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Edmonton’s attractions are growing, and so is its cuisine culture. To decide which are the best places to eat in Edmonton is undoubtedly a tough choice.

The classic Italian food to the famous Canadian dishes all come on the menu to be served. Everything is available under one roof, from bold, punchy flavors to fusion food.

The food sector is undoubtedly looking to be on a boom with the development of the city of Alberta. The restaurant aims to give life to the long-lost recipes of their home ground food. Some are busy contemplating a new trend in the market or turning the blocks with their fusion minds.

About Edmonton

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Edmonton, Alberta, is a part of the Western Canadian region and is one of the 13 provinces and territories of the country. Edmonton is known as the capital city of Alberta. It is known to be the fifth-largest metropolitan city in Canada.

Edmonton is home to the largest living history museum. As the city is scaling high with its great neighborhoods, museums, and national parks, so do the restaurants in Edmonton. Even the world’s second-largest mall, called the west Edmonton mall, is a part of the city of Alberta.

It is known as the festival city of Canada, which hosts and celebrates some of the biggest festivals each year during the summer and winter times.

The city is known for its history, culture, entertainment, education, and culinary arts. It is surely steeping into the foothills of providing a great food culture by offering its people the best places to eat in Edmonton.

10 Best Places to Eat in Edmonton

The city of Edmonton is blessed with local and seasonal produce throughout the year in abundance. It gives the food business an essential boost to serve the best to the customers in every season.

The concept of food gastronomy is infinite regarding the one using it and the one experiencing it. It’s for sure that a person needs to save room in their stomachs for the delectable menus.

1.  Harvest Room

Harvest room is amongst the best restaurants to offer a great breakfast menu for your day. It is a restaurant located in the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald offering a great breakfast meal alongside the great river valley views.

The restaurant’s views make it a great place for dates and romance. The place has a friendly, warm, and cozy atmosphere to relax. The restaurant offers excellent American and Canadian cuisine on the menu.

There are a lot of vegetarian and wheat-free options to choose from. The restaurant uses a lot of regional and local produce to prepare the dishes.

cozy dining space design
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The dishes included in the breakfast menu are cream stuffed French toast, pancakes, crispy bacon, spicy huevos rancheros, and potatoes. Some awarded winning dishes of the restaurant were the freshwater fish and the Alberta beef brisket.

There are great choices for dinner that include more seasonal ingredients in the food. The famous dishes are fried chicken, pan-seared salmon, leek ash potatoes served with lamb racks, and scallops with sweet pea puree.

Famous Dish

The restaurant’s top dish is the country’s sought-out after, is the avocado toast with smashed avocados, eggs benedict, some pickles and brown butter hollandaise sauce.

Great international labelled wines are available to pair with the Canadian menu. It is amongst the best places to eat that can be looked up for some authentic dishes of Canada.

Location :

10065 100 St NW, Edmonton.

Restaurant servers.
Restaurant servers. Source: Freepik

2. Corso 32

It is amongst Edmonton’s most popular and well-known Italian restaurants. It’s a prize-winning restaurant with a fantastic pasta tasting menu that’s freshly produced.

Chef Daniel Costa started this restaurant, giving the eatery a modern, creative look and an enticing menu to look forward to.

The restaurant serves the best traditional and authentic Italian cuisine with a twisted interpretation of its own. The restaurant specializes in using all the local ingredients and finest quality products. They make their own freshly prepared pasta and noodle dough all by hand.

The place offers a delicious menu with its antipasti starters; the first course serves pasta dishes, the second course serves meat and the last course cheese desserts.

The famous dishes offered at the place are goat’s cheese ricotta, some tender pork loin, and some long aged prosciutto. The sweet menu includes the chocolate tart with some hazelnut crunch.

Signature Dish

The restaurant’s special dish is the crispy Arancini risotto balls loaded with a combination of different fillings and fresh flavors. From the Italian ravioli, ricotta gnocchi, and meat courses, to the cheese deserts are all worth a taste.

The restaurant offers excellent wine profiles to complement its Italian menu. It is known to be the city’s fanciest eating spot with a great pasta menu to dig in.

The other variants of Corso 32 like Uccellino and Bar Bricco in Downtown Edmonton are a great place to dine in. Prior reservations are always preferred for this restaurant.

Italian cuisine is an excellent taste to binge on, and the restaurant is a must-visit.


10345, Jasper Avenue, Edmonton

elegant dining hall setup
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3.  Sabor restaurant

Sabor restaurant is amongst the best restaurants in Edmonton, located in the downtown and ice district. It was opened by two childhood friends, Christian Mena and Adelino Oliveira, in 2008, offering delicious food in Spanish and Portuguese cuisines. If you are looking for a change of cuisine, the place fits your best choice.

The mission behind this Edmonton restaurant is to bring the old-world European recipes and flavors inventively. With some calming live music playing in the background, it’s a nice spot to unwind.

The restaurant offers an extensive menu from the Iberian coastal area, especially sustainable seafood. Excellent eating options are available in vegetarian and meat dishes as well.

