Belleville Bliss: 6 Unforgettable Things to Do for an Unparalleled Experience

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Belleville is a famous historic city center in Ontario set at the Moira River, with many historical sites and interesting historical details to be discovered. If you are on a tour of Canada, you must not miss this wonderful city. Have a nice family outing or an exciting vacation trip there.

You can easily reach it by boarding a car, bus, train, or boat. This downtown district has several attractions, including wildlife areas, shopping malls, antique shops, hiking trails, golf courses, parks, galleries, restaurants, and museums.

Best Things To Do In Belleville –

1. Visit The Historic Sites

Several historical Belleville attractions things attract tourists. It is just an idea to visit the best historical places in Belleville and make your trip memorable.

1.1. Tyendinaga Caves

Tyendinaga Caves

Tyendinaga Caves are Ontario’s oldest natural caves in Belleville. This is one of the biggest local attractions of the town and a perfect spot to visit in the summer.

This large cave has flat floors and stair railings; you will spot several old fossils inside. Join their guided tours to get detailed information about the cave.

Location: 2623 Harmony Road, Tyendinaga, Ontario K8N 4Z6, Canada

1.2. Glanmore National Historic Site

Glanmore National Historic Site is a beautiful Victorian mansion used both as a historic site and a contemporary museum. The display of grand artifacts, antique collections, and interesting historical details is shared there to make it worth visiting.

You will surely be fascinated with the stunning interior and architecture!

Location: 257 Bridge Street East, Belleville, Ontario K8N 1P4, Canada.

Glanmore National Historic Site of Canada

1.3. Belleville City Hall

Belleville City Hall is a landmark historical building built with limestone and red bricks. Ample parking facilities are also provided across the street.

This great place has markets, well-maintained buildings, and beautiful architecture defining history.

Location: 169 Front Street, Belleville, Ontario K8N 2Y8, Canada

2. Explore The Beautiful Parks

Belleville has maintained acres of land for nature preservation and preserves natural beauty. There are several beautiful parks for visitors to explore.

2.1. Riverside Park

This is a well-maintained park with beautiful walking space and a play area for kids. It also includes a playground, skate park, beach, and splashboard.

Location: 373 Moira Street East, Belleville, ON K8P 4P3, Canada

2.2. East Zwick’s Centennial Park

East Zwick’s Centennial Park looks beautiful, with lots of greenery and scenic spots. The park has benches, a bathroom, and lots of parking space. Plan a wonderful visit to the park and have fun in its soccer fields and playgrounds.

People also visit this park for special photoshoots in its lovely locations. At multicultural festivals, several concerts are organized, presenting bands like the Beach Boys and Frankie Valli.

Location: 11 Bay Bridge Road, Belleville, Ontario K8P 3P6, Canada

2.3. Jane Forrester Park

Jane Forrester Park-Belleville Ontario Canada #belleville

Spend a nice time at Jane Forrester Park enjoying the water trails. This park was built in memory of Jane Forrester, the first woman Mayor of Belleville.

You must try the Kiwanis Bayshore Trail along the park, which offers amazing views of George Street Boat Launch and Meyers Pier marina. There are benches all around to sit on.

Location: 30 S John Street, Belleville, Ontario K8N 3E3, Canada

3. Meet The Wildlife

There are several great wildlife areas in Belleville. Exploring these conservation areas is also among the interesting things in Belleville.

3.1. Potter’s Creek Conservation Area

It is a beautiful conservation area famous for offering amazing hiking and picnicking trails. Enjoy bird watching, bird feeding, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.

The site is also recommended best for nature photography. You will get many facilities there, including parking, portable washrooms, and picnic tables.

Location: 2061 Old Highway 2, Belleville, Ontario K8N 4Z2, Canada

3.2. Massasauga Point Conservation Area

Massasauga Point conservation area is among Belleville’s most popular attractions for spotting wildlife.

Enjoy its hiking trails along the Bay Of Quinte, where savanna and mixed forest terrain can be dotted. A large variety of rare plant species can also be seen there.

