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Spending a peaceful and adventurous night at Jasper National Park and the campgrounds surrounding it under the shining stars can be an exceptional experience. Family members spend time together by indulging in various pleasurable activities that strengthen the bond and promote happiness. Camping near Jasper national park facilitates such an authentic adventure to be yours.

Before jumping to the details of camping in jasper national park, let’s learn what camping is and how it benefits our overall well-being.

1) What is Camping?

Camping is an outdoor recreational activity where individuals or groups pitch tents or use recreational vehicles to spend one or more nights in a natural setting, typically in remote areas such as a park, forest, or beach. It can involve hiking, fishing, campfire cooking, and wildlife viewing. The objective of camping is often to disconnect from the fast pace of hectic modern life and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Camping became popular among individuals of the upper classes in the early twentieth century. Wilderness regions, national and state parks, and commercial campsites are popular destinations for modern campers.

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1.1) Benefits of Camping

Camping can bring numerous physical, mental, and social benefits. Some of these benefits include:

1.1.1) Improved Physical Health

Camping requires physical activity such as setting up a tent, hiking, and gathering firewood, which can improve cardiovascular health and muscle strength.

1.1.2) Mental Health

Spending time in the natural environment and disconnecting from technology can reduce stress and improve overall mental well-being.

1.1.3) Quality Time with Family and Friends

Camping provides an opportunity to bond and make memories with loved ones.

1.1.4) Closer Connection to Nature

Being surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife can inspire a deeper appreciation and respect for the environment.

1.1.5) Improved Sleep

Spending time in the great outdoors can lead to improved sleep patterns and reduced fatigue.

1.1.6) Full of Adventure

For people who thrive when they face a challenge. Camping is the best activity that they can indulge themselves in. Camping is known to offer a chance by trying out new activities, such as kayaking, rock climbing, and fishing.

1.1.7) Sustainable 

Since camping sites provide campers with equipment to rent, the whole activity becomes budget-friendly and sustainable. You can borrow the equipment which cuts the cost of expensive hotels.

1.1.8) Creativity Enhancement

Spending time and connecting with nature can be a solid source of inspiration and can result in increased creativity and productivity.

1.1.9) Development of Unique and new skills

Camping requires the development of new skills such as navigating, cooking over an open fire, and problem-solving, which can help boost confidence.

1.1.10) Stress Reduction

The tranquillity and peacefulness of camping can help reduce stress levels, leading to a greater sense of calm and well-being.

2) Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is a nature preserve in the Canadian Rockies. It spans over 11,000 square kilometres and is famous for its visual magnificence, which includes glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, and animals like elk, bighorn sheep, and grizzly bears. Hiking, camping, skiing, and animal watching are leisure activities available at the park.

Jasper town is located in the middle of Jasper National Park. The park’s gleaming glaciers, numerous animals, crystal-clear lakes, thunderous waterfalls, deep gorges, and evergreen forests are all framed by towering mountains.o

2.1) History of Jasper Townsite

Jasper is a small village that began as a railway town and now sits in the midst of some of the world’s most beautiful protected wilderness. Before the Yellowhead Highway and Icefields Parkway began taking tourists from all over the world into the heart of the Canadian Rockies, before our wonderful mountain town was even named ‘Jasper,’ this beautiful corner of the world was little more than a trade station surrounded by nature.

This station was created and maintained by two of Canada’s fur trading heavyweights: Hudson’s Bay Company and North West Company and was located along the Athabasca River (the principal route of the day). Jasper Haws, one of the post’s managers and a voyageur, gave the town and park their names.

FACT: Jasper National Park is Canada’s most famous park in the Rocky Mountains, covering 11,228 square kilometres (4,335 square miles). It’s the world’s second-largest Dark Sky Preserve.

Long before that, Aboriginal people hunted in the grassland meadows under the peaks in the Athabasca River Valley. Later cabins erected by local Métis families contributed to Jasper’s cabin-loving culture.

Just as Canada’s second transcontinental rail line was planned to pass through and support the town of Fitzhugh, the government delegated the region Jasper Forest Park in 1907, The town expanded was renamed Jasper, and quickly welcomed tourists looking for adventure and beauty in the mountains.

