Candlelight’s Tribute to Pink Floyd in Toronto this June!

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Wake up Pink Floyd Fans! Candlelight Concert comes to Toronto to pay tribute to the greatest rock band of all time- Pink Floyd. Join us at The Parkdale Hall on Wednesday, June 28th of 2023.

Enjoy an evening filled with candlelight and amazing music with your loved one and read to know more about the event; do not forget to book your tickets by clicking here.

1. Tribute to Pink Floyd Concert by Candlelight

1.1. Event

Candlelight concerts are mesmerizing events that will give you a memory to cherish for a long time. The ambiance created by the candles in the venue and the rock music makes this event a unique experience.

The candlelight concerts are paying tribute to Pink Floyd on 28 June 2023. The 65 min musical event will be held in two sessions at 6:30 pm and 8:45 pm. You can make it your private event by booking at least 40 tickets.

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Candlelight Concert- Tribute to Pink Floyd Source: Feverup

1.2. Admissibility 

Children below the age of eight are not allowed for the event. Children below 16 will require supervision by adults and therefore needs to be accompanied by them. So if you have a child below eight, it is time to look for a babysitter.

1.3. Program

The musical event will be a tribute to the greatest Pink Floyds. A total of 12 musical numbers including the famous Skyfall, Hello, and Rolling in the Deep will be played during the event.

1.4. Venue

Tribute to Pink Floyd is being paid at the famous Parkdale Hall, Toronto. The venue is one of the important landmarks of Toronto. It hosts numerous events throughout the year, especially the Sunday Markets.

Introducing Parkdale Hall

1.5. Food

No food will be served during the event. However, beverages will be made available for purchase at the venue.

1.6. Disabilitiy Assistance

The venue is ADA-compliant.  The ramp is available at the entrance which will aid people with disability.

1.7. Seating 

The seating is divided into four zones – Zone A, Zone B, Zone C, and Zone D. Zone A is placed for the best view and Zone D is the farthest. The pricing of the tickets varies with each zone. Seating within the zones will be given based on a first come basis. So arrive well in time to grab the best seat you can. 

1.8. Pets

No pets are allowed for the event. But if you require to bring your service animal, you can contact the organizers in advance.

1.9. Parking

There is only street parking which is available for free. Paid parking is available opposite the venue and free parking is available one block away from the venue on the east side.

1.10. Tickets

Tickets are available online on Feverup by clicking here. Offline tickets are unavailable. So book your tickets now. The prices of the tickets vary zone-wise from CA $33.00 to CA $ 65.00. The seats are allotted within the zone based on your arrival timing.

2. Musical Evening by Candlelight Dedicated to Pink Floyd

  • What: Musical Evening by Candlelight Dedicated to Pink Floyd
  • When: June 28th of 2023.
  • Where: The Parkdale Hall, 1605 Queen St, Toronto, Canada 
  • Time: 6:30 p.m., 8:45 p.m.
  • Tickets: Purchase online here.


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