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The Okanagan Valley’s well-known fruits can be enjoyed if you schedule your camping vacation to Penticton during the growing season, which lasts from May to October. Enjoy the bounty at roadside fruit stands, or pick your own. They are the ideal nibble to chomp on while investigating some famous campgrounds in Penticton.

Penticton: A City to Explore

The climate in Penticton is ideal for visitors. It is said to be Canada’s fourth-driest city. Water sports are very popular, as there are two lakes to choose from Sailing, kiteboarding, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, paddling a canoe or kayak, waterskiing, and sailing are all options.

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With 111 kilometers of length and five kilometers in width, Okanagan Lake has warm water, sandy beaches, and plenty of room for fun-loving partners and families to spread out. The quieter option is a small lake named Skaha.

Campgrounds in Penticton

Book your summer camping trip at one of the campgrounds in Penticton, BC, to avoid disappointment and discover the best camping experience.

1. Banbury Green RV Park and Campground

Constructed in the 1940s is the historic home Banbury Green, located on the western bank of Skaha Lake. Despite their size, Windmill Point (RV parks and tents) and Windmill Park (full hookups) offer those who want to be close to Penticton but not in the middle of the city, basically a quiet alternative. It only takes ten minutes to get to the campground, but what a difference being here makes.

Banbury Green RV Park and Campground
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Here, water sports are very popular just like other campgrounds in Penticton, and there is a boat launch (no moorings) for campers who want to go out on the water for a boat ride. Paddleboards and canoes can be rented. In the vicinity, between the east and south camps, is a swimming dock.

There is a common area where you can play games like badminton and volleyball outside, and the KVR Trail runs right through the campground, that you’ll not find in most of the campgrounds in Penticton, if you want to go hiking, biking, or walking. There are numerous ways to exercise even in the scorching heat, and afterward, you can cool off with a swim or a hot shower. To keep your clothes clean, there are laundry facilities available.


930 Pineview Drive, Kaleden, Penticton, British Columbia

Official website

2. Oxbow RV Resort

The name of the RV resort came up due to the Oxbow River’s twists and from these sites, back on this waterway, you can see the South Beach Gardens campground across the creek, which is surrounded by pretty water lilies. Such a view of water lilies, you’ll not find in other campgrounds in Penticton. A water feature always makes it easier to spot birds, so don’t be shocked if you see California quail running around or a pair of mallards with fuzzy-headed baby ducks.

Courtesy: Oxbow Rv Resort

At Oxbow, there are 64 spots in RV parks where campers can set up their tents. Thirty-amp power, water, and septic are all included in the full service, and seven of the sites have pull-throughs for larger rigs up to 12 metres in length. Ten campsites are available for tent campers, each with ample grass and shady willows for warmth when the temperature rises, just as in other campgrounds in Penticton.

You can have high expectations in that regard because the manager emphasizes that “everyone likes a clean bathroom.” Additionally, the resort has all the essential amenities including hot water facility and decent Wi-Fi. Play some tennis, shoot some hoops, and take the kids to the in-line ice skating rinks to cool off at the splash park. At the marina, you can rent boats and jet skis just like many of the campgrounds in Penticton.


198 Skaha Place, Penticton, British Columbia

Official website

3. Camp-Along Tent and Trailer Resort

At this park, you can not only sleep under an open sky but also under some pear and apricot tress located between Skaha and Okanagan lakes. You can pick organic fruit directly from the trees, which you can’t experience in other campgrounds in Penticton.

Courtesy: Camp Along

Camp-Along was an orchard 30 years ago. Because “one wonderful thing deserves another,” it was decided to make the most of the local sunshine and the terraced design. The cabins of fruit pickers were turned into offices for the campground, and campers got to see beautiful apricots ripening on the trees from their windows. There is no better view of Skaha Lake in any of the campgrounds in Penticton.

Half of the 100 sites could be used by RVs, while the remaining ones could be used by tent campers. The layout is adaptable to meet the needs of those who attend. You can get a site with a view if you make your reservation early; this feature is available on 20% of the sites.

You can take a dip in the heated pool or swim in the warm waters of Lake Skaha. Wi-Fi is available, and there are several clusters of clean, modern restrooms and laundry facilities at Camp-Along. For breakfast, you can pre-order croissants and cinnamon buns the night before at the office’s small store. If you’re looking for some summertime reading and entertainment, the office also has DVDs and books available.


Kaleden, British Columbia, 100 Ash Street

For more information

4. South Beach Gardens Campground

It is a family-run campground among the others camping grounds in Penticton, British Columbia, and is situated near the southernmost point of the city, across the street from Skaha Lake. It has been in operation for approximately 25 years and is a lively spot when the temperature rises. Do not anticipate a one-way trip. There is a $100 deposit and a five-night minimum in July and August. Email and telephone bookings for reservations begin in February and March.

With 270 sites for RVs and tents, South Beach can accommodate more people than any other campgrounds in Penticton. It’s crowded and busy during the summer, but it doesn’t feel overfilled or hectic. Water, septic, and 30- and 15-amp power services are available to RVers. Tent campers can select a site with or without services.

Some RV sites have access to a creek with views of water lilies; the campground is surrounded by mature trees and grass. You can expect to see ducks, quails, and turtles at these popular spots, than any of the campgrounds in Penticton, because they attract small animals and birds.

There are two kid-friendly playgrounds on site. For a small fee, there is mini golf for kids to play as well. There are four restrooms and showers, clothes washing facilities, a store, plus the office’s concession along with free Wi-Fi near the arcade.


3815 Skaha Lake Road, Penticton, British Columbia

Official website

5. Wright’s Beach Camp

It’s a place for those who like to have fun and are close to water. This is a single among the campgrounds in Penticton, British Columbia, that offers waterfront camping, as it has a private beach. It is situated near the Skaha Lake shore. On the beach are sites 20 through 80; sites 201 to 219 have a view of the lake. A dock and swimming areas with ropes separate the private sandy beach.

There are 220 full-service RV parks with 30 kilowatts of power, water, septic systems, basic cable, and Wi-Fi, excluding long-term rentals. Tent campers can use seven shaded waterfront spots with access to the water. Camping in a tent is permitted in a serviced area. If you didn’t bring your own mobile home, you can rent one of the 24 trailers. Other amenities you can discover here include a BBQ in the field area, a clothes washing station, a bathroom, and washbasins.

The area is fairly open and features mature trees that provide shade. There are grassy, sandy, and gravel pads. An outdoor multi-sports court, a children’s play area, and a heated outdoor pool are all available. The boat shack offers rental options for wave runners, paddleboards, kayaks, motorboats, and waterski. Yoga on Fridays, movie nights in the park, and food truck Tuesdays are some of the events, that you’ll not find in any of the campgrounds in Penticton.


Penticton, British Columbia, 4200 Skaha Lake Road

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End Note

There are some drawbacks to camping, such as a lack of privacy, excessive socializing for introverts, and a lack of security in some areas, but camping gives you a knowledge and experience of lifetime. Camping is a popular pastime for many people because it’s cheap, let you enjoy the outdoors, and allow you to reconnect with loving partners, family, and friends. To start with such an experience try our recommendations on the best campgrounds in Penticton.

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