16 Best Restaurants in Windsor For Foodies!

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While planning a visit or tour to a new city for the first time, the only thing that comes to mind is where to check-in. And especially when you are a foodie, you would never like to compromise your appetite or taste. So this time if you want to travel to Windsor then you must know about the best restaurants in Windsor.

First of all, let’s talk a little bit about Windsor.

The Windsor City

Windsor is one of the most advanced and popular cities in Canada. The city always has something great to offer to everyone. Once you visit there with your family and friends, you will never get disappointed. It is a vibrant destination with cultural diversification that attracts most visitors.

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The city has a lot of attractions for you. Be it the magnificent castles ( The Windsor Castle), the parks, the racecourses, the beautiful gardens, the big malls, the popular restaurants, the resorts, nightclubs and much more.

You would definitely love to visit this city again and again. Being one of the favourite places of tourists, Windsor is also a leader in the automotive industry. So this industrial heritage is also known as the ‘Automotive capital of Canada. ‘

The climate of Windsor is really nice, and the soil here is fantastic for cultivation which adds a benefit to the restaurants here. Most of the restaurants in Windsor use fresh and locally sourced ingredients that add some great tastes to their recipes. Also, the prices are genuine and affordable.

So, what are you waiting for !! Just plan your trip to Windsor in the upcoming vacations and enjoy the cultural, vivacious life here. And of course, we are here to guide you about some of the top restaurants in Windsor where you can relax, enjoy, and eat amazing food after your long and tiring visits.

Travel the whole day to these restaurants mentioned below to refresh and charge for more fun.

Best Restaurants In Windsor

1. The Twisted Apron

The Twisted Apron is a gem in Windsor to have a delicious breakfast. The restaurant mostly serves on a first-come, first-serve basis. They have announced to shift to a new location in the summer of 2022.

What They Offer

You must try this fantastic restaurant for it serves the most amazing blueberry brie cheese that you may not find anywhere. Brie burgers, beet salad, fish chips, steak nachos, veggie tacos, quinoa salad, soups, and a variety of delicious food are offered in small portions as well as significant portions with great ambiance.


1833 Wyandotte Street East, Windsor, Ontario

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2. Nico Taverna

One of the top restaurants that offers the best quality of seafood is Nico Taverna on Erie St. It is the perfect place to have Italian food from an extremely friendly staff and in a great atmosphere.

You will get absolutely romantic vibes once you get inside.

What They Offer

It is famous for its amazing food. Several Italian dishes are part of its menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Italian pasta, one yellow perch, cod, lobster, Ricotta and spinach stuffed chicken with a panko crust and lemon parmesan sauce, garden salad, sauteed vegetables, bison lasagna, Antipasto Misto, Nuttelo croissant are some of the excellent foods served here.

Super fresh homemade Italian bread is also available.


501 Erie Street East, Windsor, Ontario

3. Spago

The Spago restaurant provides Italian dishes at very reasonable prices. The clean and tidy place with brilliant staff and ambiance is definitely going to attract you. It has lovely decor and a great ambiance that gives you an Italian vibe. Reservations of your table are also possible.

What They Offer

All of their recipes are prepared in an efficient manner and are gluten-free. Spago restaurant Italiano offers delicious pizza to its guests. Antipasta Freddi Pomodori E Boccocina Salsiccia Con Pepperoni Panini Pesci Zuppe, Spaghetti are some of their special dishes that will never let you disappointed.


3850 Dougall Ave, Windsor, Ontario

cozy brick walled restaurant interior
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4. The Cook’s Shop 

It is another authentic Italian spot. It is a great place to have your favourite Italian meal and also celebrate your special occasions if you wish to.

The inside area is really beautiful. You can have your lunch or dinner on the patio outside or in the intimate dining room.

What They Offer

This traditional restaurant has been serving its customers the best culinary experiences. With their excellent service, they test the kitchen food from fresh ingredients as well.

If you really love seafood, you must visit this restaurant. The seafood and the fish served here are awesome and very fresh. The Cook’s shop menu includes something special for every Italian food lover. It offers some great food like Artisinal panini, grilled calamari, shrimp and Caprese salad, crispy prosciutto, provolone, lettuce, tomato and arugula pesto polenta fries, along with a great collection of wine.

Don’t forget to taste amazing desserts like carrot cake or chocolate salted caramel tart and a lot more to have an unforgettable experience.


