5 Best Picnic Spots in Canmore

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Regarding the picnic spots in Canmore, you’ll find a dozen of the most significant picnic areas to start your weekends. Calgary is a stunning place in the Canadian Rockies to feel the glorious nature, near the mountain views for a family picnic lunch and other fun activities at the sandy beach.

You’ll be astonished by the lovely picnic spots in Canmore Nordic Centre, where the everyday-use area for picnics is packed with plenty of picnic tables, fire pits, a hiking trail, and even a paved walking trail.

The most praiseworthy spots for a picnic area would be near the water bodies. Riverside Park, Sheep River Provincial Park, Quarry Lake, Bow River, Lake Louise, Elbow River, and Johnson Lake.

A few of them need just a short walk from your home in Canmore to visit the picnic sites on a hot summer day. So, grab your picnic basket! Get ready to experience the best picnic fun at these picnic spots in Canmore.

1. Picnic spots in Canmore

1.1. Quarry Lake

Regarded as the Local Town Beach of Canmore, the Quarry Lake is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful picnic spots in Canmore. Situated near the Canmore Nordic Centre, this place is easy to find.

It is a beautiful spot to spend hours with your family and friends on a sunny day. However, they’ve already crossed the Lake spot if you find yourself around the Nordic Centre.

It’s best to take a few kilometres, like 2, to get back to the parking lot for the Quarry Lake picnic spot. You’ll usually find a few picnic tables near the lake. It is great for having breakfast or lunch there with your loved ones.

Bring in your snacks and food because this place will keep you for a long time.

picnic spots in Canmore
Image from Quarry Lake Canmore

Since the place is ideally a beach, the smooth sandy beach at the Lake is a perfect fun zone. It is excellent for the kids to have fun with their sand toys and to make sand castles. You can lie down and feel the warm sand touching your back. Ultimately, relax for a self-care day at the Quarry Lake zone.

1.1.1. More Facts

There are no fire pits in this spot. But you’ll find a few pit toilets for primary bathroom purposes. It is also the only place to seek privacy if you need to change into your swimming suits to dive into the calm lake.

The water of the Lake is calm and clear, best for a swim with your friends and family. Don’t be surprised if you swim too long because the lake is addictive.

You can also find hiking and several walking trails near the lake. They lure everyone to bring their boats or rafts for an adventurous journey. Quarry Lake is a stunning picnic spot in Canmore, with picnic tables, pit toilets, and the prettiest natural factors.

Even though the Quarry Lake spot may fall short on picnic tables on busy summer days, bringing your own table or blanket for the picnic day is always suggested.

It is one of the most excellent picnic spots in Canmore, with an old-fashioned twist during the summer days. So, it is no wonder it occupies the top mention in the list.

1.2. Banff Recreation Grounds

Banff Recreation Grounds has to be among the best all-around picnic spots in Canmore. That is for several factors. It is by far the most fun and entertaining picnic spot in Calgary. It has a variety of facilities, fun activities, and convenient arrangements.

Technically speaking, there is nothing that you won’t find in Banff Recreation Grounds.

This exotic picnic spot is situated near Central Park on Sundance Road across the Bow River zone. It also leads to the Banff Townsite Centre.

You’ll find plenty of fire pits, picnic tables, a large parking lot, and even the giant playground with many entertaining game arrangements, like tennis courts and basketball courts.

Bring your kids to play at the small sandy beach with their toys to make the experience more indulging.

With gorgeous mountain views at sight, don’t be shy about sitting at one picnic table and enjoying your picnic lunch silently, avoiding too much crowding or noise from the playground or the crowded areas.

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, Banff Recreation Grounds has arranged the best atmosphere for everyone.

picnic spots in Canmore
Image from the Town of Banff

If you love biking or staking, you have a bonus. There is a small bike park, where you or your kids can bike while enjoying the ethereal beauty of the mountains.

1.2.1 More Facts

Additionally, a new skating zone has been made for all the skaters in Calgary. Find picnic tables and hiking trails alongside this picnic site if you’re up for an adventure after your meal.

No wonder this place is among the famous picnic spots in Canmore, with so many fun things to do. There is also a Bow River hiking trail, which anyone can use for biking up to the Banff Townsite, where you can take a ride or stroll among the beauty of Banff Town.

Inside the picnic spot, there is also a designated area exclusively for barbequing – but make sure to bring your own firewood, and you’re all set for a delicious barbeque time with your family.

However, that is not all. Another great advantage of this picnic location is that you’ll discover several eateries right beside or around the picnic area. The list goes on, from restaurants and cafes to shopping centres and ice cream parlours.

Grab your favourite items from those places and enjoy another great meal at the Banff Recreation Grounds. These aspects undoubtedly make this fun place among the best picnic spots in Canmore.

1.3. Day-Use Areas in Spray Valley Provincial Park

Spray Valley Provincial Park is the home to at least nine day-use area picnic spots in Canmore, so if you’re looking for some great and calming picnic areas in the Canadian Rockies, this place is the one all-rounder for you.

Surrounded by gorgeous mountain views, beautiful lakes, and wildlife, with protection – this outstanding park has a few of the best picnic spots in Canmore.

The Buller Mountain Area, this area is filled with a beautiful pond, fire pits, and a good number of picnic tables. Other than that, there are hiking trails for biking or cycling to the other day-use area called The Mount Shark Day-Use area.

During your biking journey, you’ll find washrooms and food lockers along the way, so it is pretty convenient.

