Best Japanese Restaurant in Richmond – Our Top 10 Picks!

In the British Columbian Province, situated on Canada’s Pacific Coast, lies the Gorgeous city of Richmond. You can quickly point to a great Japanese restaurant in Richmond BC, among the fascinating bunch of eateries.

If you’re looking for the Asian essence in Richmond cuisine, Japanese restaurants are a perfect choice. Richmond, BC is diverse in ethnicity and culture and is the home to delicious Japanese food.

In the metro Vancouver area, Richmond is a wholesome island with the most humbling community in Canada. So, it is not a surprise that the Japanese traditional cuisine is one of a kind, as well.

Read more to discover some of the best Japanese restaurants with the best Japanese food in Richmond. It doesn’t matter if you’re craving fresh sushi, fresh fish, frozen sashimi, or any fresh seafood.

There is always a specific Japanese Restaurant in Richmond for your varied tastes and preferences.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the best mouth-watering Japanese restaurants with authentic Japanese food.

1. Best Japanese Restaurant in Richmond BC – Top 10 Picks

1.1 Pepper Lunch

If you’re looking for an authentic Japanese meal with reasonable prices and high food quality, Pepper Lunch is the one for you. They specialize in a quick bite served with fresh food and Japanese hospitality.

Pepper Lunch
Image from Pepper Lunch

It is regarded as the most popular steak eatery in Japan. They serve every dish with a smokey pepper tint, especially in rice, noodle, or udon to keep up the hallmark of the Japanese restaurant.

Pepper Lunch offers services like Takeout or deliveries as well. The restaurant’s curry beef pepper rice and Pepper Poutine are one of the best dishes to try out.

Please remember to make reservations for your family or friends, since the popular Japanese restaurant is always packed with bustling customers.

1.2 Ichiro Japanese Restaurant

Ichiro Japanese Restaurant in Richmond is a sushi restaurant renowned for its wide range of Japanese Seafood. Since quality is the top priority for the Japanese restaurant, they use specialty freezer appliances for the sashimi.

They take pride since they are the only sushi restaurant that uses this appliance. The restaurant uses the freshest ingredients for its cooking methods.

The seaweed quality is also reserved by using special means, as well. They are well-known for their traditional Japanese dishes of meal boxes like Bento boxes, Noodle combo, Sashimi, and Nigiri Sushi.

They’re rich in Japanese hospitality as well, which they refer to as, ‘Omotenashi’. Situated at Stevenson Village, the Japanese restaurant offers delivery and takeaway services as well.

Do not forget to make reservations since this place is generally pretty booked up.

1.3 Mega Sushi

Are you looking for the best place to try out a variety of finger-licking sushi dishes? Mega Sushi is a must-visit then. The Japanese restaurant is an award-winning diner and is also regarded as the best sushi restaurant in Richmond.

mega sushi
Image from Mega Sushi

Apart from the sushi preparations, there are Tempura, Teriyaki, Korean food, and desserts like ice cream and Japanese beer.

The Japanese restaurant is committed to providing customers with a magical experience with the authentic flavour of Japan.

Along with a thick warm broth and delicious sashimi, the place never fails to amaze us with its fascinating menu.

Mega sushi can be a little expensive at times because of its wide range of Asian cuisine. They also offer takeout services.

1.4 Katsu-San

Katsu-San is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Richmond, especially if you’re into Katsu. The Japanese restaurant is popular for its Pork Cutlets and Ramen food in Canada.

They use the finest breadcrumbs of the house, and koji cures their cutlets for almost 62 hours, striving for the best flavour.

They put great effort into customer fulfillment, so if you’re a die-hard cheese lover, they also have your cure.

Don’t shy away from ordering their best preparations like Cheese Katsu Set, Fresh Wasabi, Tsukemono, Tonkatsu Set, Rice, and Nagaski Champon Ramen.

They offer takeout and delivery services in Vancouver as well.

1.5 G-Men Ramen Restaurant

When it comes to the most common and popular Japanese food, Ramen takes the top place. G-Men Restaurant is aiming for becoming the best Ramen eatery in Vancouver.

Along with a relaxing friendly atmosphere, they strive for preparing each ramen dish with care and dedication.

They have excellent staff service as well and provide takeout and delivery services.

There are a dozen types of numerous mouth-watering ramen, with vegan and special ramen too. They offer chilling drinks like beer, wine, or any fizzy drinks along with a dessert too.

If you’re looking for a cozy wonderful time and to eat delicious ramen in the meantime, G-Men Ramen is your ideal spot.