Jasper has long welcomed people who want to go beyond, from the valley’s first human settlers through early climbing expeditions to current reconnections with nature.

National parks are natural and relevant sites to enjoy the open sky, shining stars, and cool breeze while camping. Parks Canada is the government agency in charge of managing the country’s 48 national parks, three national marine conservation areas, one national urban park, 172 national historic sites, and one national landmark. Parks Canada offers citizens the opportunity of camping at reservable sites in Jasper national park.

Over a five-year period, the Government of Canada will fund Parks Canada’s infrastructure renovations to historical, tourist, and highway assets located, waterways in national parks, and other parts across Canada. Parks Canada has provided many fundamental amenities that have enhanced the stay of campers and visitors camping near jasper.

2.2) Camping Near Jasper National Park

Jasper national park is surrounded by numerous camping grounds that provide the remarkable experience of camping with various facilities. Most campgrounds near jasper national park are lined up in a straight path. Camping near Jasper is an extraordinary experience that compels campers to visit year after another. Jasper campgrounds are for everyone.

From explorers wishing to camp off the beaten path to RV enthusiasts bringing comfort with them. Jasper campgrounds are safe, hygienic, and satisfactory in delivering a remarkable experience. Camping near Jasper benefits your physical as well as your mental health. The authorities have made camping near jasper an enriching adventure for every explorer.

Camping Near Jasper
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We’ve collected a list of places to stay, and things to do, and remember as you explore the biggest national park in the Canadian Rockies on an amazing camping vacation.

2.2.1) Wapiti Campground

Wapiti Campground is in Alberta, Canada, located within Jasper National Park. It is available from early May to late September and offers a range of camping choices, including RVs and tent camping. The campground has bathrooms, showers, and fire pits and is close to popular park attractions and activities such as hiking trails, lakes, and animal-watching spots.

Wapiti Campground is a renowned outdoor recreation location recognized for its stunning beauty and tranquil environs. It has 363 campsites of which 75 are winter spots.

2.2.2) Whistlers Campground

The closest and largest campground near Jasper national park is Whistlers campground. This campground is located a few minutes from Jasper town. 781 Campsites are registered under the Whistlers campground.

The Whistlers campground facilities include hot shower facilities, clean and hygienic toilet facilities, fire pits, a family-friendly location, and many more amenities. Elk sightings are common in this popular Jasper camping area, according to campers.

NOTE: Whistlers campground and wapiti campground is open for summer and winter camping in jasper national park.

2.2.3) Wilcox Creek Campground

Wilcox creek campground is known for its daring hike and picturesque scenery. You can camp anywhere among the 46 campsites available in Wilcox creek campground. Columbia icefields campground and Wilcox campground are in close proximity to each other, making your exploration more enjoyable.

Wilcox campground also has almost all the basic amenities for you to embrace nature and have the advantage of staring at a starry night.

2.2.4) Pocahontas Campgrounds

Pocahontas campground is the nearest to Miette Hot Springs and is located just within the park’s eastern boundary. In this area, you’ll give up a few camp conveniences for more peace and quiet, but there are still some basic amenities like running water, flush toilets, and fire rings. There are camping, RV, and trailer quiet spot available.

The campground has 140 campsites to enjoy with your loved ones. If you forget anything, the Miette Mountain Cabins General Store is close and has everything you need.

2..5) Columbia Icefield Campground

The prime RV camping near jasper national park is at the Columbia icefields campground. This campground has splendid glacier views. It is one of the fantastic jasper campsites maintained by parks Canada.

The outstanding view of glaciers can be viewed from 33 campsites that fall under the Columbia icefields campground. On the campsite, you can use tents to have a magnificent time period.

2.2.6) Snaring Campground

Snaring campground offers 62 private and treed campsites. You can enjoy spectacular scenery with the sounds of fresh water running in the nearby river. Dipping your feet into the fresh river water promises to revive your energy. Quiet lakeside strolls can also help you in connecting with yourself.

Snaring provides the facilities of fresh water, fire pits, all gender-accessible washrooms, etc, to its campers. It’s best fit for primitive camping and RVs under 27 feet long.