Location: Prince Edward, Ontario K8N 4Z7, Canada

Massassauga Point Conservation Area

3.3. CN Monument, South Foster Park

This is a lovely area where you can spot several small wildlife along the eastern shore of the bay of Quinte—a perfect place to relax in natural surroundings with family and enjoy people-watching and clicking photographs.

Location: 3P3, Bayshore Trail, Belleville, Ontario, Canada

4. Have Great Food In The Best Restaurants

Belleville offers you some awesome restaurants with an exclusive drop-down menu. Have a look:

4.1. Linguine’s Italian Restaurant

Linguine’s Italian restaurant is the best option in Belleville if you are craving Italian cuisine. Have manicotti & veal Marsala and other Italian dishes, bruschetta, and calamari.

The friendly atmosphere and amazing staff attract more and more customers. Don’t miss the bar area where you can enjoy cocktails and wines.

It is advised that you make your reservations before visiting this place.

Screenshot from Linguine's Italian
Screenshot from Linguine’s Italian

Location: 257 N Front Street, Belleville, Ontario K8P 3C2, Canada

4.2. Royal Haveli

Royal Haveli is an outstanding Indian restaurant in Belleville specializing in North Indian cuisine.

Try spinach, potatoes, dal tadka, butter naan, mutter paneer, saag paneer, vegetable korma, butter chicken, and lots more. They also offer a nice selection of whisky, beers, and cocktails.

Furthermore, the soothing Indo-western music played behind makes your day.

Location: 366 N Front Street #22, Belleville, Ontario K8P 5N8, Canada

4.3. Capers

Capers offers you the best and most innovative meals in Belleville. Enjoy a lovely afternoon attending the best lunch at this restaurant. 

Try grilled Brussels sprouts, cod fish, shrimp, curry cauliflower with steak, butter chicken, and many more delicious dishes on their menu.

Screenshot from Capers
Screenshot from Capers

Location: 272 Front Street, Belleville, Ontario K8N 2Z8, Canada

5. Enjoy Lots Of Shopping

Belleville is a natural treasure and a favorite spot for shopping hubs. There are many shopping malls and markets where you can enjoy good shopping.

5.1. Quinte Mall

One of the most exciting things to do in Belleville is to visit the Quinte Mall. This is the most visited mall in Belleville that meets all your needs.

It offers various deals to its customers from time to time to indulge them in more shopping. There are restaurants, brand stores, and movie theatres.

Location: 390 N Front Street, Belleville, Ontario K8P 3E1, Canada

5.2. Bay View Mall

Bay View Mall is a big Belleville shopping mall with one of the longest fast-food chains.

Have the best burgers, fries, and pizzas at this spot, or enjoy a strong coffee, tea, and other beverages while relaxing between shopping.

Location: 470 Dundas Street East, Belleville, Ontario K8N 1E9, Canada

5.3. Memorial Market Place

Memorial Market Place Sneak Peek

Memorial Market Place is one of Belleville’s most diverse and popular markets. There are all types of shopkeepers selling seasonal and local farms. This market is also known for fresh foods and grocery items.

Location: 15 Market Street, Belleville, Ontario K8N 1G8, Canada

6. Experience The Hiking Trails

6.1. Potter’s Creek Loop Trail

This is a well-maintained trail in Belleville with lots of woodlands. You will spot wetlands and meadows along the forests. This is a perfect trail for walking.

Location: 260 1, Cannifton, Ontario K0K 1K0, Canada

You can also go for the Waterfront Trail, Massasauga Loop, Moira Riverfront Trail, and Boundary and Horsetail Trail.

Belleville-The Friendly City

Belleville is a complete package with fun, excitement, adventure, knowledge, taste, and pleasure.

Above, we mentioned the most interesting things to do in Belleville. These are the best ways to explore and have fun in this city. If interested, you can also go to rocking nightclubs or pubs in the town.

So, plan your trip to Belleville with your friends or family and have a great time in this wonderful destination.

6 Best Things to do in Belleville

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