The Japanese restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday, every week.

1.6 Takeya Sushi

Takeya Sushi is a superior Japanese restaurant with authentic sushi-style food preparation. With over a hundred food items, the Japanese restaurant takes pride in the high-quality meals they serve.

Almost every dish in Takeya Sushi has its own quirk and is deluxe and savory in taste and flavor.

It is always best to try out their delicious bento boxes since they offer you a unique sneak at the array of multiple tastes at the same time. Customers love ordering Ebi tempura, cream-filled salmon, and crispy avocado rolls.

For the desserts section, their dessert tempura with fried banana, chocolate sauce, and ice cream is an ideal show-stopper.

Takeya Sushi’s diversity of Japanese meals and top-notch food quality make it one of the best Japanese diners in Richmond.

They too, offer takeout and delivery services like any other restaurant.

1.7 Seto Japanese Restaurant

Situated at Alexander Road, Richmond, the Japanese is a perfect choice for satisfying your cravings for Japanese Sushi and Seafood. It is regarded as one of the best sushi diners in Canada.

They serve authentic Japanese cuisine at higher prices, however, it is worth the exotic taste of the food. With fresh sushi, sashimi, and steamed eggs, the place has earned its fame with its popular menu items.

A few of the most demanded dishes here are Salmon Toro, Sushi Boat, and California Rolls. The restaurant has a great ambiance with hospitable staff, willing to help you at all times.

The restaurant is open on all business days of the week and weekends except Tuesdays. They offer takeaway and no contact delivery only on lunch and dinner meal sets.

1.8 Japadog

Japadog is the best Japanese street food corner in Richmond. Enough with the regular meals! Now it’s time to hop into the junk food side of Japanese Cuisine.

Japadog has the largest diversity in presenting famous Japanese hotdogs. With a wide range of unique hotdog styles, the place does an impeccable service at offering other quick bites like side items, breakfast items, desserts, and chips.

The most wanted hotdogs in Japadog are Oroshi, Spicy Cheese Terimayo, Kurobuta Terimayo, Love Meat, and Chicken Karaage. The best desserts here are Vanilla ice cream and Matcha Parfait.

Japadog is an award-winning hotdog stand, which is aiming for becoming the best in the world. They offer takeout, no-contact delivery, and catering to private events and business conferences as well.

Do not miss out on the magic of Japanese street food and remember to visit Japadog when you’re travelling in Vancouver.

1.9 Village Sushi Bar

Even though this Japanese restaurant in Richmond is small, the quality of authentic Japanese food served here is outstanding. The restaurant is owned by Japanese people and is a valuable addition to the sushi diners in Richmond.

Along with the fame of excellent customer service, there is always a queue of customers waiting at the shop. That is how delicious the food they serve is.

Sushi Village
Image from Sushi Village

It may not among the expensive fancy restaurants we’ve seen so far, but it has its own quirks. The favorite food items here are Negitoro Rolls, Brown Rice Sushi Rolls, and Ebi Salad Rolls.

The food is simple and high quality in taste and freshness. They offer takeaway services. Village Sushi Bar is a hidden gem among the Japanese restaurants in Richmond, so remember to pay a visit!

1.10 Wasuta Pasta

If you’re a die-hard pasta lover, this Japanese restaurant in Richmond called Wasuta Pasta would be heaven for you. Wasuta Pasta is the only pasta corner that combines Japanese and Italian cuisine to make the perfect homemade pasta.

The place is loved by the customers for its exotic homemade pasta preparations, along with desserts and drinks.

A few of the popular suggestions are Crab Cream Croquette, Spaghetti Mentaiko, and the Silician Hamburger Steak.

Among the Japanese restaurants in Vancouver, Wasuta Pasta adds a uniqueness to the bunch with its Asian Italian fusion cuisine.

The place offers takeout and reservation services. They are open on all business days and weekends except Mondays.

Wasuta Pasta is a great go-to restaurant for families and friend groups to enjoy some quality at the homemade pasta corner. Make sure to have a bite at this fascinating place when you visit Richmond.


The fabulous city of Richmond has an outstanding range of Japanese and Asian Restaurants. We have discovered every great Japanese Restaurant in Richmond which has been rising in popularity due to their authentic traditional meals, hospitality, and wonderful customer service.

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Every restaurant we mentioned has its own way of satisfying the appetite. Each one of them is renowned for its delicious food at different Japanese food sections.

So, Let us know in the comments – Which Japanese Restaurant Would You Like to Visit First in Vancouver and Why?

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