Explore Alderson Lake Campground: 6 Key Destinations

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Alderson lake campground is a very beautiful place for campsites, hiking trails for biking, and backcountry camping permits. Alderson lake campground is located in the mountains; it consists of Bear, Cameron, parks, places for hikes, snowshoes, lakes, personal watercraft, stunning scenery, Akamine Parkway, Waterton Lakes National Parks Canada, Crandell Lake, Carthew Alderson trail, Red Rock Parkway, carry bear spray, tent pads, picnic tables, Alderson lakes, Waterton park, summit lake, campground facilities and many other facilities and places to visit.

Many other lakes surround Alderson lake campground. Visitors visit those places along with Alderson Lake. Next to Alderson Lake is the north side, the campground sits, with a beautiful hike, and on the south side, it is surrounded by Carlson Lake.

The Waterton Lakes National Park is a very exciting and adventurous way to experience the wilderness of Waterton Lakes National Park. Alderson Lake is one of the team background campgrounds in the Waterton Lakes National Parks, Canada. Along with the Alderson campground, there are more than nine backcountry campgrounds, including Bertha Bay, Boundary Bay, Crandell Lake, Goat Lake, Snowshoe and twin lakes.

Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park is a backcountry campsite. This is among one of the best backcountry campsites, and it consists of Cameron Falls, lone lake, boundary bay, Waterton Townsite, national park and Carthew Alderson Trail.

Waterton Lakes National Park is a great spot for camping, hiking trails, and visiting lakes. This place also has a visitor centre and elevation gain. If you are a nature lover, you must visit here at once and spend some time in peace. You have to pay the non-refundable reservation fee here.

Visiting this place is worth it. All the campgrounds mentioned above include outhouses, tent pads, campsites, food storage bins, and picnic tables.

The firing is only allowed at Snowshoe, Carthew Alderson, bertha lake, Cameron Lake, and Crandell Lake, but one rule is that it must be in the metal fire rings.

Places To Visit In Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park is full of adventure and has many places to visit. This place is beautiful and adventurous; it includes the National Glacier Park, Cameron Falls, lone lake, Waterton Townsite, Waterton Park, and Carthew Alderson Trail. They also offer very beautiful hiking facilities.

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Every place is unique; some sites have adult camper places, and some have bear spray along with Cameron. Now let’s discuss the places to visit in Waterton Lakes National Park.

1. Alderson Lake Campground

Alderson lake campground is the backcountry camping place where you will find peace with natural beauty. It is part of the Waterton Lakes National Park; you can reach the Alderson Lake campground by trail. The tail provides a tour of all four ecosystems of Canada, and the fourth and final stage of the trail is the Lake campground.

Alderson Campground provides many exciting things to its visitors, along with the wildlife view and some natural scenes.

1.01. Cycling

Alderson lake campground provides cycling facilities to the visitors; the cyclist can cycle through the parkway and reach the campground.

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1.02. Hike

The hike is exciting, and people like to go hiking a lot. Alderson lake campground also provides facilities for hiking, and you can hike the summit on the trail and then reach the campground.

1.03. Camping

Many people want to go camping, and Camping is a type of activity in which people used to spend some days away from all the comforts in the lap of nature. They enjoy their free time and embrace the beauty of nature. Camping is generally liked by people who are very sporty and want to do adventurous things in their life.

Alderson lake campground, along with hiking and cycling, also provides the opportunity of camping to its visitors; there are many places in the lake campground where you can go camping. 

2. Glacier National Park

Glacier national parks Canada is almost 1,583 square in the area; this park is full of natural beauty and embracement. Glacier national park also provides a camp, campsite, tent, food, and gas stoves. This park is full of animals also, including bears. If you want to visit this place, then probably plan a trip in mid-may, because mid-May is the best time to visit this short-distance place.

3. Bertha Lake

Bertha Lake is one of the backcountry camping sites in Waterton lake national park. This provides an awesome hiking adventure; the hiking point is 350 m in elevation, and you have to struggle a little bit to reach summit lake, but once you reach it, it will be worth it. Plan a trip on a hot day. The more difficult hurdles you cross to achieve the target, the more you will enjoy your victory after you reach the summit.

4. Cameron Lake

Cameron Lake, or Cameron falls, is the place which provides you with the perfect swimming experience during the months of summer. This is among the best backcountry camping site in Waterton townsite. This place does not allow motorized vessels. Cameron Lake provides fascinating things, including hiking, camping trail, tent, trip facilities, fire pits, fishing, kayaking and canoeing.

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Cameron Lake provides no nightly fee. Only four additional units are allowed at the campsite; This place also has a visitor centre for camping and elevation gain. 

5. Carthew Lakes

This is another site among the backcountry camping places in Waterton Lakes National Park. The trail starts from the Cameron Lake or Carthew Lakes up to the Alderson campground. This trail covers all four major sections or ecosystems of Canada, and in the whole trail, there is not even a single point which is breathtaking.

Summit Lake is the first lake which comes under this trail, and it is very beautiful and heartwarming. After this, the second point of this trail is the shale. Climbing in shale is not that hard; it also provides camping facilities and food.

The trail then heads down. Once climbing the summit, you can see three back-to-back lakes; this view is awesome and adorable. Then the fourth and the last or final part of the trail is Alderson Lake.

6. Akamina Parkway

Akamina Parkway is the favourite place for backcountry camping. Akamina Parkway is located between the mountains. The Akamina Parkway starts in the Waterton townsite and runs approximately 16 kilometres along the Cameron Valley, which finally needs Cameron Lake.

The Akamina Pass, Lineham Falls, Carthew Alderson trail, Crandell Lake, and Cameron lakeshore are all located only along this Akamina Parkway road. You can carry food and tents along with you for hikes and camping. The washroom is only located in the Cameron Lake day-use area; apart from this, there are no washroom facilities on the whole Akamina Parkway.

Things To Do In Akamina Parkway

Akamina parkways consist of many lakes and mountain pathways; Akamine parkway is not a place; it is a pathway which connects many lakes and many mountains, including Alderson Lake. This pathway is very adventurous and provides many things to visitors.

1.  Cycling

As already said, this is not a place but a pathway that crosses many lakes. The best part of this parkway is that cycling is allowed here. Most experienced cyclists enjoyed cycling on this trail. The cyclist also goes camping on the pathway if they are tried.

2.  Wildlife Viewing

Along with camping and hiking, this pathway provides the best wildlife viewing experience. You might see mule deer and red squirrels; in winter, you can also see sheep and snowshoes.

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It would be best if you did not feed or approach any animal as it is dangerous for the person. It is advised for every visitor to maintain at least approx thirty meters distance from the animals, including the moose and elk.

3. Akamina Parkway In Winter

In winter, this place is open for prairie day use only. And only one park access is present, and that is Cameron lake. Parks Canada also organizes the skiing tracks between the little prairie and Cameron lake, according to the conditions. Another very engaging activity which is allowed in this area is ski touring. But yes, this place is fully open in mid-may for exploring.

Final Note

Alderson lake campground is a beautiful and adventurous place to visit; this place provides a camping and hiking trail and a wonderful trip memory. A trip to this place is worth it. It also offers beautiful camping sites, food and a great experience. Alderson campground is the perfect place to visit some days from your busy schedule in nature’s lap. 

The Alderson lake campground also has many points like Carthew Lake, bertha bay, Waterton lake, and lone lake to visit. In some parts of Alderson Lake, you will also find some bears and other species of animals. Waterton lake is the perfect example of the wilderness, or you can say that if you are a wilderness lover, then visit Waterton lake for the wilderness.

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