15 Best Beaches in Ontario for Sun, Sand and Fun

best beaches in ontario
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Summer is approaching, making the days longer, hotter, and more humid. There will be a huge rush of people trying to get themselves a summer vacation to the best beaches in Ontario.

This province of Ontario offers you an unimaginable summer.

These stunning Ontario beaches surrounded by palm trees and great lakes are worth it.

So, grab your swimming suits and sun-screen lotions as you’re about to witness the 15 best Beaches in Ontario to visit with your family.

1. Best Beaches In Ontario

1.1. Sauble Beach

Sauble Beach has built a reputation as it’s packed in the summer seasons due to its easy way of accommodation.

It is a sandy beach stretching over ten kilometres distance displaying its vast size.

With the availability of fast food complimented with some fresh beverages to fill you up, Sauble Beach stands as one of the best Beaches based on its immaculate size and the amenities it offers.

1.2. Wasaga Beach

Also referred to as the longest freshwater beach, Wasaga Beach stretches over fourteen-kilometre and draws a few million visitors every season.

You will always find the basic amenities as well as the few luxuries on this beach as you walk by the beach side.

Image by Stephen McElreavy from Pixabay

Wasaga Beach is children-friendly as a great part of it is shallow and warm in the summer, making it one of the top beaches.

Situated in the southern part of Georgian Bay, Wasaga Beach, providing warmth within the shallow waters during some parts of the summer season.

1.3. Crystal Beach

This is a beach on Lake Erie and is known as Crystal Beach for its crystal clear water.

A small community residing within Fort Erie takes care of this wonderful beach.

Like most beaches in Ontario, this beach also has a small entry fee but has a capacity restriction. Interested people book their spots way ahead in the winter to spend a calm vacation.

This can be one of the top Beaches for kids and beginners as they find the clear water fascinating.

1.4. Southampton Beach

Southampton Beach is a secluded beach where you can hike by yourself for a long time and wander.

It is a blessing to witness the waves lap gently on the shore which has little rocks formed on it.

There are beach chairs along the way where you can relax and enjoy the view.

With all amenities, plenty of restaurants, and accommodations to suit your taste.

1.5. Centre Island Beach

Centre Island Beach is the most popular and is the easiest to access. You’ll find soft sand that paves the way to the cool waves of Lake Ontario.

This beach certainly has wonderful scenery, with an open environment and easy access.

Photo by Cédric Blondeau on Unsplash

1.6. Canatara Park Beach

Canatara Beach can be considered one of the most popular beaches in Ontario. It is a small yet beautiful sandy shoreline scaling a distance of almost a kilometre.

This a phenomenal destination to invite your friends and family for a fun vacation, and enjoy waterboarding, canoeing, surfing, and a lot of sports here at this beach.

Canatara is popular for small parties, get-togethers or just a school vacation for kids.

1.7. Port Stanley Beach

A popular beach that is located on the shores of Lake Huron, Port Stanley is a sandy shore attracting many thousands of visitors every year.

This vibrant beach town is very spread, so there’s plenty of room for people to sit down, throw a Frisbee, and even bond over a game of beach volleyball.

Port Stanley is located on Lake Erie’s north shore.

Along the beaches of Port Stanley, you will also find playing equipment for children. There are readily available restaurant facilities for everybody.

1.8. Cobourg Beach

The sand at Cobourg Beach is mushy and the beach stretches along the serene blue water. However, Cobourg offers a lot more than its beach.

The Sandcastle Festival starts in the starting weeks of August and is a sight worth watching. Also, the old-school charm the town offers is fun and engaging energy itself.

There are plenty of picnic areas for your family, so it would be a waste to be shy about not bringing someone.

Cobourg Beach
Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash

1.9. Pancake Bay Provincial Park Beach

Head north from Sault Ste. Marie and you’ll find the Pancake Bay Provincial Park.

The shallow waters border the cold waters of Lake Superior Provincial Park. It is pretty cold during mid-summer due to the massive size of Lake Superior.

1.10. Grand Bend Beach

The main beach is always lively and crowded, especially on weekends as it has a blue flag status. In addition to the fun environment, it is a blue-flag beach.

Grand Bend offers many other amenities. Such as playgrounds, boardwalks, public restrooms, and a variety of food stands.

This beach is located in southern Ontario,  and the south beach is located only a few steps from the main beach and also has great views.

1.11. Turkey Point Beach

Turkey Point stretches more than one mile along the shore of Lake Erie.

It is adjacent to Turkey Point Provincial Park where you can start your hiking before cooling off from the pleasant beach water.

The wonderfully soft sandbanks and shallow waters make it ideal for families.

Although it can be quite challenging to walk through the clay slabs, be careful.

1.12. Port Dover Beach

Port Dover will amaze you with its marvellous sights and natural beauty. One of the most exceptionally beautiful beaches, a cool and laidback beach.

This will you give a tropical environment to escape the busy life of Toronto.

Ontario beaches have collections of shallow water zones. But, Port Dover Beach is the southernmost lake with little to no depth of water.

This is the reason why the temperature of the water is much higher in the summer, making it one of the top choice for people who can’t swim or go into deep waters.

1.13. Dunes Beach

Dunes Beach is undoubtedly a top contender for being the most scenic Ontario beach.

The stretch of white sandy shores and immense dunes will amaze you. It will be even splendid if you’re a nature photographer enthusiast.

There are a lot of sandy beaches in Ontario indeed, but this Ontario beach is reputed for its sandy beaches and beautiful sights.

You’ll also surely find many hiking trails left by previous visitors.

Photo by Matthew Mortimer on Unsplash

1.14. Sugar Beach Park

Gaining continual popularity from its nearby area’s industrial heritage, it’s a popular spot for spending a splendid day of sand play.

Sugar Beach Park can be considered for relaxing and spending a lazy day.

Located in Downtown Toronto, Sugar Beach is a great destination in the city to have a serene moment despite the absence of fancier amenities.

Walk around along the walkway lined with mature maple trees between the square and the beach. It gives you protection from the sun while enjoying the lake view.

1.15. North Beach Provincial Park

This beach destination in Prince Edward County is a little secluded and is on the quieter side. This makes it way more attractive to people who love their privacy with their families.

North Beach Provincial Park is a peninsula that divides Lake Ontario and North Bay.

Nuclear families consider this to be one of the best beaches as it gives very peaceful energy and is not very loud compared to the crowded beaches.

Stretched over one kilometre on the lakeside and shorter on the other side. The visitors can enjoy the calmness of the water on both sides.

Northern Ontario beaches have a great set up of food and refreshments available with the beauty of an amazing beach.

2. Few Honorable Mentions Of Beaches In Ontario For Their Natural Beauty

  • An absolutely splendid sight for any visitor among all the provincial park beaches,  situated right on the shores of Lake Huron is Pinery Provincial Park Beach.
  • Bluffer’s Park Beach is located near East Toronto, Bluffer’s Park Beach gives you access to the cool blue water of the lakes.
  • Indian Head Cove is situated at a scenic spot filled with luscious greenery. This can be spotted after a half-an-hour trek through Bruce Peninsula National Park.


Ontario has many other popular beaches and many beautiful beaches that have some degree of risk to them. This curation is about all the family-friendly best Beaches in Ontario that are suitable for non-swimmers and beginners.

There are many more beaches in Ontario that cannot be done justice as they have quite some rocky texture to them but are certainly beautiful.

The Beaches in Ontario are really something people would argue about, but feel free to add something to it in the comments.

Also, go ahead and check these out to make it easier while visiting Ontario beaches.

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