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Courtenay, located in the Canadian province of British Columbia is situated on the east coast of Vancouver Island. Obviously, being a coastal city, there are some fantastic seafood restaurants in Courtenay BC v9n.

In this article, we will find out some of the best Courtenay BC restaurants.

1. Courtenay BC Restaurants

Not only this, but Courtenay, along with its neighbouring areas of Comox Marina and Comox Valley is also home to classic Canadian diners and cuisine from all over the world which will leave your taste buds wanting more even though it is a relatively small city.

1.1. Ocean7 Restaurant

The Ocean7 restaurant inside the Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & spa provides a fine dining experience to its customers.

1.1.1. Fresh Seafood Dishes

They serve a wide variety of fresh seafood, from starters like the West Coast seafood chowder to their delicious and lip-smacking Crispy skin Arctic Char. Apart from seafood, Ocean7 also serves an array of Italian and Canadian classics such as their Sous vide rack of pork and 7oz Tenderloin.

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Website Screenshot: kingfisherspa.com

1.1.2. Homemade Desserts

Their menu also boasts some fantastic desserts such as their Raspberry Cheesecake and a variety of homemade ice creams and macarons along with sorbets. Not only this, but Ocean7 also gives you a large variety of beverages to choose from to go along with your tasty meal and make it even better.

If you are looking for a family-friendly restaurant, then this is the place for you with its cozy booths, stair steps to allow amazing vistas for all, and friendly staff, and there’s also a kid’s special menu. It is not just a restaurant but also a place where friends vibe together and colleagues share ideas.

1.2. Union Street Grill

Union Street Grill is one of the fine dining restaurants in downtown Courtenay and is famous for its scrumptious and exotic seafood. They serve a wide array of dishes from all types of cuisine ranging from Canadian to Asian.

1.2.1. International Cuisine

The restaurant provides a lot of gluten-free options for all its dishes to its diners and a variety of salads such as its tasty Pork n’ feta salad and Thai Prawn salad.

Street Grill Restaurant

Moreover, their dinner menu also serves Italian classics like Grilled Prawn Tortellini and Sausage Sicilian, and of course Canadian favourites like Balsamic Pork Ribs.

1.2.2. Homemade Desserts

Moreover, the restaurant also offers some very tasty desserts which are the perfect way to end your meal and make your experience even better. Along with this, the kid’s menu promises great food for your children at a discounted price.

This blend of different international cuisines makes it the perfect place for you and your friends to dine, especially if all of you have different tastes. We urge you to visit Union Street Grill as it’s one of the best Courtenay BC restaurants.

1.3. Javier’s Latin Cuisine

Javier’s Latin Cuisine specializes in authentic Latin American food which is a local favourite and is somewhat of a hidden little gem in Courtenay BC v9n. The restaurant serves dishes from across South America, from Mexico to Colombia and Peru, and is easily one of the best restaurants in this region.

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Website Screenshot: javierslatincuisine.com

Javier’s Latin Cuisine restaurant is known for its delicious food and great service. A few of their most liked dishes are the enchiladas with green sauce and the alambre. Along with this, they offer options such as their Marinated pork dinner platter which is served with a side of tasty salads of the diner’s choice.

1.3.2. Mexican Specials

No Mexican restaurant is complete unless they serve quesadillas and Javier’s Latin Cuisine takes it to the next level as they serve quesadilla platters in their dinner menu which too, comes with a side of salads. Moreover, this restaurant is vegetarian-friendly and offers a lot of vegan options as well.

You can also order drinks to complement your meal which is sure to improve the quality of your experience. However, their drinks menu is somewhat limited.

This is easily one of the best restaurants in Courtenay in terms of its food and service.  The friendly and welcoming staff add more to the value of the restaurant.

1.4. Atlas Cafe

The Comox Valley region near Courtenay, British Columbia is what one might call a food lover’s heaven with each and every type of cafe, restaurant, or bar you can imagine.

One such place is the Atlas cafe which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with their specialty being Canadian and fusion cuisine.

1.4.1. Breakfast Specials

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Website Screenshot: atlascafe.ca

They have an extensive breakfast menu that serves almost everything that you would expect from a typical Canadian diner starting from classics like sausages and bacon with eggs and a side of caramelized onions, and poached eggs with bacon, English muffin, tomatoes and homemade hollandaise to fancy options like their Capicolla Eggwich.

1.4.2. Lunch & Dinner Specialties

Atlas Cafe is also home to some bustling lunches and inspired dinners with scrumptious fresh seafood starters and delicious burgers, tacos, and other main courses such as their spaghetti puttanesca and the famous Atlas carbonara.

Their main focus is on providing customers with tantalizing food made from high-quality ingredients such as grain-fed meats and fresh organic produce sourced from local sustainable growers.