683 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, Ontario

5. Mezzo Ristorante

The Mezzo Ristorante is the one with the most innovative and award-winning cuisine that also gives you live entertainment along with an extensive bar, including a large variety of wines and cocktails.

This Italian restaurant provides you with an awesome indoor and outdoor dining experience, private rooms for special occasions, catering and also organizes live events.

You won’t be able to stop yourself from coming here a second time once you visit the restaurant.

What They Offer

Apart from Italian dishes, it also offers Indian and Canadian cuisine. The sweet and sour chicken balls taste really amazing.

Here, some of the superb food is spinach salad, stuffed ravioli, spring rolls filled with goat cheese, artichokes and peppers, and sesame-encrusted sushi-grade yellowfin tuna.


804 Erie Street East, Windsor, Ontario

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6. On A Roll Sushi And The Sliders

If you love to eat sushi and sliders, this is a perfect spot. The staff here is excellent, warm and accommodating. The outlet keeps making sure that the customers are enjoying their meals.

The evening live music band or shows will make your evening rocking. The amazing and delicious food served with some soothing drinks gives you a fantastic experience. It is among those few places that you can find open late, even on weekdays.

What They Offer

Who would’ve thought sushi and sliders would make such a good impression together that the restaurant is in so much demand by local people as well as by visitors? They offer a wide selection of Asian food to choose from.

You must go there and have a quick bite of veggie rolls, crispy cajun calamari, egg roll, shrimp, tempura and many more dishes. Hotcake, Supparo, and seaweed salad in small portions are simply awesome.


63 Pitt st East, Windsor, Ontario

7. The Hungry Wolf Restaurant

The Hungry Wolf restaurant is the next one on our list of the top restaurants. It is a family-friendly restaurant with lovely decorations. The staff is very friendly, and fast service is provided with consistency.

The restaurant offers a bit of everything in good size, quantity and taste.

What They Offer

They have the best Greek, Canadian and Lebanese food to offer. The gyro, fries and Greek salad are fantastic. The menu includes many dishes with different twists, such as lemon chicken rice soup, turkey sandwiches, shrimp and perch combo. The pizza here is simply superb.

The delicious food and drinks are served at great prices yet worthy as you would love to eat them and definitely revisit this restaurant.


3422 Walker Road, Windsor, Ontario

8. Louis Restaurant

The restaurant has been serving Windsor City with the best possible meal for breakfast and lunch since 1975. One of the top-ranked and highly recommended restaurants by its customer that satisfies all sorts of food cravings.

What They Offer

The food here is very fresh and tasty. Most of the time, it seems homemade, and that’s a good thing. Also, the prices are reasonable. Must try their breakfast menu that offers cinnamon swirl pancakes, Greek salad with extra feta and gyro meat, burgers with eye candy and amazing toppings.

The lunch and dinner menu is no lesser in quality and taste. You can also opt for a gluten-free meal.


4728 Wyandotte St. East, Windsor, Ontario

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9. Mamo Burger Bar

Hey, crazy for the burgers! Mamo burger bar is your ultimate destination. There you can have a large variety of burgers, and each one is really unique. The customer service is outstanding.

What They Offer

The essence of this restaurant lies in serving raw and fresh burgers, as frozen ones are never used there. The local beef filled inside is very well raised, which adds a different taste to the burgers of the Mamo burger bar.

Braised beef poutine, beef patties, cheddar cheese, corned beef and a lot more tasty foods are served here. Various shakes of vanilla, chocolate, salty caramel, strawberry, chocolate espresso flavours, cookies and creams are also there for dine-in and take-out.


1515 Ottawa St. Windsor, Ontario

10. Toast

If you want to have a memorable food experience, then you can’t miss Toast. It is especially a breakfast restaurant as there are a number of options available for breakfast. The outlet is one of the most popular restaurants in Windsor, and it’s better for you to choose to in advance early if you don’t want to wait in a queue mostly on the weekends.

There is so much rush that the patio seatings are extended into the street on weekends.

What They Offer

There is a wide range of menus for breakfast or brunch. Eat the awesome omelette, eggs and potatoes toast with tomato slices, and seasoned hashbrowns with fantastic coffee, which can be refilled constantly.


653 Erie Street East, Windsor, Ontario

11. La Contessa

La Contessa is a family-owned restaurant. Your search for some amazing Italian cuisines is definitely going to end there.

