A Guide To Rock Point Provincial Park: Top Things To Do

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Located near the north shore of Lake Erie near the mouth of the Grand River, Rock Point Provincial Park is a popular park in the Carolinian part of southern Ontario. The park’s habitat comprises wetlands, forests, and sand dunes.

1. Guide to Rock Point Provincial Park

The flora here at Rock Point Provincial Park includes trees of the rare Big Shellbark Hickory. In fact, limestone rocks can also be found near the sandy beach that has exposed fossils of coral reefs that are about 300 million years old

1.1 Things To Do 

Perhaps the park offers a lot of fun things to do to the visitors. Ranging from bird watching, hiking to camping, Rock Point Provincial Park has it all. However, there are more fun things to do and watch here in Halifax. Let us get to know more about the different activities you can indulge yourself in at the provincial park.

Rock Point Provincial Park
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1.1.1. Hiking

With impressive 2 km hiking trails filled with scenic beauty and a variety of trees, visitors can easily enjoy their hike along the Great Waterfront Trail. Furthermore, there are many other courses that cut through this provincial park.

In fact, you can also carry your bikes and visit the port towns, do some shopping at the local shops, and do some wine tasting near rock point. However, ensure to bring clean drinking water while you go hiking. 

1.1.2. Motorsports Park

Since 1955 drag racing has been held at Toronto Motorsports Park in Ontario. However, the track has changed a lot since it first began as a Sunday-only event at Kohler Airstrip where it shared the runway with jets. In fact, with a road course, drag strip, and motocross, it is now regarded as the top racing venue in North America. 

So do not miss out on the opportunity to ride the car of your dreams while you are at  Rock Point Provincial Park.

1.1.3. Hit the Sandy Beach

The lovely sandy beach in front of Lake Erie is where you should spend some quality time with your family and let your children enjoy. Furthermore, if you carry your pet along, there is a separate dog beach at the lake shore of Lake Erie where your companion can enjoy it.

Rock Point Provincial Park Review | Visiting and Camping at Rock Point Provincial Park Ontario Parks

1.1.4. Bird watching at the bird banding station 

Visit the park’s bird banding station and keep an eye out for the more than 260 species of birds that have been recorded there. Also, you should enjoy watching the butterflies as they migrate here during the fall season

1.1.5. Rock Point- Grand River Marina

Grand River Marina and Cafe is your entryway to the Grand River. In fact, it offers boat docks and launches, kayak rentals, and a huge fishing area. However, you should remember to try the fantastic BBQ and ice cream while enjoying admiring the scenery of the waterfront. 

1.1.6. Plan a visit to the National Historic Site

Everyone can find something to enjoy at Ruthven Park National Historic Site. It includes watching historic sites, birdwatching, hiking, camping out, and enjoying watching nature. The 1500-acre property’s main estate looks over the Grand River’s banks.

Moreover, the vast natural landscapes of the site include wetlands, farm fields, meadows, Carolinian woodlands, and an island of one acre. Also, the 1840s Greek Revival mansion is available for pre-arranged groups and special events, as well as during scheduled hours for the general public. The Ruthven Park grounds are available to guests every day for recreation.

Ruthven Park National Historic Site, Cayuga Canada

1.1.7. Tour to the Cottonwood Mansion

William Holmes Jr. constructed the Cottonwood Mansion, a red brick home in the Italianate style, as a private residence between 1865 and 1870. The estate is now a living museum with authentic furnishings that is open for visits and can be rented for a variety of events.

The Cottonwood Mansion Preservation Foundation’s mission statement, to preserve and maintain the Mansion and offers the experience of the Victorian Era, calls for several events to be held each year, the majority of which have a Victorian flair. 

1.1.8. Visit the Dunnville Museum

The No. 6 Service Flying Training School (SFTS), a component of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) during World War II, left behind artefacts and training aircraft that are now preserved at the No. 6 RCAF Dunnville Museum in Dunnville, Ontario.  Along with numerous historic World War II aeroplanes, the museum has significant displays of pictures, uniforms, mementoes, and medals.

1.1.9. Find Some Good Places to Dine-In

Rock Point Provincial Park not only has excellent places to visit and fun activities but it is also surrounded by a lot of excellent restaurants. For instance, the famous Argyle Street Grill serves authentic local cuisine. The freshly baked bread and beef cooked in their secret ingredients will surely be a treat to your taste buds. 

Another famous place is Barin’s Kitchen which too serves local homemade food at an affordable rate. Debb’s Cuisine is another place you should try out. 

1.1.10. Get Some Wine for Yourself

Located in a quaint area, Bains Rode Cider Company is the only winery in Haldimand County

1.1.11. Explore the Nature on Your Bike 

Do not miss out on the opportunity to explore the banks of the Grand River on your bike. The route offers 69 km of biking trails and many wonderful views. Stop at the viewpoints and enjoy your time there. 

1.1.12. Go Camping

Rock Point Provincial Park is a famous campground as well. It opens in May till October for camping. The provincial park offers 180 campsites including car camping sites and electrical campsites for campers. The park also has comfort stations, laundromats, and picnic shelters. The park has dumping stations, showers, and a kids’ playing area. Also, campers can enjoy their time on the long beach near the lake shore. 

2. Summary

These were the activities you can indulge yourself in. You can easily visit Rock Point Provincial Park during your weekend. Please comment down your reviews and let us know which activity you want to experience the most. 

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