Botanical Gardens in Calgary Botanical Gardens in Calgary

3 Best Botanical Gardens in Calgary You Must Explore

Botanical gardens can be amazing recreational as well as educational spots not only for students but also for the general public. Calgary has a fantastic collection of such gardens open to the public year-round.

These botanical gardens in Calgary conserve various plants and trees and act as a means of scientific research and education.

If you are fond of flowers, gardens, and greenery, here is a list of Calgary’s most beautiful botanical gardens, which are filled with trees, flowers, and plants.

If you explore these garden areas, you will have a fantastic experience and fall in love with nature again.

1. Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs

Silver Springs Botanical Gardens Tour

Silver Springs Botanical Gardens is a distinctive part of Silver Springs Community Association, situated amid the birthplace forest covering a vast land area in the Northeast corner. This welcoming park’s entrance is free and open throughout the year.

This place spans over 20000 square feet and has a magnificent wall garden of 1300 feet. The entire area has connecting walking paths that lead to some of the most beautiful gardens in Calgary.

1.1 Native Plant Gardens of Silver Springs Community Association

Silver Springs Community Association offers the best collection of botanical gardens.

The Native plant gardens of Silver Springs include the Owl Garden, Eagle Garden, Old Post Garden, Alpine Garden, Swan Garden, Sunflower Garden, Half Moon Garden, Shade Garden, Border Garden, etc.

Silver Springs also features specialty gardens and a destination park, which includes an herb garden, an oak grove picnic area, Shakespeare garden areas, Crevice Rock, Alpine Crevice, Rose Bowl, and many more.

These botanical gardens are filled with beautiful meandering pathways leading to delicious fruit trees and flowering shrubs.

The initiation of this garden project began almost ten years ago, and since then, these gardens have been developed, designed, and maintained by an interested and passionate volunteer group. As a charitable organization, these gardens are supported by the Calgary Parks Department and provincial grants.

Donation boxes and walking tour brochures are conveniently located in Shakespeare’s areas so that the visitors can contribute to enhancing the natural learning environment of the place.

1.2 Owl Garden

You can find many beautiful flowering shrubs in this garden, like Masterwort, Dwarf Sea Holly, Soapwort, Autumn Joy Sedum, and many more.

Owl Garden has nearly 26 flowing plants, many of which are perennial, which means that the visitors can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of these blooming flowers throughout the year.

1.3 Eagle Garden

Eagle Garden displays the hardy and tolerant plants that grow along the forest areas. This garden includes plants like Silver Mound, Bush Clematis, Blanket Flower, and many more.

1.4 Half Moon Garden

There are more than 14 gardens in Silver Springs Botanical Gardens, with each one displaying unique features. Half Moon Garden is known for displaying its beauty and unique annual flowers yearly.

1.5 Border Garden

Perennial plants, which are found in northwest Calgary, including daffodils, irises, and lilies, are found in the Border Garden. This garden has more than 65 flowering shrubs altogether.

1.6 Rose Bowl

The main motive of Silver Springs Botanical Gardens is to present to its visitors all the native plants that can be grown in Northwest Calgary.

Rose Bowl consists of over one hundred and thirty that are found in Northwest Calgary. The roses on these several acres include Morden Snowbeauty, Peachy Cream, Morden Fireglow, Prairie Snowdrift, William Baffin, and many more.

1.7 Shade Garden

While exploring the area, the pathways covered with mulch leading you through the entire site will guide you to this Shade garden.

The primary characteristic of this shade garden is it is full of trees that grow in shaded or semi-shaded areas. This garden features more than 50 trees that grow in shady regions.

1.8 Swan Garden

Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs, featuring plants, can easily be considered a hidden gem in Calgary and Alberta.

The Swan Garden is the perfect spot for visitors fond of lilies and irises. This garden features more than 28 species of such flowers. Flowers like Sedun Swan, Coneflower, White Maiden Pinks, Grape Hyacinths, etc., can be seen in this garden.

1.9 Shakespeare Garden Areas

This garden in the Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs is dedicated to the great poet and playwright William Shakespeare.

Areas Shakespeare is a part of this botanical garden of silver springs that can be a spot of fondness for nature and literature lovers. This area’s specialty is displaying flowers that Shakespeare eloquently presented in his writings.

2. Devonian Gardens

Image Source: Devonian Gardens

These botanical gardens were established in 1977, renovated in 2012, and caught international attention for their spectacular collection of plants and unique ambiance.

Devonian Gardens has created an ambiance beyond the imagination of visitors, from a pond and playground to a living wall of 900 square feet. If you are curious about the distinct features of these botanical gardens in Calgary, scroll and keep reading.

2.1 Indoor Devonian Gardens

2.5 acres of indoor botanical gardens with over five hundred and fifty trees is a perfect destination park for strolling.

With smells from fragrant flower gardens looming in the air, living walls, garden seats, Bristo tables, and a terrace for ceremonies and events, this place has become the focal point for visitors and nature lovers.

2.2 Garden Terrace

These botanical gardens are a perfect amalgamation of indoor and nature. Adjacent to the terrace is a Garden Terrace with an available space of 12593 square feet.

This beautiful garden is available for reservation if you plan to host a minor event consisting of your close friends and family.

2.3 Board Room and Event Room

These rooms display a unique confluence of technology amid nature. Surrounded by foliage and greenery, these rooms offer free wifi and a small fridge for convenience.

The board room has a large-screen computer and flipchart, while the event room provides a small kitchen, a private washroom, and a sink with potable water.

2.4 Other Unique Facilities

They also come with an indoor children’s park, a place for wall climbing, and a grand piano, which visitors can play for free. You can find the grand piano in the terrace area.

3. Dorothy Harvie Gardens

We all know that people go to zoos to have fun while learning about different species of animals. But the Calgary Zoo has something unique on its list.

While exploring Calgary Zoo, you will learn about plants and animals because the Calgary Zoo possesses the Dorothy Harvie Gardens, which displays pretty and colorful tropical flowers.

The tropical flowers attract various species of butterflies, and the presence of these fluttering creatures will surely make you grin.

Dorothy Harvie Gardens is divided into several segments, including ENIMAX Conservatory and Grazers Restaurant, which suggests its collection has several rare species of plants.

These botanical gardens in Calgary Zoo can be a place to relax and learn.


The botanical gardens mentioned above offer the best natural learning environment and can be a fantastic spot for spending a day in nature. Each of these gardens has its unique feature and is worth visiting. In these gardens, you will learn about the various foliage species and feel refreshed, relaxed, and stress-free.

If you are a nature lover and wish to contribute something, these gardens have a special arrangement. Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs has donation boxes where you can contribute to the maintenance of the park, and both Silver Springs and Dorothy Harvey’s Garden or Calgary Zoo accept volunteers.

So, nature lovers will get ample opportunity to show their passion and love for nature in these botanical gardens of Calgary. So, without further delay, explore these fascinating gardens in Calgary.

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