Canadian HMCS Sackville Celebrates 82 Years on May 15!

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The Navy across the world is filled with legacy and history. The traditions moreover, have been inculcated from the pirates.

Even the Naval Lingo is also associated with the times of sails.

The Royal Canadian Navy also has a rich legacy.

The victory in the longest maritime battle is testimony to the legacy of RCN. Additionally, the contribution of the Navy on the D-Day of Normandy Landing is praiseworthy.

While celebrating the legacy of the Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy is celebrating the 82nd Anniversary of the last flower class coverts.

Her Majesty Canadian Ship HMCS Sackville is an 82-year-old Flower class Corvette.  The ship had rendered her service during World War II.

Notwithstanding the vintage of the ship,  the Royal Canadian Navy took it Twitter to announce the celebration.

The tweet reads,

“Today, Canada’s last flower-class Corvette turns 82. Have you had a chance to tour this storied ship that once braved the stormy North Atlantic seas?

#WeTheNavy #HMCSSackville”

HMCS Sackville Turns 82
Source: Twitter

The 82-year-old ship is presently a museum and is also open to visitors.

Let us find out more about the Flower-class corvettes and this ship.

HMCS Sackville

1. Introduction

The 82-year-old ship is a Flower-class ship.

It is a corvette but played a vital role in world war II and the ship lost its role as a corvette and was converted into a research vessel.

RCN Veteran

Thereafter, the ship was converted into a museum and the museum was opened to the general public.

It is located in Halifax in Nov Scotia. The ship is the last Flower class Corvette still afloat.

2. Features

The visual call sign of the ship is K181. The call sign is also called the pennant number and it is painted on the hull of the ship.

The ship is 62.3 m long and displaces 980 Tons of water. It is propelled by steam engines.

However, the ship can sail at speeds of 16 knots and was manned by a crew of 85 sailors including officers.

3. Armaments

In 1943, the ship underwent a major refit.

The ship was fitted with a 102 mm gun,  one 2-pounder gun for anti-air defense, two 20 mm anti-air cannons,  two machine guns, and 4 depth chargers.

The ship was, therefore,  considered one of the deadliest corvettes of that time.

4. War History

The ship despite its size played a vital role in the battles it had fought. But, the beginning of the ship’s missions was not completely successful.

The first commanding officer was considered unsuitable after workup.

During the first mission, she rescued the crew from a Greek ship.

However, failed to locate its convoy and hence could not join back. Later the entire crew was dissolved and posted out.

However, post change of crew, the ship was involved in high op tempo.

She damaged a German U-boat during world war II with depth chargers. The ship has a unique record of damaging three submarines in three consecutive days.

All Flower-class ships were decommissioned after the war. But Sackville was laid off in reserve and therefore remained in service.

It was converted into a civilian reserve ship and in the 1980s the ship was brought back into its 1943 original setup.

The museum as per the latest information is temporarily closed for maintenance.

But do not forget to visit it at your next available opportunity.

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