Another day-use area, the Driftwood Day-Use, is another excellent option for an enjoyable picnic spot. If you’re biking to the High Rockies Trail, you’ll stumble upon this lovely picnic spot with picnic tables and a magnificent lakeshore nearby.

1.3.1. More Facts

The picnic tables are usually all booked due to their popularity, so it is best to visit early once you’ve planned your picnic in the Driftwood area.

picnic spots in Canmore
Image from Spray Valley Provincial Park

Since it is also located near the shore, people can witness the gorgeous beauty of the mountains, lake, and sky while sitting near the shore seats, along with their friends or family.

It is a lovely place for throwing stones in the lake if your kids love to do that. You can bring your boats, kayaks, or paddleboards to have your ride on the beautiful lake as well.

It would be an exciting experience with your kids and family, who are ready for an adventurous picnic.

There are several other day-use areas in the Park, like – the Spray Lake, Goat Creek, and Opal day-use areas. These are also excellent picnic spots in Canmore, with picnic tables, pit toilets, fire pits, and other facilities.

Feel free to choose whichever picnic spot hits your soul. There are several choices among the picnic areas in Spray Valley Provincial Park. This certainly makes it among the best picnic spots in Canmore.

1.4. Johnson Lake

Located near the loop of Lake Minnewanka, this fascinating lake is another of the best picnic spots in Canmore or Banff. If you’re looking for another fun place with your kids on summer days other than Banff Recreation Grounds – this is the spot.

Johnson Lake is a beautiful picnic spot where you can expect plenty of picnic tables and a sandy beach.

Apart from these are pit toilets, hiking trails, mountain biking regions, carwash, and accessible parking lot areas. This place provides ample opportunity to enjoy the thrill of it.

Lock your bikes in the bike tracks in the picnic spot area, too. For the hiking and walking trail, after a few minutes walk – you’ll find a swing and a rope, where your kids can have fun swinging over the lake – an ideal fun experience for the young.

picnic spots in Canmore
Image from Banff Lake Louise

1.4.1. More Facts

The site has no fire pits like many picnic spots in Canmore. But it doesn’t stop Johnson Lake from being one of the phenomenal picnic spots.

The stunning, pristine lake is perfect for canoeing or kayaking, so plan ahead if you’re willing to dive into the Lake adventure. The spot doesn’t provide rentals. So, bringing your own paddleboards, kayaks, or canoes is best.

It’s lovely to paddle at the lake when your kids can play at the sandy beach. Some picnic tables are at the river’s edge, so keeping an eye on your family or kids is an advantage even though you’re in the water.

You can sit quietly if you don’t feel like doing anything. Enjoy the magnificent views of the Cascade Mountains or Rundle Mountains. It is an ethereal spot where you can have much fun and quality time with your family. It certainly makes it among the most fantastic picnic spots in Canmore.

1.5. Cascade Ponds

Another one of the gorgeous picnic spots in Canmore is the Cascade Ponds. It is the heart of beauty, elegance, and peace. It is among the fewest picnic spots in Canmore with fire pits. This popular spot attracts a lot of attention and crowds from visitors.

With a large parking lot nearby, arriving at the spot doesn’t take a moment. It is always packed with several picnic tables.

This famous picnic site can quickly be booked or accessed from the Trans-Canada Highway. You’ll reach the magnificent spot for the best picnic ever.

There’s a Legacy Trail nearby, and many people stop by the Cascade Ponds picnic site while biking along the trail. This place is perfect for introverts who love quiet time with their books without too much noise.

picnic spots in Canmore
Image from Banff

1.5.1. More Facts

Other cascade trails nearby lead to the bridge inside the picnic site, and it is one of the most beautiful scenic areas to come across in the Banff townsite.

Expect your kids to have a great time while playing in the water or swimming in the clear water of the Cascade Ponds. The main attraction of this spot is the view of the stunning Cascade Mountains and the Red Banff Chairs.

The beauty of this site during the autumn is magical, with yellow and orange trees, and you’ll find people paddleboarding in the lake of the Cascade Ponds. It is accessible throughout the year but is usually pretty busy during Summertime.

It is always recommended to arrive early at the site on sunny days since it gets full quickly. You can bike or cycle along the trails of this place, which is a tremendous free-time adventure, too.

No wonder this place is among the magical picnic spots around due to its gorgeous atmosphere and popularity.


Picnic spots in Canmore are popular and packed with stunning city views and plenty of amenities. It is impossible to get bored while enjoying your time here, so don’t hesitate to visit these incredible spots with your friends and family during the summertime.

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  • Picnic is one of the most popular events to start weekends !!! You will find a bunch of awesome picnic spots in Canmore. This article discusses five of the best picnic spots in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. It nicely describes the amenities and highlights of each location of the spots, like: 1) Quarry Lake : It’s a beautiful beach area near the Nordic Center with picnic tables and even change rooms. Swimming and hiking trails are nearby. 2) Banff Recreation Grounds : It’s a huge area with many picnic tables, fire pits, playgrounds, courts, and trails for those who like to wander. 3) Day use areas in Spray Valley Provincial Park : multiple areas with lakeshores, picnic tables, and fantastic views. 4) Johnson Lake : A popular spot near Lake Minnewanka with sandy beaches, tables, and trails for those who like biking. 5) Cascade Ponds : Near the Trans-Canada Highway, with many tables, fire pits, and excellent views of mountains. It is a concise guide for picnic lovers to select the perfect natural picnic areas in Canmore.

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