8 Best Campgrounds Near Waterton Lakes National Park for Your Next Visit!

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Camping in Waterton Lakes National Park is an exquisite experience worth cherishing.

The mountain campgrounds are located in the southwest corner of Alberta near Waterton Village, and they are the best places to enjoy yourself during the seasonal periods.

The visitors can enjoy many great activities to escape the rat race of the big cities.

Camping in Waterton campgrounds gets very busy during the peak season. The place has vibrant camping spots, walk-in tent sites, and a national park with ravishing wildlife and well-protected fauna.

1. Famous Campgrounds Near Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Provincial Park
Photo from Pixabay

1.1. Waterton Townsite Campground

This campground is located on the south end of Waterton Park, popularly known for its other wildlife and well-serviced campsite; the site also provides more than 80 outlets of fresh water supplies, electrical sites, showers, and food storage facilities.

This campsite is easily accessible, and the walk-in tents get reserved quickly due to its proximity to Upper Waterton Lake, giving visitors a soothing experience.

It is a popular spot near the small town for people who feel safe around human civilization.

1.2. Belly River Campground

Belly River Campground is one of the most remote campgrounds in Waterton Lakes National Park. It is also one of the most beautiful campsites with many activities, including hiking, picnics, bonfires, and well-built fireplaces for visitors.

The campers must keep in mind that this campsite lacks any source of fresh water; hence, they must carry potable water with them for a trouble-free experience.

Belly River Campground is a great outdoors for hiking and bicycling with numerous trails, especially during winter.

1.3. Crandell Mountain Campground

Crandell mountain campground near Waterton

Crandell Campgrounds are maintained by Parks Canada, with the exquisite Blakiston Valley located along the Red Rock Parkway.

Waterton Lakes National Park pays more attention to this campsite as it is trendy among visitors.

Crandell Mountain Campground has beautiful creeks and magnificent Crandell Lake with ample freshwater, and this campsite is easily accessible to visitors.

The night is mainly a very relaxing time as the sky is full of stars, and the visitors enjoy camping under the river of stars, giving them a feeling of ecstasy.

To reserve a camp spot in the Crandell Mountain Campground, visitors must first come, first served.

1.4. Crooked Creek Campground

Camp Crooked Creek

The place offers around 100 campsites with more than 50 places to visit throughout your camping adventure.

The campsites are facilitated with free WIFI services, toilets, showers, free picnic tables, and a pet-friendly playground.

1.5. Bertha Bay

Located near Waterton Lakes National Park, this creek is not easy to access, and the campground is an entirely unserviced site popular for birdwatching, camping, and backpacking.

This trail is open year-round, and the parks in Waterton Campgrounds are available for campers to explore.

1.6. Goat Lake

Hiking Goat Lake in Waterton Lakes!

The place is worth visiting if you are up for a challenge.

This site beholds the most exotic bird species with a loop trail of 10.5 miles, and the place is perfect for nighttime camps, although the visitors don’t quickly get reservations along these trails.

The site has facilities such as toilets, showers, etc.

1.7. Lone Lake

One of Waterton’s most famous lakes, the place is popular for winter camping, and visitors can use Pass Creek Day for winter camping in Waterton.

The campgrounds near this lake have low phone connectivity due to being remotely located amongst a thick canopy of trees.

1.8. Boundary Bay

This beautiful lake is located far from the townsite campground and is known for its shallow and calm waters, giving people easy access to marine wildlife exploration.

The place is perfect for camping as you can book the campsite by self-registration and have a wonderful time along the bay’s shores.

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Waterton Lakes National Park
Photo from Pixabay

2.1. How to Book a Camping Spot in Waterton?

All spots in the townsite campground can be reserved by the Parks Canada Reservations service website or by contacting the park officials directly.

2.2. Are There Many Bears in Waterton Park?

The management maintains a healthy population of grizzly bears, and the park provides a sanctuary for them, but they are not likely to attack visitors.

2.3. Do You Need a Passport from Glacier to Waterton Park?

The two parks are known as International Peace Park together, but the Waterton Lakes adjoin Canada and the U.S.A.

Hence, you would require an active passport to visit both of them.

2.4. What Is the Best Time for Visiting Waterton Reserve?

The best time to visit the campground is during the winter months, as the place looks like a winter wonderland covered with snow, and visitors can enjoy their hike through the icy trails.

Visitors can have a beautiful experience while camping in the meadows and enjoy activities such as ice skating and ice fishing during winter according to their comfort.

The townsite campground is the most famous among all other Waterton campgrounds. Most of them are unserviced sites, whereas this campground is near the townsite, making it more comfortable than others.

2.6. Are Pets Allowed in Waterton Park?

Pets with leashes are allowed in both serviced and unserviced sites. The owners are responsible for the pets, and the officials are not accountable for misbehaviour.

2.7. What Do You Keep in Mind While Visiting Waterton Park?

Waterton Campgrounds can be reserved by talking to officials, and in Waterton Park, camping is only permitted in designated campgrounds. The permit holder for the campsite is responsible for the site, including maintaining the cleanliness of the campsite, the noise levels, etc.

Visitors are not allowed to set up tents at trailheads, roadside pullouts, or other restricted areas.

In case of any mishaps, the officials should be immediately reported, and people need to take care of their belongings, which include food items, phones, clothes, etc.

Waterton Lakes National Park Camping and Adventure


Waterton Park is a serene place with many places to visit. The trails are in quite good condition, and the area is beautiful, with dense forests.

The area is known for the friendship between the two countries, making the site significant for people of both Canada and America. The place would have a soothing and relaxing effect on you, and the plays are perfect if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life.

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