1.4.3. Outstanding View and Vibe

This cafe is not just a place to enjoy food but also a place where the entire community gathers and where the family share laughs with vast ocean views. We guarantee that you will enjoy their good food and fantastic customer service.

1.5. Yiamas Greek Taverna

Yiamas Greek Taverna is a unique restaurant that provides customers with an authentic greek experience and fresh greek food. The restaurant strives to show you a glimpse of traditional Greek hospitality.

They have a vast menu with dishes from all over Greece with different starters, entrees, greek salads, and authentic greek Souvlaki which is served with vegetables, rice and potatoes, and many liquor options as well.

1.5.1 Authentic Appetizers

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Website Screenshot: yiamastaverna.ca

Their appetizers range from Olive pate served with traditional pita bread and Saganaki, Dolmades, and assorted Menezes. Apart from this, they also serve an array of entrees with different meats such as roasted lamb, stuffed chicken, and Kalamari.

1.5.2. Vegan Options

If you are a vegetarian, there is no need to worry as Yiamas also has a variety of options for its vegetarian customers ranging from Vegetarian Moussaka, Marouli salad, and of course, their tasty Caesar salad.

1.5.3. Souvlaki Specials

Yiamas also serves tasty and traditional Souvlaki of different varieties, with the best ones being their Prawn and Scallop souvlaki and their lamb souvlaki. These will surely be one of the best dishes you will ever taste.

Apart from this, their menu boasts large liquor options with various red and white wines and different local and imported beers as well.

1.6. Fluid Bar & Grill

Fluid Bar & Grill is not just a restaurant, but an experience. It is the perfect place to hang out with your friends and family and have a good time. They even have a special fast menu besides their usual day-to-day fine-dine experience.

1.6.1 All-day Specials

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Website Screenshot: fluidbarandgrill.com

The All-day menu offers various appetizers such as Spicy Calamari, Crab Dip, their famous leaning tower o’Nachos, and of course, Poutine. Along with these delicious appetizers, they also serve various salads or Artisan Greens and also offer diners the option to make their own lettuce wraps with the fillings of their choice.

1.6.2. Pizzas & Fast Food

What if you are craving a pizza? There’s absolutely no need to worry as Fluid also serves both veggie and carnivore pizza. Apart from this, they also have a Chef’s Ladle section which contains soups carefully curated by the chef.

They also have a Fast Menu with various lunch options from all across the globe starting from their wonton soup to their lip-smacking pulled pork sandwich and curry bowl.

1.6.3. Special Drinks Menu

They also have drink specials for each day of the week ranging from Martinis to Craft Beers which you can sip in their sleek yet comfortable urban lounge while enjoying the view of the Beaufort mountain range.

1.7. Yummies & Gyros Greek Cafe

Yummies & Gyros Greek Cafe is another restaurant that serves tasty middle eastern cuisine and is quite easily one of the best restaurants in Courtenay and Vancouver island that serves Greek food.

Not only do they serve great food, but also it is quite cheap as compared to other Greek restaurants in the Courtenay and Vancouver Island region.

1.7.1.  Specialities 

Just as their name suggests, they serve delicious gyros and donairs which are made especially for each customer as per their requirements. Moreover, they also have tasty falafels for their vegetarian diners and each dish is made from the freshest of ingredients.

1.8. Black Market Food Truck

The Black Market Food Truck serves both exotic and local foods which makes it likable to all sorts of customers. Its main focus is to provide simple and soulful food that will leave everyone wanting more.

1.8.1 Specialties

They offer different types of burgers and sandwiches, with the most famous ones being their Korean Chicken Burger and the Spicy Mexican Sandwich along with their tasty Soy Chilli Fried Chicken and the Deep-Fried Chicken Filet.

You can enjoy their food in your car or stop by and eat these tasty dishes with vast ocean views for a relaxed evening.

1.9. Blackfin Pub

The Blackfin Pub is located in downtown Courtenay close to Comox Harbour and serves delicious food from the American subcontinent and Italy. They are also famous for their seafood which is quite tasty and made from the freshest ingredients. They are easily one of the best Courtenay BC restaurants.

1.9.1 Dinner Specials

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Website Screenshot: blackfinpub.com

They serve a variety of meats ranging from baby back ribs to steak and prawns along with various seafood options such as their wild schezuan salmon and their scrumptious Seafood Enchiladas.

Along with this, they also offer some Canadian classics including fish and chips, chicken pot pie, and steak sandwiches. They also have some lip-smacking burgers and pasta which have an unparallel taste.

1.9.2. Liquor Selection

Moreover, they have an amazing liquor collection with everything from fine wines to crafted cocktails and martinis. You can always order these to compliment your meal and make your experience even better while hanging out with friends and family.

2. Conclusion

In the end, we would just like to say that if you are a tourist visiting British Columbia or a local, you should really try the food from these best Courtenay BC restaurants for an experience like never before.

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