5 Best Restaurants In Regina With Fantastic Options

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Are you craving some delicious food from the best restaurants in Regina and planning to dine in while you are out on a tour to Regina, or are you looking for a new place to eat or order in as you are bored with your daily go-to places?

If yes, then make sure that you book a suite in Regina and make a point to get something to eat at any one of these fantastic cafés or maybe discover each one of them.

Whether you are getting yourself moving in for some tasty breakfast, maybe brunch, or feasting out for a date night in the town, here are the top Restaurants you must visit without giving them any second thoughts.

Let it be for a lunch date with a friend, dinner, or if you are craving some Thai food at midnight, Regina has amazing sports bars, Indian restaurants as well as amazing Sushi places that you cannot miss at any cost. 

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From fast-food restaurants for tasty pizzas, burgers, crispy fries, and other amazing go-to food to traditional Indian restaurants in Regina, you can find a good place to eat at.

Regina is also a hub to great restaurants, many of which personifies the bounty of the land. Given below is a list of the 5 best restaurants in Regina you cannot miss in this Canadian city while you are there.

5 Best Restaurants in Regina

1. Chicken Corfu At Memories Fine Dining

They originally opened their entryways back on June seventh, 1989, as Memories Fine Dining to offer the people living in Regina or visiting the place a novel and peaceful feasting experience. Situated in the core of downtown Regina, the café also highlights an unwinding as well as pleasant-day climate. 

Not understanding the divine steakhouse works of art, they are likewise referred to for Greek cooking styles such as rack of sheep and chicken Corfu.

They serve extraordinary treats that are created by their very own cake culinary expert and they have wines from everywhere in the world to give ideal pairings to your entrée with loved ones. After you are done with the supper, kindly have one of their heavenly specially prepared espressos to make for an ideal and happy finish to your visit. 

The recollections are perfect for your praising, commemorations, birthday events, graduation parties, and, surprisingly, for an astonishing night out with your buddies. They have private rooms that are accessible for official gatherings and conferences.

There is likewise a huge assembly hall for even bigger occasions like wedding parties as well as corporate capacities. From one or two to another hundred individuals, they can oblige for any gathering you would like in there. 

In 2021, they won Trip Advisor’s Travelers’ Choice Award- 2021 Best of the Best honor as one of Canada’s top fancy eateries. This grant is introduced exclusively to the top 1% of the cafés. Furthermore, they were also included in Nar City and To-Do Canada.

In June 2016, they brought back home the 2017 NEYA Award for the Employer Category. This grant addresses the Saskatchewan organizations that effectively enlisted and held worker representatives.

Air Canada’s En Route magazine has also spoken highly about them as the #8 eatery in Canada. Vacay Ca has likewise picked them as one of the main 50 cafés found in Canada.

Moreover, the individuals on Trip Advisor have additionally cast a ballot for it to be the #1 high-end café in Regina and #3 generally speaking across all the classifications. So you should come down to Memories, and have a noteworthy feasting experience with your family or friends.


Some say that the food is top tier and others appreciate it by mentioning how great the ambience and services are while people also hear that it is a bit overpriced but a great spot to grab a bite.

Few also mention that they have availability of Wi-Fi, wheelchair, parking and prior reservations for your table. Some of the people also had a bad experience but it is for you to go and decide whether they are up to the mark or not. 

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2. Steak At Lakeshore Restaurant

Their Mission is to enhance individuals’ lives by serving quality food and the best feasting experience. Beginning in around 1974, Lakeshore Restaurant has been a family claim, worked and appeared to be Regina’s top tier steakhouse and mixed drink relaxation.

Their superb client assistance and fastidiously pre-arranged dishes will bring you back endlessly time in the future. Lakeshore Restaurant’s unmistakable and enchanting air separates them from others.

Bring your loved ones for a night out or an essential occasion and attempt one of their culinary expert’s delicious creations. For example, steak and lobster plate, Alaska King Crab, Filet Mignon or Greek Chicken.

