What are the Top 6 Campgrounds Near Waterton for an Unforgettable Outdoor Retreat?

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One must sometimes skip daily life and sneak into the world of nature. Many things will catch your sight at first glance, but there is nothing like camping.

It helps us get time for ourselves, enjoy nature’s beauty, and do basic life activities. Campgrounds near Waterton Lakes National Park can be one of your best decisions.

Campgrounds Near Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park is a quaint place in Alberta filled with surprises, great ecological diversity, and flora. The lake provides great camping sites and is an excellent place for hikers. 

The Canadian Rockies surrounds the lake and is the dream place for any camping lover in Canada. A few famous campgrounds near Waterton include the following.

1. Waterton Townsite Campground

This campground in Waterton is one of the most famous and is in the heart of Waterton. The campground provides both tenting and RV camping options. It also offers other facilities like showers, toilets, dump stations, wheelchair-accessible facilities, and hiking options. 

Located in the most accessible part of the park, this campground is one of the most famous, making it difficult for campers to find a place to camp.

Registration is advised before visiting this campground. The price for camping usually ranges from $20- $50 and can go higher in the peak months, like July to October.

2. Belly River Campground

This campground is located in the northeastern part of Waterton Park, where only 24 camping sites are available daily and require pre-booking. Situated in a secluded area, Belly River Campground allows campers to enjoy the picturesque landscape of the room

Belly river campground
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Facilities like food storage, firewood, and kitchen shelters are available here. RV parking is also available and has to be pre-booked by visiting the Parks Canada reservation website. The price of a camping site ranges from $25-$40. 

3. Crooked Creek Campground

This is another famous campground near Waterton, about 5 kilometers from the Waterton Lakes National Park. Registration is also required as only 79 sites are general here. 

Crooked Creek Campground review , Gaines PA / PA Grand Canyon Hike

The Crooked Creed campground provides amenities like WI-Fi, showers, washrooms, laundry, a primary amenities store, and firewood. Located in a quaint area and quite near Waterton Park, it is one of the most famous campgrounds near Waterton. 

The price of each camping site starts from $20, and a stay of at least two days is required.

4. Fort Heritage and Frontier RV Park

Located about 15 kilometers from Waterton Lakes Park, this campground is an RV and a camping site. 

Fort Heritage and Frontier RV Park
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The campground provides facilities like washrooms and showers. It is a relatively new campground near Waterton and charges $27 to $ 33 for RV parking and $23 for camping tents. Registration can be done by calling their official customer number or visiting their website.

5. Police Outspot Provincial Park

This lakeside campground is about 50 kilometers from Waterton and offers many campsites. It offers beautiful views to visitors and is an excellent place for camping. 

Police Outspot Provincial Park
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Many activities are available for the campers, like fishing, hiking through the forests, canoeing, bird watching, and boating. The trailers have to arrange the basic requirements as the campsites are unserviced. The cost of camping per day is about $24.

6. Prairies Peak Campground

Surrounded by the magnificent Rocky Mountains, this campground near Waterton is an excellent spot for campers. It is located about 50 kilometers from Waterton Lake National Park. 

Prairies Peak Campground
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The campground is open for campers from May to October. It offers a variety of facilities like WI-Fi, a playground, RV parking sites, a fishing pond, swimming, washrooms, showers, and many more, like laundry, basketball courts, and a movie theatre also coming up soon. 

The rate for each site starts from $48 per night.

Things to Note Before Visiting Waterton Camping Grounds

Apart from these campgrounds, backwater campgrounds, accessible only through hiking trails, are also available near Waterton. These campgrounds are located entirely in nature’s cradles and are relatively less explored. 

camping in a forest
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The roads are rugged, but the hiking is worth it because of the spectacular scenery. Travelers should carry the basic amenities and should also do more research regarding water availability, waste removal, and clothing.

Some backwater camping sites include Bertha Bay, Bertha Lake, Boundary Bay, Lineham Lakes, and many more. 

General Tips and Safety Measures

A wide variety of flora and fauna is near the Waterton Lakes National Park. It is exciting to spot beautiful creatures, but you must also take care of certain things. It is necessary to avoid contact with animals to prevent any animal attacks.  

Camping near lakes
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Waterton National Park is primarily known for the habitat of Black bears and Grizzly Bears. Though the number of encounters with a bear is relatively low, one should still have the basic knowledge to prevent risk. 

  • Carrying binoculars and bear spray is essential to spot an approaching animal.
  • Packing the food, garbage, and dishes in a smell-proof container is essential to avoid bears around the campground.
  • While hiking, stay together in groups and make noises while walking through the forests.
  • If the bear is too close, use bear spray.
  • Carrying raincoats, umbrellas, and adequate clothing is also of utmost importance.
  • Remember to reserve the camping site and research before visiting the campground.
  • Make sure not to litter the area and properly dispose of the waste
  • The best months for camping in Waterton are generally from June to September. Even though the weather is perfect, it gets unpredictable sometimes.

Wrapping Up

Camping in Waterton offers a memorable experience as stunning landscapes and wildlife surround the place. Serene lakes, majestic mountains, and vibrant flora make it a perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts to visit and explore.

Whether you enjoy hiking, wildlife watching, or simply exploring the calm beauty of nature, Waterton’s beauty and tranquillity make it a rewarding experience for camping adventurers.

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