Some of the delicious dishes on the menu include tapas, grilled octopus, paella, , cured meats and artisan cheeses. The restaurant’s famous dish is the lobster risotto, which is worth tasting on the menu.

Famous Dish

(i) The restaurant’s famous dish includes the Piri Piri grilled prawns with some hot sauce, green veggies, and Piri Piri aioli.

(ii) The dessert menu also includes a blend of Spanish and Portuguese flavors. The famous dishes include chocolate cayenne mousse, Portuguese cream custard with some caramelized sugar on top, sweet puddings, blackberry coulis with triple chocolate cake and many more to go.

(iii) The cocktail serves the best of sherry, ports, and dessert wines from the best regions. Well, the place holds something for everyone on the menu.

(iv) The restaurant also offers three-course customized menus serving starters, mains and desserts with vegetarian options in the past.

The Sabor restaurant is a great place to have some delicious food with your friends and family and enjoy a great time. 


10220 103 St NW, Edmonton

Image From Sabor

4. Vaticano Cucina

Vaticano Cucina is a famous and sought Italian eatery. It is an Italian restaurant known for its fresh pasta dishes and wood-fired pizzas all over the menu.

The restaurant is situated in Vatican City, whose roots lie in Italy’s authentic dishes. It is one of the youngest local restaurants, started in 2017 and is named after the city.

It has a very pure, soothing, chic kind of place with Mediterranean music in the background, and the are other mouth-watering dishes like the delicious wood-fired pizzas. The cuisine is of exceptional quality, and the service is outstanding.

Top Dishes

The best pizza out of the oven, the Neapolitan pizza, tops the charts. The signature dish is the handmade pasta prepared in shallot sauce, cream and an egg called the Bucatini Carbonara. Some of the best arancini recipes ever tasted belong to this place.

The classic Italian dishes are presented in a more dynamic and flavorful way which attracts a lot of foodies’ palates. It is amongst the best Edmonton restaurants for pizzas and a few of the best food on its menu.


10310 45th Avenue Northwest, Edmonton

5. The Marc Restaurant

This restaurant in Edmonton is known because of its excellent cuisine and superb service. It is a place that invites a fine dining experience giving a cozy atmosphere to the place.

It has a very chic and inviting dining room giving a sense of luxury every time you visit. A very contemporary look to the place is given with black and beige coloured interiors with a patio seating in the restaurant.

The menu offers traditional dishes in French food and a fusion of French and Canadian cuisine. There isn’t a large menu to choose from, but classic French dishes like foie gras terrine and beef tartare with freshly produced pickles are way too good. 

As the city of Edmonton is known as a steak city, so is this place known and famous for its steak dishes. Duck breast, lamb chops are among the restaurant’s meat options. There are a few vegetarian alternatives on the menu as well.

Best Dish

(i) The restaurant’s popular dish is Escargot, served with bone marrow, horseradish, persillade sauce, and some pickled shallots.

(ii) Great wine offerings that compliment your food are available. From the starters to the mains, surely leave some space for the desserts.

(iii) The chocolate cake and beignets are some of my favorites.

On Sundays, the restaurant also organizes special menus for events, clubs, and picnics. The people are in for a treat with this fine dining place.


9940 106 St, Edmonton, Edmonton

6. Little brick

This place is one of the cute, cozy cafes in an old little brick house situated in the heart of the river valley built-in 1903. It has a living room, dining room and backyard space. It is one of the first cafés in Edmonton to have a winter patio.

Best of the Cafe

It is known for providing some of the best coffee brews in town. Some of the best coffee beans are selected from the blind enthusiasm brewing company situated on the west coast and then roasted for the cafe coffee.

Apart from coffee, some delicious drinks are offered in the house, like iced tea, chai latte, and other coffee filters.

(i) It has a great brunch menu to choose from, like salads, soups, and sandwiches, all freshly prepared in the house. They aim to provide healthy and homemade food from locally produced ingredients.

(ii) Many in-house freshly prepared beer is available in canisters known as the local beer, which is in continuous rotation like the coffee.

(iii) There is also a general store accompanying the café in this old house that sells local products like body products, cookware, household items, and other essential products.

(iv) It is one of the great places to dig in for the best breakfast menu and fun atmosphere, and then head to explore Alberta’s city.


10004 90 St NW, Edmonton

7. Tzin wine and Tapas

Tzin Wine and Tapas bar is one of the best restaurants in Edmonton for food and wine. The place is situated in Downtown Edmonton and is known for its elegant and stylish ambience, appropriate for a romantic date night.

The menu is not much extensive, but it is one of the most inventive eateries where the plate of food looks like a piece of art. They very much specialize in European and Spanish cuisine.

One of the best dishes in the place is the wild boar meatballs, Seafood paella, and gnocchi with Alberta beef brisket, tomato ragu and mushrooms, which is a must-try at this place.

