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Want to start your legal career but still confused about where to start? Here are the best law schools in Montreal. These schools will help you chase your dreams and achieve them. Start your legal with these best law schools. 

A civil law degree is one of the hardest degrees in today’s society. The students practice law in various fields, including air and space law, common law, and legal education. The students can also do the legal practice course after their graduation.

The legal course starts with the graduation degree, and you can go on with post-graduation and specialization courses. The law schools in Montreal also help the students practice law in their jurisdictions.

1. Importance of Law in Society

The law in society is very important, and law schools provide legal education. Most law school programs focus on the overall development of the student.

Admission to these law schools is based on entrance exams. The exam has a moderate level of questions. These law schools are situated in different places, including France, Quebec, Ottawa, Ontario, British Columbia province, and other territories of Canada.

2. Degrees in Law Schools

There are many graduate and postgraduate programs for law students. The students can study L.L.M, B.A. in Criminology and Sociolegal Studies, specialization in civil law, Juris Doctor, Ph.D., social and legal studies, and many more.

In these degrees, they will study the complete law and justice courses. During their law degree, they study civil law, common law, cyberspace law, indigenous legal traditions, forest law, intellectual property law, administrative law, and many more.

3. Best Law Schools in Montreal

There are many of the law schools in Montreal. These law schools build the students’ overall careers. The faculty is keenly focused on the students’ careers.

They focus on globalization and teach the students in such a way that they will do their law practice worldwide.

Let’s discuss the best law schools in Montreal.

3.1. McGill University

McGill University is one of the best law schools in Montreal. It is famous all over the world. They offer many courses to the students. The admission procedure at this law school is complicated.

The applicants have to take a written exam, and then the students who pass have to give an interview to the school community. Then, based on the interview results, the community decides which students are qualified and which can be admitted to the school.

Address: 845 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, Canada


3.2. University de Montreal

University de Montreal has the best faculty. The faculty of this university focuses on legal research and practice. The academic reputation of this university is very high.

They have designed a special advanced law degree comprising legal academics, writing, and research. They offer many internship programs, training sessions, and externships to students.

Address: 2900 Bd Edouard-Montpetit, Montréal, Canada

3.3. Concordia University

Concordia University is a private university. It is an interdisciplinary university. This university’s faculty works on the students’ intellectual stimulation and teamwork.

They have a large alumni club. The alumni of the university organize career counseling programs for junior students. They teach them the dos and don’ts of the legal career.

Address: 1455 Boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest, Montréal, Canada

Law Schools In Montreal
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3.4. Vanier College

Vanier College is focused on the interest of the student. They want their student to become the best in their respective fields. They focus on the personality development of the students. They follow unique grading systems for the exams.

Address: 821 Av. Sainte-Croix, Saint-Laurent, Montréal, Canada

3.5. University du Quebec a Montréal

University du Quebec a Montréal is one of the best law schools in Montreal. This university is connected with many companies, institutes, and non-profit organizations. The faculty of this university focuses on every single student’s performance.

In this university, the theory and the practice will go on simultaneously. The students must prepare assignments, do case studies, and attend webinars and seminars.

Address: 405 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, Canada

3.6. Faculté De Droit

Faculté De Droit offers many law degrees to students. This school has students from all over the world. Students from different parts of Canada visit this school, such as Ontario, British Columbia province, Quebec, and Vancouver.

This is counted as one of the best law schools in Montreal because of its best teaching environment. They have small classrooms so the teacher can focus on every student.

Address: 3101 Ch de la Tour, Montréal, Canada.

Law Schools In Montreal
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1. Which are the best law schools in Montreal?

Ans. The two best law schools in Montreal are McGill University and University de Montreal. These law schools are best because of their legal traditions, joint programs, legal studies, supportive faculty, and private civil law practice.

Q 2. How do the students apply to any law school?

Ans. The students have to visit the official site of the law school. The admission procedure is given in detail. Generally, you have to click on the admission request and fill out the form, and then the school authorities check the list of applicants, further contact them, and tell them the procedure.

Q 3. Is there any government scholarship program for law students?

Ans. No, there are no such programs from the government side, but some law schools in Montreal provide scholarships to bright students.

Q 4. Is there any summer internship or research training program available for the students?

Ans. Yes, law graduates must intern in their third year of the degree. The minimum training should be six months, completed in June. Many law schools in Montreal provide such training to students.

Q 5. What should be the qualities of a student to enter the legal profession?

Ans. The student should be very familiar with dense reading and heavy texts. Join a law society club during your graduate program.

Do research from the first year of your degree. Read the old cases and try to understand all types of law, such as civil law, common law, air and space law, and legal traditions.

Law Schools In Montreal
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Final Note

These law schools are the best and provide quality knowledge to students, so the students come here from all over the world. These schools are bilingual, and their faculty is very supportive.

They are located in the city center, making them easily accessible to the students. The school community provides all the study materials to the students so they do not have to suffer from the previous case reports and assignments.

The faculty introduces them to all the laws and legal actions with examples and the proper places to use them so that the students remain familiar with how to use the law and where to use it.

These law schools in Montreal provide some extra practice sessions for the students. These sessions help them build their self-confidence and bring out their best.

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