4 Most Used Brampton Bicycle Trails

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The most popular mountain biking trails near Brampton are hand-curated with maps, driving directions, detailed reviews, and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers. Several tools were designed to plan school routes and provide a walking and cycling radius around schools. This article will find some of the best Brampton bicycle trails, which you can explore with some downloaded maps.

Best Brampton Bicycle Trails

According to Regional Mountain Biking Trails and BMX information, Albion Hills Conservation Area (TRCA) – over 50km of mountain biking trails are made through beautifully rugged natural areas, with options available for all ages and skill levels. These features include roads, trails, bike shelters, parks, and major city buildings.

In the city of Brampton, the extra amenities include a bike wash station and camping. You will also find some mountain biking events with a free entry fee. To complete the events, you must be physically fit and able to push your bike occasionally.

1. Claireville Conservation Area Loop

This trail is 3.7 km long and runs near Brampton, Ontario. It is typically an easy route, but it will take an average of 43 minutes to complete the trail for a physically fit person. This loop is very popular among bikers and cross-skiing people. Several people even come here for birding and hiking. This trail remains open throughout the year, and you will find many companions along the way.

This loop also features beautiful views of the river and is partially paved. You can even bring your dogs with you, but the pet should be on a leash, which is mandatory on every trail.

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The Claireville Conservation area is considered a hidden gem in North East Brampton. It has multiple side trails suitable for people with high skill levels. This trail has three distinctive entrances.

The maps of this trail are posted at many locations throughout the area. You will even be allowed to do picturesque hiking on another side of the trails.

2. Heart Lake Trails

It is the best trails available in Brampton. You can explore these 6.9-km long trails near Brampton, Ontario. The trail takes around one and a half hours to complete. This trail is also very popular for fishing, birding, and hiking. You may find other riders during your exploration.

If you want to experience the best from this trial, then you must visit Heart Lake Trails between April and October. Dogs are allowed in this trial but must be on a leash.

Heart lake trail
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This trail is a bit tough than all other trails in Brampton. It is a loop in the Heart Lake Conversation Area. You must prepare yourself with repellant for going biking on sunnier days. However, this area is great for mountain bikers, hikers, and runners. You will even discover some interconnecting routes with these trails. They are pretty easy to find and will do nothing harm if you explore them for a bit.

3. Etobicoke Creek Trail

The Etobicoke Creek Trail is a long 5.8 km stretched trail which can be explored near Mississauga, Ontario. It is generally considered an easy route, but it will take you at least 2 hours to complete the trail.

Generally, this trail is a very popular area for birding, mountain biking, and fishing. Even if you wish to find other companions along the way, there is a high chance that you will find a group of bikers on this trail. You can go biking any time of the year on this beautiful trail. In addition to this, the dogs are also welcomed here. The only condition for a dog to be allowed on this trail is that the dog must be on a leash.

The Etobicoke creek trail has a paved surface that can be used for multiple purposes, washrooms and amenities at different facility centers along the path, and benches and garbage bins. The route follows the water in a faint straight line in some parts, but these days it meanders. The single track runs through calm goods, grassy fields, and marshy land. Most people ride bikes here in May and June. Churchville park has a large parking lot.

4. Esker Lake Trail

The Ester Lakes Provincial Park features the Etobicoke creek trail on the west edge, the Mayfield multiuse path on the north edge, the Heart Lake Conservation Area, the Esker Lake Trail, the Franceschini Bridge, and the Teresa Posterior Park on the east border, and the Culham trail on the south edge. Cycling routes can be found throughout Brampton.

If you have a challenging personality and love to take challenges, there are even harder trails waiting for you in Brampton. With 695 different routes, you’re bound to find the perfect one for exploring Brampton.

Esker Lake Trail
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You can either create your route or find a path already made. The bay training week 12.1 km is one of the famous routes among cyclists. Peel region has many trails perfect for a day hike or nature walk. The area has various trails toexplore, each with its unique features. The Peel Trails map is a great resource to help plan your next hike or nature walk. The map shows the different trail types and paths with its trail.


The school trip planner tool is another great resource to help plan your next hike or nature walk. This tool allows you to input your school’s grade level, number of students, and desired length of the hike.

The tool then generates a list of suitable trails for your school group. Finally, pick up a copy of the Peel Trails brochure when you visit the region. It will give you all the information about different trails and paths.

The longest trail in Brampton is Brampton to Lake Ontario, calculated to be 36.2 km long. The trail offers a stunning view of the Credit River and connects Churchville Park to Meadowvale Conservation Area. The Chinguacousy Trail is located on the east edge of the city, and the Kennedy Valley Trail Extension is located south.

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