4 Key Things to Know About Craigleith Provincial Park

Craigleith Provincial Park is among the recreational parks made to help save and preserve historic oil shale beaches. This small provincial park is situated between two Collingwood and Thornbury areas.

On the southern side of this provincial park is Georgian Bay. This area has to offer many exciting things to its audience. Some of its attractions include the Georgian Trail, Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, Bruce Trail, and even windsurfing and water sports.

1. About Craigleith Provincial Park

This Provincial Park is famous for many things, including the Blue Mountain village. The park was built in 1967 under the 245/7 Schedule 59 Provincial Park Act.

Two areas were selected for this provincial park—highway 26 along the land and the railway line along the ground. However, only the acquired land from the north side of Highway 26 was converted into an active park.

The southern shoreline of Georgian Bay is very fantastic and heart-softening. Exploring Collingwood in late October is recommended by the experts. Vehicle permits and camping are allowed in this provincial park. Visitors are allowed to swim on the shores along with camping permission.

Reservations are necessary before visiting this provincial park. Collingwood looks very striking at night. All the campsites for camping have beautiful locations along with all the amenities.

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Many campers visit this southern shore of Craigleith in mid-April due to its excellent weather and playground. Craigleith Parkthi in Canada is the best day-use area for tents, trips, hikes, and weekend spending.

The nearby attractions of this provincial park include a smartphone audio driving tour, an Aerial tour between Toronto and iflyToto, a Helicopter private tour, a Niagara winery tour, and many waterfalls and other attractions.

Including the provincial park and all other attractions, this place is a wonderland for many visitors. They can spend their weekends at this place in nature’s lap and have fun with their families, friends, and loved ones.

2. Available Facilities 

This provincial park, also called Ontario Parks, has many facilities which attract visitors towards it. These facilities include:

2.1. Park Office

The park office in Craig Leith Park is located on Highway 26, Ontario, near the Blue Mountains resort. The Craigleith Provincial Park, Canada, is open for camping from around April to October.

2.2. Campgrounds

Other crucial attractions in this provincial park, along with a blue mountain, Georgian Bay, shoreline, and unique small shores, are camping campgrounds. Many people visit Craigleith Park to experience camping activities here.

2.3. Main Campground

The Craigleith Provincial Park campgrounds are divided into further subcategories. The first and foremost campground for campsites is the main campground. This campground has almost 172 campsites, among which nearly 66 campsites have a full electric supply. These campsites also have laundry facilities along with a shower building and flush toilets. People can also put their tents in these campsites.

In various locations, portable water taps are available outside the day-use locations. The campsite is at easy walking distance from Shale Beach. Visitors can also have fun in the nighttime near the beach.

Another important point about the campgrounds in this park is that a separate adventure playground is situated near the shower building. Kids can play there and have fun. The proper space is given to every person visiting this provincial park.

2.4. Day Use

The shoreline, shale and camping sites are open for all-day use after 10 p.m. The park is closed to other people, and only the registered people can stay the night in their camp between nature. However, it is worth mentioning that you will even get potable water at different corners of this park, which is pretty good. 

Craigleith Provincial Park
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3. Ecology of the Craigleith Parks

This Provincial Park is significantly enriched in ecological parameters. This consists of many fossils which are around 455 million years old. Between the years 1859 to 1863, the shale oil plant was governed and supervised by William Darley. Unfortunately, the work could not continue due to the inefficiency of oil shale and was closed in the year 1863.

4. Craigleith Park Shipwreck

In the year 1872, the steamer Mary Ward used to carry salt, passengers, and oil from the place known as Sarnia to Collingwood; after a mishappening by the captain, in which around eight lives were lost, this facility was stopped by the higher authorities.

Visiting Craigleith Provincial Park  Ontario Travels 2022

5. Final Note

The Craigleith Provincial Park is one of the best creations of humankind in Toronto, Canada. The Blue Mountains, shores, shale, and nature touch give this provincial park a unique aura. The bike ride is the best way to discover this provincial park in a better way.

This awesome provincial park is like a dreamland, which will bring you closer to the environment and nature.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1. Where can we swim at Craigleith Park?

Ans. Swimming facilities are available at Shale Beach and Wasaga Beach. Pets are also allowed in a specific swimming area. This swimming area is specially designed for pets.

Q 2. Are there any rules for camping in Craigleith Park?

Ans. Yes, there are rules for camping at Craigleith Park; the first and foremost rule is not to damage or disturb the plants, animals, and natural objects. You are not allowed to camp in fire-hazard places.

Do not use ignite fireworks. If you break any of the rules, then the governing bodies can impose a fine on you.

Q 3. What are the facilities we get at Craigleith Park?

Ans. There are many facilities for visitors; some of them include comfort stations, rentals, laundromat park stores, and picnic shelters.

Q 4. What are the activities we can enjoy at Craigleith Park?

Ans. Some of them include hiking, biking, bird watching, walking trails, camping, fishing, swimming, exploring wildlife, observing plants, and enjoying birding festivals.

Q 5. What are the nearby attractions of Craigleith Park?

Ans. The nearby attractions of this provincial park include Bruce Trail, Beaver River, Blue Mountain, the South shore of Georgian Bay, Waterfront Park, and Nottawasaga River.

Craigleith Provincial Park: 4 Important Things to Know

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