8 Famous Campgrounds in BC

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Photo by: Devon MacKay. Unsplash.com. Copyright 2023.

We can divide recreation into two types, i.e. outdoor and indoor recreation. Binge-watching web series can be an instance of indoor recreation, while camping, exploring, and adventure are instances of outdoor recreation. Outdoor recreation, like camping, helps a person to socialize, introspect, and build up an outgoing attitude.

Here is a list of famous campgrounds in BC where campers can enjoy and explore the wilderness. After reading this article, you will surely plan your camping trip to these recreation sites and enjoy the beauties of the world.

1. National Parks and Campgrounds in BC


The best places to go camping are the national parks in British Columbia, which offer campground amenities. In national parks, you can not only enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and exploring the wilderness, but it is also one of the best places for introspection.

Here, you can be in tune with nature, which will surely fill up your mind with tranquillity, solace, peace, and happiness. Here is a list of the four best National Parks in British Columbia where you can go camping.

1.1 Yoho National Park

Relish the quiet and serenity of nature at Yoho National Park. Nestled amid the snow-clad rocky mountains lies one of the most beautiful and famous campgrounds in BC.

Hike through the rustic trails and explore the awe-inspiring beauties of historic and provincial rivers, rugged waterfalls, and the beauty of the Emerald Lake surrounded by rocky peaks and wildflowers. Rustic beauties like the natural stone bridge, Takakkaw Falls, Wapta Falls, and many more surround the campsite.

1.2 Kootenay National Park in British Columbia

National Park
Photo by: Ali Kazal. Unsplash.com. Copyright 2023.

Pack your tents and plan a camping trip with your friends and family at Kootenay National Park in British Columbia. Experience an enchanting ambiance with hot springs, wilderness, and unique species of birds and plants.

Spend an ethereal time stargazing at the side of the glacial lake while inhaling the sweet scent of sub-alpine wildflowers. While camping, you can plan your picnic at the banks of Olive Lake or enjoy a pristine view of vibrant nature at Kootenay Valley Viewpoint.

2. RV Parks for Camping in British Columbia

Campers must know that there are various types of camping methods and styles. The four major groups that camping can be divided into are front-country camping, backcountry camping, hard camping, and soft camping.

Front country camping is an easier way of camping where the campsite is located in a convenient position near a road or a city. These campsites are available with accommodations like picnic tables, wireless internet, hot showers, and clean washrooms. On the contrary, the backcountry campground is located in a remote place that might involve adventure, hiking, and a lack of comfort amenities.

The other two types of camping are hard camping and soft camping. Hard camping doesn’t involve tents. RV sites fall under the category of hard camping, where shelters built with soft items are not allowed. Soft camping is the exact opposite of hard camping. The guests are allowed to set up a tent in the location of soft camping

Here is a list of some RV parks and famous campgrounds in BC.

2.1 Mount Revelstoke National Park

Mount Revelstoke National Park has one of the most famous campgrounds in BC that only allows hard camping. This national park offers both front-country and back-country camping.

The Snowforest Campground is an RV park for front-country camping in Mount Revelstoke National Park, which is surrounded by cedar-hemlock forest. Campfires are allowed, and firewood is available in the campgrounds. Amenities like hot showers, flush toilets, kitchen shelters, food lockers, and portable water are also available.

The campers can enjoy the serenity of backcountry camping at Mount Revelstoke National Park, with treeless alpine tundra and sub-alpine terrain, while sitting on the banks of Eva and Jade Lakes. Dogs and campfires are not allowed in this campsite; the campers must have a backcountry camping permit and national park pass to set camp at this site.

2.2 Wood Lake RV Park & Marina

Book your holiday adventure by planning a getaway with your friends and family at Wood Lake RV Park and Marina, which is located near Kalamalka Lake in Okanagan. Rent a kayak and go kayaking, paddle boarding, and canoeing at one of the most famous campgrounds in BC.

The RV sites are equipped with a laundromat, children’s playground, convenience store, and washroom facilities. Choose your dates between April and mid-October and spend your leisure hours fishing and watching birds like Mallard ducks, Great Blue herons, and Bald Eagles soaring high in the sky.

2.3 Anmore Camping and RV Park

Campgrounds in BC
Image Source: Anmore Camping & RV Park.

Enjoy beach activities and hiking while setting up your RV camp on the spacious grounds of Anmore Camping and RV Park. Surrounded by Majestic Egal Ridge Mountains lies the Buntzen Lake, on the banks of which lies the Anmore Camping and RV Park.

This campground is a paradise for nature lovers as it has access to enchanting regional and provincial parks like Belcarra Regional Park and Indian Arm Provincial Park.

3. Names of Some Privately Operated Campgrounds in British Columbia

Privately operated campgrounds not only offer privacy to their visitors but also help them to accommodate with comfort. Some of the famous campgrounds in BC which are privately operated are listed below.

3.1 Mowhinna Creek Campground

Campgrounds in BC
Image Source: Mowhinna Creek Campground.

If you wish to plan a camping trip amid the lush green nature with the fullest comfort, then Mowhinna Creek Campgrounds can be your best choice. Spend a comfortable time amid the wilderness with restaurants, banks, and local bus routes located nearby.

The campgrounds offer walk-in tents, RV sites, and two unfurnished sleeping cabins. The campground amenities include 30 amp power, Wi-Fi internet, flush toilets, and showers. The campers can also bring their pets with them.

3.2 Fort Camping Campsites

Fort Camping Campsites is not only one of the most famous Campgrounds in BC but in Vancouver Island as well. The campground offers nearly 156 campsites equipped with free Wi-Fi, 50 amp power, and fire pits.

The campers can enjoy fishing while breathing in the country air, or they can also choose to walk and cycle through the Brae Island Regional Park Trails located near the campsite.

3.3 Shadow Falls Campground

Located in the east of Vancouver Island, Shadow Falls Campground in Harrison Mills, British Columbia, is one of the most famous campgrounds in BC because of its LGBTQ-friendly ambiance. This campground does not allow children; therefore, Adults can spend fun and private time at this campsite.

Explore the nearby waterfalls or sunbathe and socialize in the 5000 square feet of green space. The campgrounds authority also arranges a lot of clubhouse events to invoke more fun and entertainment.

4. Conclusion

Camping with family and friends can help to clear up the mind and will help you to look at life with a clearer perspective. This article, with a list of the best campgrounds in British Columbia, will surely help its readers to find a getaway in the bosom of nature, away from the busy and noisy city life. So, without any further delay, plan your next camping trip with your friends and family.

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