Grasslands National Park Camping: Your Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Adventure

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Camping in Grasslands National Park can be a joyful experience. Grasslands National Park is located in Canada near Val Marie, Saskatchewan, whereas Saskatchewan is located east of Alberta and west of Manitoba.

In the U.S. State of Montana, Grasslands National Park has 44 park reserves in Canada’s national park system. The park is famous for its open spaces and prairie ecosystem, including grasslands and badlands. 

You can enjoy and experience the calmness of the Grassland National Park, dedicated to preserving prairie grasslands. Before talking about the beauty of this Park, let us see what a National Park is.

1. When Did Grasslands Park Become a National Park?

Under the new Canada National Parks Act on February 19, the Grasslands National Park of Canada was proclaimed a national park. Before this park became the National park, Prince Albert National Park was the only park in Saskatchewan.

Grasslands National Park Mountain Bike Trip 2011

2. Camping in Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

Camping in Grasslands National Park can be a cheerful and joyous experience. You can camp in designated camping areas at the Grasslands National Park. Three things for you to know if you’re going to camp in the park.

2.1. A Guide to Camp in Grasslands National Park

Grasslands Park is separated into two sections, the west and the east blocks, separated by about 70 km of driving

The west block visitor center is in Val Marie, Saskatchewan, and the east block has just one entry. The visitor center is next to Rock Creek Campground.

The west block centers on the Frenchman River Valley, the grasslands east block ascribes the Killdeer “Badlands,” and the Frenchman Valley Campground provides a peaceful prairie setting with views of the Frenchman River, rolling hills, and prairie landscapes.

2.2. Try Different Types of Camping

Try backcountry camping and front-country camping in Grasslands National Park. This epic backcountry adventure is where you’re not near a developed or less accessible area.

You have no facilities related to the trappings of society, while camping in parks is front-country camping, where visitors drive to a settled campground. Camping in Grasslands National Park would give you immense joy that you would cherish forever.

Saskatchewan Travel Guide: GRASSLANDS NATIONAL PARK (Canada)

For camping in Grasslands National Park, we have three campgrounds: Frenchman Valley Campground and Rock Creek Campground, in the west block via the Badlands Parkway in the east block, and Two Trees Trail Campground in the park’s east block.

The Frenchman Valley Campground and the Rock Creek Campground have services such as picnic tables, fire pits, and vault toilets with easy access. You can enjoy your meal and snacks at the picnic table.

2.3. Plan Wisely for Camping in Grasslands National Park 

Planning wisely before camping in Grasslands National Park can be a time saver so that you can enjoy yourself there. Make sure to book your campsite in advance online or call the park’s contact numbers. Also, keep a guide map with you.

There are some rules and regulations, too, that you must remember while camping in Grasslands National Park.

3. Things to Do in Grasslands National Park

The best time to visit the Grasslands National Park is in May and June, when the park is full of flowers.

3.1. Do a Little Wildlife Viewing

Fauna/species found here include plains bison, pronghorn antelope, ring-necked pheasants, burrowing owls, geese, coyotes, swift foxes, prairie dogs, and greater short-horned lizards, mainly the prairie wildlife.

This park is the prairie dog town. The first colony was about six miles north of Val Marie, Saskatchewan.

Grasslands National Park

Once near global extinction, Parks Canada brings back plains bison to the mixed grass prairie of southern Saskatchewan. There are some more different species in the park you’ll enjoy watching.

3.2. Stargaze in Darkest Dark-Sky Preserve

While camping at the Grasslands National Park, you can enjoy the night sky full of a gleaming display of stars, constellations, and the Milky Way. This park is the ultimate big sky destination.

Experience an extraordinary dark star-filled sky and night-time wildlife uninterrupted by light pollution.

3.3. Experience the Views on Horseback

Horseback riding is a form of amusement and is considered one of the best ways to enjoy the nature of this National park. Horses are a vital part of this landscape. If you want amazing park views, you can also try horseback riding.

In addition, you will have interpretative park programs and equestrian camping to enjoy an ecotour scenic drive. 

3.4. Hike the Trails

Besides camping in Grasslands National Park, hiking can be a great way to stay active and healthy while admiring nature’s beauty. Hiking and camping in the Grasslands National Park will bring you closer to the beauty of the Canadian prairies.

Grasslands National Park offers a variety of trails to explore. There are many short walking trails, too. Some of the very popular hiking routes are listed below.

Grasslands National Park
  • Valley of 1000 Devils Trail
  • Eagle Butte Trail
  • Two Trees Trail
  • Ecotour Road
  • Rock Creek Trail

Final Thoughts

Major Canadian national parks receive a large count of visitors per year; Grasslands Park has a few counts of people visiting it annually as compared to other national parks.

Thus, it is a beautiful and quiet national park in Canada. It may be everything a nature lover wants in a National park.

You can enjoy your personal space here while camping in Grasslands National Park. Here, you’ll find complete silence: the absence of man-made noise. Overall, a visit to Grasslands Park is a must and is considered one of the greatest wonders of Canada.

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