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2.1.7) Wabasso Campground

Wabasso, a quiet riverbank campground with 231 campsites and loads of hiking trail access, is about 20 minutes south of Jasper townsite. There are minimal facilities like fire pits and restrooms, but there are few connections and no showers. As a result, Wabasso is suited for elite campers willing to ‘rough it’ in tents and small RVs, trailers, and motorhomes (under 35 feet).

Wabasso is a bit more rustic than other sites, but it is still clean and big, which keeps noise levels down, making your camping experience more private. Do visit the Wabasso campground to relish the natural showers. It’s rustic, lovely, and gorgeous. And, with the beautiful Athabasca River nearby, you can always take a natural bath!

2.2.8) Honeymoon Lake Campground

Honeymoon lake campground offers a low-key lakeside campsite that is perfect for RV camping and tenting with your family or friends. Honeymoon lake campground has in total of 35 campsites from which you can choose and capture spectacular scenery with your eyes. This campsite also provides facilities of flush toilets and fire pits.

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2.2.9) Jonas Creek Campground

With 25 campsites accessible at Jonas creek campground, it becomes the frigid creek of all the campgrounds. Jonas creek campground facilities are the same as all of the other campgrounds. Hot showers, potable water, and toilet facilities are the basic amenities provided at the site, along with the breathtaking scenarios.

Some walk-in sites offer beautiful seclusion in the forest despite the close proximity to the highway of Jonas Creek campground. Jonas Creek camping near jasper amazes visitors with its breathtaking views.

2.2.10) Mount Kerkeslin Campground

Mount Kerkeslin’s campground at the base of Mount Kerkeslin is about 30 minutes from Jasper. This peaceful, isolated location provides plenty of shade and is ideal for bikers and RV owners with rigs under 25 feet. Mount Kerkeslin also provides a short walk down to the river.

Forty-two campsites are available to camp under cold and starry nights. This river campground has dazzling, eye-soothing, peaceful views that can help wash away all the work or household stress.

2.3) Enchantments of Jasper National Park

Outside of Jasper, there is a wealth of trails and opportunities for exploration. To avail yourself of the best time, do visit the below-mentioned vast and charming locations:

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2.3.1) Canyon Maligne

Maligne Canyon, the deepest canyon in Jasper National Park, offers plenty of exploration opportunities for hikers of all experience levels. The trail across the canyon’s six bridges leads past dazzling waterfalls and moss-covered cliff faces.

In order to make this trip truly unforgettable, finish it with dinner at the Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen. The presence of Canyon Maligne makes camping near jasper more interesting.

2.3.2) The Lake of Maligne

Take a cruise around Maligne Lake to get a different perspective on Jasper’s towering peaks. After leaving, you’ll travel across turquoise waters to Spirit Island while learning about the region’s history.

Do you like to take the wheel yourself? Maligne Lake Boat Rental offers canoe, kayak, and rowboat rentals so that you can take a relaxing trip in a vessel of your choosing.

2.3.3) There is a Large Ice Field in Columbia

A visit to the Columbia Icefield can give you a fresh perspective on the beauty and mystery of our ever-evolving world. Explore the ancient Athabasca Glacier from the Glacier Discovery Centre’s vantage point atop the glacier, and then ride the glacier’s massive Ice Explorer to get there. After that, stroll along the glass-bottomed Skywalk for a breathtaking view of Jasper’s attractions.

2.3.4) Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course

Along with some of the most breathtaking natural scenery in the country, Jasper is also home to Canada’s finest golf resort, the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. Your round of golf in the Rockies will be memorable no matter how you play.

2.3.5) Observing Wild Animals

There are many different kinds of inhabitants in Jasper National Park. Smaller animals like marmots and a variety of birds coexist with larger animals like caribou, elk, moose, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, bears, and wolves in Jasper National Park.

The best times of day to see most animals are early morning and late evening; for more helpful advice on wildlife viewing, visit the Jasper Tourism website. Camping near jasper provides you with the opportunity of learning more about the wild that wanders in the woods.

2.3.6)Transportation on the Jasper SkyTram

Taking the Jasper SkyTram up Whistlers Mountain 2,263 meters (nearly 7,500 feet) will reward you with a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding area. Take in breathtaking vistas as far as the eye can see, including the nearby peak of Mount Robson in British Columbia.

2.4) Facilities at Jasper National Park

The National park takes note of the facilities needed by humans and provides all the basic comforts for a sheltered yet memorable experience.

