Be Part of Vancouver’s Mystery Game “Heroes & Villains”!

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Unleash your inner superhero at Heroes & Villains: A Vancouver Mysteries Game in Coal Harbour at a secret start location near Waterfront Station and get ready to join the battle against evil in the exciting game. This experience’s timings are flexible, and the dates are also adjustable.

1. About the Game

Heroes and Villains is an immersive outdoor superhero game in downtown Vancouver. Organizers invite you to experience this thrilling adventure, which gives you a chance to feel like a real superhero and embark on a mission to save reel planet.

This theme centers around the menacing supervillain named Muck Monster. Muck is on his journey to transform and take over the world, to turn it into the greenest place without caring about consequences.

Players playing together must be innovative and alert to get clues and solve various puzzles to uncover Muck Monster’s secret hideout.

Players must go through the vital clues to unveil the villain’s true identity to stop her villainous plans.

Be Part of Vancouver's Mystery Game "Heroes & Villains"!
Image Courtesy: Fever

2. About the Venue

The exact venue information is secret to keep the joy and excitement of the game.

The exact venue information will be shared with the participants a few hours before the slot, so do not forget to watch the emails.

However, this game will be played in Coal Harbour in the city of Vancouver and the aim of this game is to explore the outdoor environment and landmarks.

3. Where to Buy Tickets?

As this is a Fever-exclusive event, tickets for the mystery game are available only on the Fever website and app. Standard Admission for 1 person would cost CA$36.75.

If you have a group of people, then entry for a kid under the age of 6 would be free of cost. A minimum of two tickets can be bought together.

4. Important Things to Note about the Vancouver Mystery Game

  • Don’t forget to check your emails after booking the tickets, as the instructions about the venue and necessary information will be shared there.
  • The minimum team size is 2 players, the maximum team size is 5 or 6 and you can choose your own team members and team name.

Vancouver Mysteries

  • The outdoor gaming area is about 2 km instead of a locked room.
  • You have to guide yourself throughout the game, no cheat codes or any kind of help will be provided to keep the game fair and entertaining for everyone.
  • This experience will last at least 2 hours, so it’s like a secret mission movie with your family and friends.
  • Tickets include a theme sticker, a certificate, and a photo of your teammates which can be taken with your permission.
  • Game gear will include a map, gamebook, game kit with artifacts clues, and puzzles.

5. Heroes and Villains Mystery Game in Vancouver

  • What: Heroes and Villains a Vancouver Mysteries in Coal Harbour.
  • When: Flexible dates as numerous dates are available.
  • Where: Vancouver’s Coal Harbour neighbourhood; however, the exact location is kept a secret.
  • Time: Multiple time slots, you can choose any as per your convenience,
  • Tickets: Get the tickets on FEVER.

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