Paul Flengeris, the proprietor since the summer of 2013, has kept the family customs alive while offering novel thoughts that would be useful. Another refreshed menu comprising of the first dishes from the very beginning to an assortment of new speciality dishes to offer the developing solicitations from yourselves — the client.

They are situated in the Lakeshore Mall and take bookings for all events and extraordinary occasions like birthdays, commemorations, weddings and gatherings. Gift vouchers are likewise accessible. Hence, anticipate serving you soon. 

An incredible feasting experience at Lakeshore Restaurant. They offer an assortment of connoisseur choices for having lunch and supper, along with an amazing scope of treats and wines. They additionally have a children’s menu for the youngsters to appreciate.

Begin lunch with a tidbit, which incorporates prepared onion soup, bacon-wrapped scallops, and escargot. They likewise have a few sorts of servings of mixed greens, decorated with non-veg and fish.

Also, they offer pasta and a variety of entrées, going from Canadian back ribs, burgers, sandwiches, etc. Assuming you incline toward a lighter feast, and request an omelet (presented with fries, salad, or soup).

During supper, they have steak and fish platters, chicken entrées, lord crab and shrimp plates, and seared meat tenderloin dishes. Also, the night menu incorporates platters, pasta, and pan-fried food dishes. To go with your dinner, look over the choice of red as well as white wines.

Post entrée, attempt their pastries for anything sweet. If you request a cheesecake, crepe, baklava, or any superb treats, the pastries will unquestionably end your dinner on a cheerful note.

Go ahead and move towards their group assuming you need food to eat and wines to drink ideas. The representatives are with them for quite a while, so they know about their menus in general.


One of the customers mentioned that the restaurant is vegan-friendly and gluten-free while the other go-to customer told about the famous delicious steak of the restaurant. The other review the restaurant received was about how polite the staff over there was and the calm ambience. 

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3. Fresh Oysters at Bodega Tapas Restaurant

Their heritage home in the Cathedral area has been Regina’s favourite go-to spot for Bodega Tapas, craft beer, cocktails and wine for over twenty years.

They took the painful decision to suspend operations in light of the difficult social situations, but are happy to announce that they are now open.  Rest assured that your comfort and well-being are their top priority. All the most required methods of safety and sanitizing are being followed to help keep you safe.  
They offer a unique environment with a spacious lounge, multiple dining areas, tree-top and covered patios as well as a garden room. 

To enhance your experience, they will again feature the work of local artists, as well as DJs spinning a wide variety of styles from 8:30 to closing on weekends.  Browse through their updated website to find out about the exciting changes they have in store or visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

Relax and enjoy their expanded menu featuring your old favorites like fresh oysters, seafood, and many new globally inspired dishes. They are also pleased to announce a special take-out and delivery menu that is family-friendly and affordable.  They are also providing pre-booked lunches for groups of 10 or more with 5 days’ notice. 


They have heard that the meals are fantastic and that the atmosphere is great, while there are also a few contradictory reviews about the customer service being mediocre. Some are impressed by their cooking while others mention that they visit the place to grab drinks with their friends. A customer who visited Bodega Tapas Restaurant during a fine summer evening mentioned that the place is nothing but a hidden gem.

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4. Pizzas at Houston Pizza

Four Kolitsas siblings opened the primary Houston Pizza in 1970, on Hill Ave in Regina. They had quite recently moved from Greece with a solid hard-working attitude and an affection for food.
Buzz began promptly about the pizza with adequate new garnishes, exceptional flavour, and the custom made hull that is fresh outwardly and delightfully delicate in the centre.

The interest in Houston Pizza developed. Individuals immediately came to grasp Houston Pizza as a pleasant work environment, but an incredible chance to learn and fill in the business.
As the business developed, so has its menu. Their full eatery menu additionally includes entrées like steak, salad, and our popular dry ribs and souvlaki.

The undeniably Mediterranean quintessence that goes through the Houston Pizza menu can be followed back to the Kolitsas siblings’ Greek legacy. Olive oil, oregano, lemon, and garlic – these flavours structure the underpinning of the taste that you have come to pine for. Today, the menu overflows with the sort of flavour that hands down the freshest and greatest fixings can bring.

