great time here.

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