Signature Dish

The best dish of the restaurant is Seafood Paella which is served with mushrooms, shredded duck, saffron bomba rice, cherry tomatoes with some jalapeno pickles and lime vinaigrette. This intimate and cozy atmosphere is alluring in terms of food and the place.

The place is known for its excellent service and the choice of wines available from all over the globe offered at the Tapas bar. The servers offering wines at the table make sure that the guests get the best drink that complements well with the food ordered.

The place is none less giving the vibe of holidaying in Europe and is a must-visit Edmonton restaurant. The combination of food and the wine bar makes it the best place to eat in Edmonton.


10115 104 St NW, Edmonton

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8. Bistro Praha

Bistro Praha is a Czech restaurant located in the central region of Downtown Edmonton. It is one of the best restaurants in Edmonton, a 40 years old family establishment known for its European cuisine.

The restaurant’s interiors are also made to give a feel of an old European style with wooden tables, classical music, chandeliers and Czech delicacies.

The story behind the opening of this restaurant was when the late Frantisek Cikanek visited the city of Edmonton from his native place Czech republic; he was looking out for a place similar to Prague (Praha) in terms of music, similar surroundings, and familiar food of his place. The search of finding his home-cooked food led him to open his restaurant.

(i) The place has a range of European-style dishes like Wiener schnitzel, authentic goulash, cabbage soup, sauerkraut soup, and many more.

(ii) The restaurant has excellent servings of beer and wine that go well with every meal served.

Top Dish

(i) The restaurant’s top dish is the Bistro Praha’s fried cheese dish, which is to die for.

(ii) The café Bistro Praha is known for serving high-class people like Joni Mitchell and Kirk Douglas and holds its reputation for serving and valuing the customer at its best.

It is a great European comfort for eating out with your friends, relatives, and family. 


10117 101 St NW, Edmonton

Bistro Praha
Image From Bistro Praha

9. Sofra Turkish Restaurant and Wine Cellar

Turkey is not just famous for its desserts but is also famous for its food. It is one of the best restaurants in Edmonton to eat some Turkish food. This place feels like sitting in the heart of Istanbul and enjoying Turkish delights.

Turkish cuisine comes from the regions of Balkan, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Slavic, and North Africa. The place has a warm, relaxed, laid-back atmosphere with exotic interiors giving the vibes of Turkey.

The restaurant is opened by a Turkish Chef,  Yuksel Gultekin, who believes in bringing rich and bold flavors to the table and preparing them all from scratch.

Best Dishes

The menu of this place includes spicy salads, pita bread with a variety of dips, grilled meat with kebab vegetables, dolma, kofte, grilled tiger prawns, stuffed apricots, and not to miss baklava. The restaurant is quite the best one in serving you Libyan dishes of middle-east and North African dishes, making you feel like having a slice of Turkey.

The essential products like oils, condiments, beverages and other essentials are all ordered from Turkey to offer the authentic taste of Turkey.

The restaurant maintains the highest quality of food and fresh flavors. Turkish food always stands out in taste and flavor, and the place is undoubtedly a delight to be visited when in Edmonton.

Although it is challenging to choose the best dish among the delicious dishes of the Turkish cuisine but not so challenging to choose  when it comes down to a Turkish restaurant.


10345 106 St NW # 108 Edmonton

10. Woodwork

It is one of the best Edmonton restaurants known for serving Canadian food modern and innovative. The restaurant uses wood-fired cooking and barrel-aged spirits and hence derives its name from them.

It is a new-age Canadian kitchen giving a very hip-hop vibe, and the significant architecture is made of artfully crafted woodwork. It is an excellent place for romantic date nights and a hangout joint for the old friends to catch up.

(i) The restaurant specializes in grilled food like pork ribs, pulled pork, fried chicken, smoked chicken, Steak Frites and Kraken. The place is known for its small plates, bar snacks, and a complementing wine bar.

(ii) It is one of the restaurants in Edmonton which features the best collection of spirits from all over Alberta, a specially curated list of wines and award-winning cocktails.

(iii) It makes its in-house ingredients like spices, preservatives, and oils to maintain the standard of taste at the restaurant.

(iv) Some of the finest cocktails available at the bar are Damascus Sazerac, Red Sea, Petra, and Marrakesh Gimlet. 


10132 100 St NW, Edmonton

Closing Thoughts

The inventive eateries or the local restaurants with tasty food integrity in flavors and presentation of dinner menu have indeed marked their good food among the people. The restaurants in Edmonton have a lot of variety in cuisines, flavors, and techniques in preparation.

The list of the best places to eat in Edmonton is endless, making a choice altogether more complex. The great food served on the table depicts the diversity in culture and people living in the city of Canada.

Whether you in the mood of vegan restaurant, korean fried chicken, cheese burger poutine joint, A bar with drinks menu, wonderful service & local craft beers, or even family owned vietnamese restaurant, we got you covered.

May the enticing on the palate continue with great food and market in Edmonton. Hopefully, the best places to eat in Edmonton is not a limited list but a bundle of infinite joy to the people.

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