The restaurant has a great staff, and it provides exceptional service. They keep trying to be consistent in their performance and never disappoint their customers. Special occasions, weddings and private events are also organized by the restaurant. They also offer half-off pasta night on Wednesdays.

What They Offer

The seafood, pasta, veal, bison steak, rack of lamb, lemon slice, and everything are fresh and delicious. Arancini and calamari appetizers are superb. Fabulous meals served in large portions are sufficient enough.


780 Erie st. East Windsor, Ontario

12. Paul’s Kitchen

One more restaurant in Windsor known for its delicious breakfast is Paul’s Kitchen. It is a small restaurant with a very professional staff and fast service. It offers a very generous breakfast and lunch at reasonable prices.

What They Offer

The attractive breakfast menu includes peameal bacon and eggs, Paul’s omelette, and Paul’s steak sandwiches. Also, try the delicious salads, grilled cheese, corned beef and cheese, buttermilk pancakes and French toast.


2565 Dougall Ave Windsor, Ontario

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13. Bacchus Ristornate

Again one more Italian restaurant is here. It is a beautifully designed restaurant with a full bar and outdoor seating.

Undoubtedly a warm and cozy place that gives you an intimate feel, a perfect place to go with your date or partner. The Bacchus Ristorante is becoming the favourite choice of its visitors as it’s the perfect spot for the finest modern dining, extraordinary flavours and aromas with traditional Italian culture.

What They Offer

From the selection of wines to the appetizers and desserts, the restaurant leaves no complaints. Some of the best foods served here are lamb chop, grilled salmon dishes, steak, cajun dusted chicken wings, house salad, penne pomade ora, antipasto platter, honey chicken, vegetable pasta and a lot more.

Aren’t these enough to delight your tastebuds!!! Enjoy the delicious food here and have a top-notch experience.


614 Erie st. East Windsor, Ontario

14. Uptown Restaurant

The Uptown restaurant is well designed and decorated with memorabilia and has very comfy settings that make you completely relaxed and give a feeling of being at home. The nice and bright place provides an absolute family-friendly feeling. Excellent service is offered by the very friendly staff.

The highlight of this restaurant is the Canadian cuisine served here.

What They Offer

Enjoy the best breakfast here with the best of sausages, bacon, omelettes, steak, eggs and toast. The pancakes here are really tasty. You will also like the coffee, fresh-squeezed orange juice and other drinks.

The simple and basic food served here fuelled with freshness, creativity, and taste.


521 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, Ontario

15. Nooch, A Vegan Eatery

Travelling in Windsor and looking for a good vegan restaurant? Nooch, A Vegan Eatery is a hundred percent vegan that serves fully vegan comfort food on its menu.

You can also give it a try even if you are a non-vegan.

What They Offer

The place offers excellent food and salad options. There is a lot of stuff available for kids too. Taste the bacon club sandwich, chilli cheese fries, avocado tacos, gyro, jack fruit bbq, butternut squash soup, cheesy potato cake and carrot cake. Several varieties of soups are also available.


888 Erie Street East Windsor, Ontario

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 16. Eastern Flavours

The restaurant is highly recommended by customers. It is famous for its Eastern flavours as it serves Indian, Pakistani and Mediterranean cuisines.

Perfect for exiting date night, well-decorated place, the dining bars are so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off it. Visitors love its atmosphere and the behaviour of the staff too. They are well-trained and amazing.

What They Offer

If you love Eastern cuisine, then this place is perfect for you to have a taste of your choice. They have the best of Karahis and Niharis. Hummus, grape leaves, Kibbi, and biryani are awesome.

Indian foods, especially rice, paneer curry, pakoras, vegetable samosas, chana masala, palak paneer and naans, are super garlicky and absolutely delicious.

So, hurry up !! And book your tables right now.


4072 Walker Road #5 Windsor, Ontario

Closing Thoughts

Perfect for a weekend brunch, these downtown windsor restaurant offer some of best stuffed french toast, fresh salads and delicious burgers with great service in late night wonderful dinner.

Above, we listed the top 16 restaurants, which are the chosen best restaurants in Windsor, on the basis of customers’ reviews and ratings. You are surely going to love to be there and taste the best of their wonderful meal.

If you want to know more about Windsor City or Canada, go through some more articles from this website.

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