They invest heavily in obtaining, however many local items as could reasonably be expected: the pizza meat, souvlaki, and dry ribs are all Saskatchewan items, 100 percent Canadian. 

Furthermore, Houston Pizza serves 100 percent Canadian Angus Pride meat, well known for its 21 days of least maturing and triple “A” grade marbling. As though that was not sufficient, everything they produce is cut new day to day, not seven days early, and the sauces and dressings are ready in-house. 

A key Kolitsas brothers’ theory was that whatever went on the menu needed to taste great. Well, assuming client reliability is any sign, they without a doubt succeeded.

Likewise, the siblings ensured that their business theory would maintain these key essentials:

  • Put quality over the cost at any expense.
  • Focus on moderation and worth.
  • Zero in on flavour.
  • Give an agreeable, warm, and family air.
  • Value clients.
  • Utilize the freshest and greatest ingredients in every dish.

Also, the custom goes on today. Under the authority of another age of the Kolitsas family, Houston Pizza keeps on presenting reliably real great food. Famous as could be, there are 11 Houston Pizza outlets in 6 networks across the grasslands and then some in another area. Regardless of which HP you visit, you are at home there. 

If you like trying different types of pizzas, then you can check out the guide to the best pizza in Regina and complete your craving for some good pizzas.


Some say that the pizzas here are exceptional and worth every penny while we hear from others that the service is great. The positive reviews go on and on about this pizza spot in Regina.

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5. Sasazushi at Hachi Sushi

I Like Sushi is situated in the Rochdale Crossing Mall in the north finish of Regina. The café is adequately huge to accommodate a maximum of 200 individuals. The open-air for eating and spending time together in the open air is one reason why it is well known for family parties and dinners.

This is a full-assistance café, incorporating eat-in, take-out, conveyance and gatherings. 

For feast in, they serve all you can eat and table order. Everything you can eat is the more well-known decision, where you appreciate both Chinese food, smorgasbord and Japanese sushi, and you could eat however much you can at a similar cost.

There are north of 200 things for your decisions. You can help yourself to the Chinese food and sweets in the smorgasbord bars, while you could likewise arrange from the everything-you-can-eat menu for the sushi on the tables, for the new-made is a method for keeping Japanese sushi delightful.

But all you can eat, the other decision is table order (from the normal menu), where the cost you paid is rely upon what you request. Anything on the ordinary menu is served for take-out or feast. Furthermore, there is additionally an eaten Box and Dinner Box for take-out food in the smorgasbord bars. 

The proprietor and all staff will welcome you with the hottest gladly gesture. On the off chance that you have any inquiry, remark or idea, if it is not too much trouble, go ahead and get in touch with the staff of the restaurant, at 306-789-8998. They are generally delighted to hear from you.


They get to hear from a customer that it is an underrated sushi restaurant with a large variety. Others tell each other that their first experience at the restaurant was an outstanding one. Customers also appreciate the services and mention the friendly environment. This is a must-go-to place for sushi lovers, says another happy customer.

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Closing Thoughts

Regina is the second-largest city after Saskatoon in the Canadian province. Being a commercial centre of southern Saskatoon and a place with numerous top restaurants in Regina, it is undoubtedly a place you will love to explore.

One who is a sushi fan or maybe likes biryani or a pizza lover can witness various sites to see some of the best restaurants in Regina while they are in the town.

Given above are just the five top restaurants, but you can go on exploring others and get an idea about each one of them so that you can enjoy eating and make memories with the same. Every restaurant is equipped with one or other unique dish, hence do not forget to taste them all and satisfy your tongue and stomach.

Whether you are looking for indian food, canadian wild boar burger, breakfast bistro with great atmosphere, local business that offer gluten free options, golf’s steak house, visti to the famous st regina pasta dishes, or wine bar /avenue coffee house that offer cozy environment inviting interior, these best restaurants in regina sk provide some of the most fantastic meal

Go all over the map and discover various beautiful sceneries, gardens, monuments, restaurants and shopping streets to make a fun load of memories and then when your stomach growls with hunger, come visit one of these restaurants for good food. 

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