2.4.1) Picnic Tables

Picnics are best to enhance your relationship with your family and friends. To have the best of time you can avail the facility of picnic tables at Jasper national park.

On the jasper campsites, you can access the picnic tables by registering beforehand or after arriving at the site. An area to relax and take in the sights, picnic tables and benches are a welcome addition to any community.

Parks Canada has worked to provide an excellent jasper camping adventure for the citizens and tourists. New picnic tables are installed at the jasper campsites.

2.4.2) Toilet Facilities

Access to functional sanitation infrastructure (such as toilets and latrines) is beneficial to public health because it allows individuals to dispose of waste in a sanitary manner, minimizing environmental pollution and the risk of disease transmission to others in the surrounding community.

Often people cancel their trips and camping because of a lack of proper hygienic toilet facilities. But you can plan your trip without any worries at Jasper national park. Jasper campsites fulfil the need for toilet facilities brilliantly by installing flush toilets. Eighteen new combined washroom near the campsites of Jasper has made it easy for people to set up their tent.

2.4.3) Shower Facilities

The camping shower tent protects you from prying eyes in the common community shower and provides much-needed solitude. Camping near jasper national park has this benefit as authorities have installed separate and combined hot showers.

2.4.4) Safe Food Storage

No matter where you set up camp, many creatures may find their way into your meals. Mice, rats, and even bears will rip through a tent or bag to get any leftover food.

As campers, it is our duty to keep wild animals away from any food we bring along. This alters their normally occurring nutrition, making them reliant on human intervention, and increases their danger to society. Animal control officials have been known to kill bears who have gotten used to humans and are a nuisance.

Camping in jasper prevents the rotting or contamination of food by accommodating your foodstuff in the food storage cables.

2.4.5) Fire Pit

A camping trip is only complete with a fire pit to keep you toasty, provide illumination, and cook your meals. Fire pits are functional in camping for several reasons, including:

To prepare meals, fire pits are a time-honoured camping staple. You can use a fire pit to make s’mores, roast marshmallows, or cook an entire meal on a camping grill or Dutch oven.

a) Comfortable heat: On cool evenings, fire pits are a great way to warm up. Having a fire pit to congregate around is a unique way to spend time with your camping pals and share stories.

b) Light: Fire pits can illuminate the night, creating a pleasant setting for socializing and unwinding.

c) Preventing Insect Pests: Bugs like mosquitoes and flies can ruin a camping trip. A fire pit is an effective method to keep them at bay and have a relaxing camping experience.

Camping Near Jasper
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Having a fire pit to gather around is a tremendous way to bring people together and foster a sense of community. It’s an excellent opportunity to bond with others over a shared experience.

Remember that when using a fire pit while camping, it is imperative to adhere to local fire regulations and safety guidelines. Before leaving the campsite, ensure your fire is safely contained and extinguished.

2.4.7) Wider Roads

Driving in mountainous areas can be a source of brutal accidents. The construction of wider roads has increased RV camping in jasper national park. Wider roads promote two-way RV traffic to clear out quickly and with less number of accidents.

Having more space to drive huge RVs into the campsites prevents misadventures. Camping near Jasper has been made much more manageable and adventurous.

2.4.8) Cook Shelters

When camping, a cook shelter is convenient for setting up a kitchen and preparing meals. By shielding you from the elements, you may securely make meals outside, regardless of the weather.

There are cook shelters that have a stove or other cooking surface built-in, and there are open shelters that serve as a place to sit and utilize a portable stove or bonfire. Preparing and storing food may be made more accessible by adding a countertop and shelves to some cook shelters.

A cooking shelter may shield you and your meal from the weather, control food scents, and discourage the arrival of uninvited critters. In conclusion, any camper who values comfort and ease while cooking outdoors would be wise to invest in a cook shelter. Jasper National Park provides cook shelter to make your camping experience stunning.


Jasper National Park is a perfect place to be adventurous, enthusiastic, and relaxed. It is a wholesome experience to camp in a spectacular location with fascinating views. Camping near Jasper can lift your mood and enhance productivity. After learning about a fantastic place to get a break and rejuvenate yourself, you must be looking for details to grab the opportunity.

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